Hot Stove: Guerrero, Garcia

January 31, 2011
  • The Tigers are interested in Vladimir Guerrero.  I think they should go get him just for a year.  It will help them compete, he should have a good year and he’s not washed up yet.  Avila could just be their back-up catcher.   Guerrero would fit in the line-up good and have another good season but not quite as good as last year.  If they get him their team will get a ton better and Guerrero will hit well against the AL Central and he could hit a lot of homers to left field.  The Tigers need his hitting ability.  GOOD FIT?: A perfect 10, a saong as the contract is for one year
  • The Yankees signed Freddy Garcia, who could get hit around a bit but I expect a decent season.  Garcia won’t have the best stuff and in that park it’s not his best fit.  Him and Colon or Nova should be a decent bottom of the rotation duo.  He will do better than any of their other options.  GOOD FIT?: So-So, he will have good games and bad games with them

Most Valuable Catchers for 2011

January 31, 2011

Here we go…

10. Carlos Ruiz- His hitting is starting to get better and his defense is good, without him the Phillies would be worse off plus I see him making a few improvements in 2011  HOW VALUABLE?(For a Catcher): 8.9
9. Carlos Santana- He may not be in his prime yet bet he should have an impressive year and should have some good power and make some big strides.  He’s one of the best young catchers in the MLB and looks very promising and valuable.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.0
8. Kurt Suzuki- He’s one of the better hitting catchers and will have some good numbers this year and be a very big player for his team.  He might not be impressive all the way around but he will do some very good things this year and there’s not much to dislike.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.1
7. Miguel Montero- He’s one of the better hitters but he needs to improve some to move up higher he could do part of the way next year.  Montero’s defense won’t lack too much behind either and even if he has an average year his numbers should be better than most catchers, he’s got a ton of talent.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.1
6. Geovany Soto- I think he can bounce back and he will hit for a ton of power and RBI plus he handles the pitchers really good.  He will do especially good in Wrigley and he will be one of the Cubs better hitters in parts of the season.  He will have a good season all-around.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.2
5. Yadier Molina- He will have an above average to really good year on offense and on defense he’s unstoppable, there is not one thing to dislike.  He’s an amazing catcher and handles the pitching staff well.  He could do a big part in leading the Cardinals this year and he should have one of his best years.  HOW VALUBLE?: 9.5
4. Victor Martinez- He should catch half the games and when he does he’s one of the best hitting catchers in baseball, he’s defense won’t be more than below average but everything else he does with a bat will make up for that and he will be a big piece for the Tigers this year.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.7
3. Buster Posey- His sophomore season should be even better than his rookie and he could be battling Joe Mauer for the top catcher in baseball soon.  He has a great all-around game and there is no reason he should be anywhere lower on this list.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.7
2. Brian McCann- A decent catcher on defense with big pop and the ability to hit clean-up.  He should pick up right where he left off and not take a step back.  Expect another amazing season.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.8
1. Joe Mauer- He does it all and is one of the best hitters and defenders in baseball, his talent is awesome and he’s the obvious pick.  HOW VALUABLE?: 10.0

What the Red Sox Batting Order Should Look Like

January 30, 2011

I think it should be…

  1. CF Jacoby Ellsbury
  2. 2B Dustin Pedroia
  3. LF Carl Crawford
  4. 1B Adrian Gonzalez
  5. 3B Kevin Youkilis
  6. DH David Ortiz
  7. RF JD Drew
  8. SS Marco Scutaro
  9. C Jarrod Saltalamcchia
  • I think if the Red Sox do the line-up another way it won’t kill them they will just get a bit less production
  • I like Ellsbury leadoff because he won’t be as big a base stealer ninth and with Salty ahead of him he won’t have a great season
  • I don’t think Pedroia fits leadoff, he’s the perfect number two hitter
  • Crawford hits best in the three spot, so why move him?
  • Gonzalez will hit way more homers in Fenway and is more of a clean-up hitter now and he will do slightly better in that spot than Kevin Youkilis
  • Ortiz is perfect in the six whole and I like Drew seventh and Scutaro eighth, that I wouldn’t mess around with
  • Salty will do good if you hit him ninth and with his likely bad batting average he will get the least plate appearances.
  • All these guys should have a good season where they hit in this line-up but if it does get switched their numbers won’t alter a ton
  • If the line-up does switch Ellsbury will be the worst off of any player.

Prospect Showdown: Kyle Gibson vs. Jacob Turner

January 29, 2011

GIBSON: He’s going to be a great pitcher and he has a chance to become a power pitching ace.  He’s going to be a big strikeout pitcher with good stuff, but not the best.  He could be good with Liriano in the future but he might have some struggles in the majors at first and probably won’t have an ERA under 3.00.  He will have many good games and he has a very bright future.  He could be a great on the mound.  He might need some time to develop in the majors.  ETA: late 2011 or early 2012
TURNER: He could be better than Rick Porcello with some more seasoning.  He has great stuff and looks very promising.  He’s an ace in the making.  He has great mechanics to and will put up some great stats in the majors.  He’s tall and that will help him too, there isn’t much not to like.  ETA: sometime in 2012
COMPARISON: Both could be very good and have a good chance to be good but Turner is juts better all-around he gets the edge here.  Gibson will still be good just not quite as good.  Turner will have better numbers and better mechanics, they are really close in stuff though.  They both have legit shots to become aces and should both have good career’s but Turner’s is just going to be flat-out better.

Do the A’s need Chone Figgins?

January 28, 2011

I think at this point they do.  They need him because they don’t have a tablesetter and he could do it and do it very well.  Figgins could have a better year this year and will be an awesome leadoff hitter for Oakland and could do as good as he did in 2009.  The only bad part for Oakland is they have to trade Kevin Kouzmanoff.  Kouzmanoff may be a little better but the A’s need Figgins more if they want to compete this year.  Figgins is a good fit in Oakland and if he gets traded he will live up to the rest of his contract.  If the Mariners keep Figgins he could do just as good.  Another thing he would have to do is steal bases, which they need.  He would make their line-up better too.  I think Figgins would have a slightly better season in Oakland and if this deal happened the Athletics would likely get the small edge.  Kouzmanoff isn’t as good a fit in Seattle but he would still do good with the bat and great with the glove their.
A’s Line-up With Figgins
3B Figgins
CF Crisp
1B Barton
DH Matsui
LF Willingham
C Suzuki
RF DeJesus
2B Ellis
SS Pennington

I’m on Twitter!

January 28, 2011

I finally made it to Twitter today.   You can now follow me on your Twitter Page or read my tweets on the sidebar.  Make sure to check it out and even retweet my posts, as I will be putting a link to every post on my Twitter page.  I will also write small opinions, trivia, etc. on my page, so follow me @Niktigs!

Should Celte Thomas make the Tigers?

January 27, 2011

ANALYSIS: He’s coming off of surgery and he still is one of the better defenders in the system but I don’t see him hitting over .250 and I think there are better options.  Thomas could be .250-5-40 at best but he probably won’t get there.  If he does make the roster, when he plays should bat him eighth or last because he won’t do that much this year.  He could have a better year in 2012 but he’s coming off of an injury and he won’t hit very well no matter what.  i think he should play in AAA and if he earns it get called up and play twice a week.  He could do some good things for the Tigers but I just don’t think he will make the cut.
HERE’S HOW I SEE IT: I think Boesch, Wells and Kelly are all better.  Kelly is more versatile and he can hit at times and Wells and Boesch could mash at times and will always be better than Thomas.  I think the back-ups should be Boesch, Kelly and Wells coming out of Spring Training and Thomas should start the season in AA.   He could be productive in 2011, but not that much.