Best Hitter-Pitcher Combos in the MLB Going Into 2012

  1. DET: Cabrera and Verlander
  2. LAD: Kemp and Kershaw
  3. NYY: Cano and Sabathia
  4. LAA: Pujols and Weaver
  5. MIL: Braun and Grienke
  6. TB: Longoria and Price
  7. PHI: Pence and Halladay
  8. BOS; Gonzalez and Lester
  9. ARZ: Upton and Kennedy
  10. TOR: Bautista and Romero
  11. SF: Posey and Lincecum
  12. TEX: Hamilton and Darvish
  13. WSH: Zimmerman and Strasburg
  14. STL: Berkman and Wainwright
  15. CIN: Votto and Latos
  16. MIA: Ramirez and Johnson
  17. ATL; McCann and Hanson
  18. SEA: Suzuki and Hernandez
  19. COL: Tulowitzki and Guthrie
  20. CHC: Castro and Garza
  21. MIN: Mauer and Baker
  22. KC: Hosmer and Sanchez
  23. CLE: Snatna and Jemenez
  24. CHW: Konerko and Danks
  25. NYM: Wright and Santana
  26. SD: Maybin and Stauffer
  27. BAL: Jones and Britton
  28. PIT: McCutchen and Bedard
  29. OAK: Weeks and McCarthy
  30. HOU: Lee and Rodriguez

One Response to Best Hitter-Pitcher Combos in the MLB Going Into 2012

  1. helengramof2 says:

    I hope you’re right and that Cabrera hits more home runs in this next year than he has in all of his career; and I hope that Justin pitches a perfect game this year…but doesn’t get robbed of it like Armando Galarraga did.

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