Swing Analysis: Magglio Ordonez

May 16, 2009

Magglio has one of the best swings in the MLB, he can swing for power, for the gaps, and just to get a base hit, that’s amazing not many people can do it.  In my opinion he has one of the best swings in baseball.  He’s a foul line to foul line hitter and is hard to predict.  His stance fits his his swing too, he has his legs bent a bit and the bat ready and he has a short swing.  His swing connects the bat with the ball and he gets rewarded.  He also has the second best hitting eye on the Tigers behind Brandon Inge, which means he’s great a keeping his eye on the ball when he hits it.  He has the best swing on the Tigers.  He moves his hips well and keeps his eye on the ball too.  Swing rating: 9.8 of 10.0