Angels Sign Ryan Madson

November 27, 2012

The Angels have signed closer Ryan Madson to a one year deal for an undisclosed amount of money probably in the $4-7 million range that he got last year, I would guess.  This creates a bit of competition in Angels camp now since Ernesto Frieri has closing experience and did a good job last year and Madson was a great closer before getting hurt last yea.  It only takes one bad year for a closer to become a permanent middle reliever but Madson is probably the better fit for the closing job to start the year off and Frieri to be a setup man along with Scott Downs.  This makes the Angels better as a whole and this move is adding just another quality player to the Angels for the year.  The Angels bullpen will benefit from this move a lot as Madson should lower their numbers and as a full time closer, I could see 35-40 saves in Madson future very easily.  Madson should have a year like some of the ones he had in Philly.  He’s not out of his prime yet and more teams should have went for him and should go fro players like him even with the risk after surgery.  Teams like the Tigers could’ve also gotten him and had a great closer, but this should just work out for all and be a great signing.


Trade Deadline Trades: Victorino to Dodgers

August 11, 2012

This year, I decided to do something different, I wanted to wait a week and a half to see some early results on trades to help my analysis, so here we go.  The Dodgers acquired outfielder Shane Victorino from the Phillies in exchange for pitchers Ethan Martin and Josh Lindblom on July 31.  Victorino hasn’t been having the best year of his career and is getting older so the Dodgers might want to lay off an extension as they have.  This was a slight risk but one the Dodgers had to make.  Dee Gordon is out and even before his average wasn’t really good, sophomore slump? Probably.  This is why is Dodgers needed Victorino though, a good outfielder who can hit leadoff and has as much experience you need for being 31.  He has hit .257 for the Dodgers but it’s only been 8 games so I’d give him a little time to adjust and I think he can get better in LA and help the team out a lot in 2012.  The Dodgers outfield is now Ethier-Kemp-Victorino which is a great outfield that any team would want, so I like how Colletti made his outfield one that could be one that makes postseason history.  I like the move for the Dodgers and Victorino and moving parks shouldn’t affect him much the rest of the season and he should be the player he has always been, which is exactly what the Dodgers need.  The Dodgers did pay a price though.  Josh Lindblom has worked his way up the Dodgers system and is MLB ready, which is a great for trades in the MLB (ex. Austin Jackson).  Lindblom could be a late innings guy or just a good arm that comes in and in 2012 and beyond he should help the Phillies out a lot and he is the best piece acquired in the trade, but the Phillis also got another great arm in former first round pick Ethan Martin.  He hasn’t quite lived up to all expectation but he still has time to develop and he could be a great arm in the rotation behind the Big 3 in the future.

Rangers Sign Roy Oswalt

May 29, 2012

The best team in the AL, just got a little better by signing Roy Oswalt to a one year deal, worth 5 to 6 million dollars.  Oswalt last pitched last year with the Phillies and was able to sign with Texas mostly because Neftali Feliz’s injury.  Oswalt should help the Rangers and be a good veteran presence in the rotation for the rest of the season for Texas.  I think he may reach a 4.00 ERA and stay there for a while and he might have a few bad starts getting into the swing of things and adjusting to the AL, but he should be a great number five guy and will be good for the postseason.  This is a big pitching addition for the Rangers midseason too.  Oswalt had a 3.69 ERA last season and he should be around that in the end.  Feliz may be moved back to the bullpen too and could be another great setup guy or even closer again.  Oswalt should continue to solidify his great career so far and he will bring a lot to the Rangers, this is a very good signing for the Rangers.  He won;t overpower you as much as he used to but he can still be very effective and get outs and he will just be a very good pitcher for the most part in Texas.

Weekly MLB Power Rankings: 5/12

May 12, 2012

1 Rangers
2 Cardinals
3 Nationals
4 Dodgers
5 Orioles
6 Rays
7 Braves
8 Yankees
9 Tigers
10 Marlins
11 Blue Jays
12 Reds
13 Mets
14 Phillies
15 Angels
16 Red Sox
17 Indians
18 Giants
19 Diamondbacks
20 Athletics
21 Brewers
22 Rockies
23 White Sox
24 Pirates
25 Astros
26 Cubs
27 Mariners
28 Royals
29 Padres
30 Twins

What Teams Are Better In May?

May 2, 2012

It’s early but still winning now can mean a lot, teams with as of now labeled means it could change very quickly.

Yankees or Rays?: Rays

Red Sox or Blue Jays?: Blue Jays, as of now

Indians or White Sox?: Indians, Tigers are still the best
Nationals or Dodgers?: Dodgers
Giants or Diamondbacks?:  Giants

Braves or Phillies?: Braves, as of now

Reds or Brewers?: Reds
Tigers or Yankees?: Tigers
Marlins or Angels?: Marlins
Royals or Twins?: Royals
Orioles or Jays?: Jays
Rangers or Cardinals?: Rangers
Mets or Rockies?: Rockies

Best Hitter-Pitcher Combos in the MLB Going Into 2012

March 26, 2012
  1. DET: Cabrera and Verlander
  2. LAD: Kemp and Kershaw
  3. NYY: Cano and Sabathia
  4. LAA: Pujols and Weaver
  5. MIL: Braun and Grienke
  6. TB: Longoria and Price
  7. PHI: Pence and Halladay
  8. BOS; Gonzalez and Lester
  9. ARZ: Upton and Kennedy
  10. TOR: Bautista and Romero
  11. SF: Posey and Lincecum
  12. TEX: Hamilton and Darvish
  13. WSH: Zimmerman and Strasburg
  14. STL: Berkman and Wainwright
  15. CIN: Votto and Latos
  16. MIA: Ramirez and Johnson
  17. ATL; McCann and Hanson
  18. SEA: Suzuki and Hernandez
  19. COL: Tulowitzki and Guthrie
  20. CHC: Castro and Garza
  21. MIN: Mauer and Baker
  22. KC: Hosmer and Sanchez
  23. CLE: Snatna and Jemenez
  24. CHW: Konerko and Danks
  25. NYM: Wright and Santana
  26. SD: Maybin and Stauffer
  27. BAL: Jones and Britton
  28. PIT: McCutchen and Bedard
  29. OAK: Weeks and McCarthy
  30. HOU: Lee and Rodriguez

Bold Predictions for 2012

December 16, 2011

RED SOX: They will win over 90 games but miss the playoffs
YANKEES: Robinson Cano will hit 40 HR
RAYS: Will win the Wild Card with Longoria returning to hitting over .300
ORIOLES: Matt Wieters lives up to the potential
BLUE JAYS: Brett Lawrie leads the Blue Jays in Batting Average

TIGERS: Miguel Cabrera hits 40 HR and best his 2011 Average while taking the MVP, Verlander repeats his performance
ROYALS: They finish in second place behind Eric Hosmer becoming an elite 1B
INDIANS: Ubaldo Jimenez fails to win 12 games and is a flop
TWINS: Joe Mauer fails to hit .300 playing a full season
WHITE SOX: They finsih in last and Gordon Beckham breaks out

ANGELS: They fail to win the division and struggle against the Rangers 
ATHLETICS: Jarrod Parker wins or comes very close to the AL ROY
RANGERS: Neftali Feliz wins 19 games and has a sub-3 ERA
MARINERS: Dustin Ackley has a sophomore slump

PHILLIES: Jon Paplebon has blows over 7 saves
MARLINS: They win 90 games and the teams best player is Mike Stanton
METS: David Wright hits 30 HR
NATIONALS: Bryce Harper makes a June debut and he has more success than Strasburg
BRAVES: Freddie Freeman is the team MVP

CARDINALS: They Cardinals still win 88 games, but miss the playoffs
BREWERS: They still find a way to win the division
REDS: Come back strong and challenge for the division
CUBS: Starlin Castro get 200 hits again and Ian Stewart hits 27 HR
PIRATES: They finish at .500 or better
ASTROS: Jose Altuve finishes in the top 10 in average and challenges 200 hits

PADRES:Cameron Maybin goes 20-20
DODGERS: Matt Kemp wins the Triple Crown
GIANTS: Tim Lincecum wins 23 games the pitching triple crown
ROCKIES: They get back in the playoff hunt behind Tulowitzki’s 40 HR
DIAMONDBACKS: Justin Upton is second in the NL MVP behind Matt Kemp