The Tigers Ninth Inning For The ALCS

October 14, 2012

The past three games the Tigers pitchers have given up eight runs, of those eight the Tigers closer since 2010, Jose Valverde has given up every single one of those runs, except one.  He literally is the problem for the Tigers right now.  Valverde has been good to the Tigers in 2010 and 2011 but he has had a massive collapse this year and it’s almost crazy how it happened and how in the playoffs it’s at its worst and changing closers in the postseason never happens, but after Valverde’s last two outings I think he has blown his job.  The Tigers have a good bullpen right now besides him and lots of other guys could close out the rest of the postseason.  What I’d do is pt Octavio Dotel as closer since he has postseason experience and I’d keep Benoit in his role because he is doing just fine there minus his home runs given up.  Al Albuquerque is another option but I don;t think putting him in that role in this situation his a good idea.  I’d keep Valverde as a mop up guy for now and if the Tigers are winning by a ton or losing a game that is out of reach for sure put him in.  If the Tigers keep Valverde in the role I think he will rebound somewhat and could get a save or two but he is still at high risk for blowing them.  He has good stuff, but it’s not working for him right now and he needs to figure out, but the Tigers can’t afford another blown save this series, so if they keep Valverde in there the Tigers are taking a big risk.  Valverde will be a lot better if he can get movement on his pitches like his fastball, but he could make that adjustment anytime.


If Valverde Is Out, Who Closes?

June 20, 2012

The Tigers are rebounding and part of their slow start has to boil down to injuries, which struck the Tigers again last night when Jose Valverde was taken out of the game before getting the  save and diagnosed with a sprained wrist.  He will be back, but the question is when?  If he has to take a trip to the DL for a few weeks the Tigers will need a closer.  Many fans want to see Brayan Villarreal get the chance, who finally broke out and lived up to his stuff and fastball this season.  He even has a fantastic pick-off move for a righty, which can come in handy for a closer in a sticky situation or a close game but I wouldn’t mess with his role or success and he seems to have a very bright future as a middle reliever.  Then there is Joaquin Benoit, the best reliever on the Tigers, but he’s a setup man and a relief ace will be needed in other situation outside the ninth inning, which is exactly what Benoit does best.  The two best options boil down to Phil Coke, who had a very clutch save in Game 5 of last season’s ALCS or former closer Octavio Dotel, who blew a big save against Seattle, but to his benefit it was only one bad outing.  Both could be decent fill-ins, but what I’d do is put Dotel in first, because he’s good and has experience even if he hasn’t closed in a while, and Coke can still help in LOOGY situations and other late inning needs, but if Dotel struggles I would give the job to Coke right away.  The best news would be for Valverde to be healthy and keep closing, because he can get saves and I think he will bounce back, maybe not to last years form but with his skill and some luck Valverde is still an all-star closer.  If he does go on the DL, I would call-up Chris Bootcheck, who could turn into a pretty good reliever.

Tigers Quarter Mark

May 20, 2012

THE IDEA: Famous Tigers Manager Sparky Anderson said you will know a lot about your team after 40 games, that’s true a lot of the time, but not always as proven by the 2011 Tigers
THE LOOK SO FAR: They are 20-21 through 41 games, but last season they struggled like this too and they have some slow starters that are starting to hit and pitch better such as Fielder, Young, Valverde and Scherzer.  Now just Avila and Peralta plus the bottom of the order, which it will sort out and the Tigers will win at least 90 games, very likely more and along with the line-up the bullpen will get a bit better at least and some acquisitions could boost the team a lot.  The rotation is really taking shape and the five arms in it, I like a lot.  This team is still good, they just need to put it all together for a few game and it will all take off, just like last year.  They might have already done that with Verlander and Scherzer’s great games and we will see if they can build a winning streak on this road trip, which could turn them around.
Miguel Cabrera: Average will rise and so will OBP, but he’s here for being the top offensive performer like usual and being above average, slightly, at third base.  He’s done what everyone’s expected and more, and he will do even better too.
Austin Jackson: He is hitting like 2010 again and with power, and that is the real Jackson and his defense is as good as usual
Andy Dirks: His will cool down a little bit but his power will stay and he will still hit very well.  He can stay in LF and may be able to keep starting and he’s been great
Justin Verlander: You know why he’s here
Drew Smyly: He wills struggle some, but for the most part he’s a dominant lefty and that’s what he will develop into too and he will be very useful this year
Jose Valverde: Will warm-up
Prince FIelder: Not cold but will warm-up
Alex Avila: Will warm-up
Ryan Raburn- Second half will be his
Delmon Young- Will warm-up, do decent
Jhonny Perlata: Will warm-up
RECAP: Boesch will also be a big and good factor and the first 40 games aren’t that telling this year, this tigers team will heat up and June and July could be some of it’s best months.

Tigers Predictions for 2012

April 11, 2012

MVP: 3B Miguel Cabrera
CY: SP Justin Verlander
Breakout Player: SP Rick Porcello and OF Brennan Boesch
Chance at Dissapointing: Nobody really bad but if I had to pick one guy, Brandon Inge
Rising: OF Austin Jackson
Falling: 2B Brandon Inge
Chance at 100 Wins: 65%
Benoit or Valverde: Valverde
Fielder or Cabrera: Cabrera
Young or Peralta: Young
Avila or Young: Avila
Scherzer or Porcello: Porcello
Boesch or Jackson: Jackson, in a really close one
Home Runs Hit: 209
Verlander K’s: 268
Valverde saves: 42
Benoit Holds: 30
Jackson K’s: 144
Boesch HR: 22
Cabrera AVG: .347
Avila Games Caught: 127
Fielder HR: 45

Note: Inge could still make some contributions this year

The Top 10 Detroit Tigers Right Now- March 2012

March 12, 2012

Top 10 Right Now- March 2012

1 3B Miguel Cabrera
2 SP Justin Verlander
3 1B Prince Fielder
4 RP Jose Valverde
5 C Alex Avila
6 SP Doug Fister
7 SS Jhonny Peralta
8 LF Delmon Young
9 SP Max Scherzer
10 RP Joaquin Benoit
HM: Jackson, Porcello, Boesch, Dotel, Coke, Inge

The guy with the biggest possible jump is either Austin Jackson or Rick Porcello.  Porcello may be the team’s version of Avila only for pitching this year and Scherzer and Jackson could return to their 2010 ways and climb.  Cabrera is the best hitter in the game right now and JV the best pitcher, it’s so hard to decide between them but Cabrera is just a little better.  Avila and Peralta and Young should all be great offensive forces with power.  Valverde and Benoit are both bullpen aces and this team is just stacked.  Boesch could do great, so could Turner or Smyly or Crosby or even Oliver and Below.  Fister should regress a little but not much and he should still be very dominant.  Fielder should be Fielder and make the offense do big, big things.

Fantasy Baseball 2012- Relief Pitcher Rankings with Closer Chart

March 8, 2012

The Rankings

1 Mariano Rivera 1 6 22 Same
2 John Axford 2 7 20 Same
3 Craig Kimbrel 2 7 20 Up
4 Drew Storen 2 8 19 Up
5 Jon Paplebon 2 9 19 Same
6 Ryan Madson 2 10 16 Same
7 Jose Valverde 3 10 16 Same
8 Joel Hanrahan 3 10 16 Up
9 Brian Wilson 3 10 16 Same
10 JJ Putz 3 11 14 Same
11 Andrew Bailey 3 13 12 Same
12 Heath Bell 3 13 11 Same
13 Joakim Soria 4 14 11 Same
14 Jason Motte 4 17 9 Up
15 Chris Perez 4 18 8 Up
16 Jordan Walden 4 19 7 Up
17 Sergio Santos 4 19 7 Up
18 Carlos Marmol 4 20 6 Same
19 Rafael Bentancourt 4 20 5 Same
20 Joe Nathan 5 20 5 Down
21 Brandon League 5 20 5 Same
22 Huston Street 5 20 4 Same
23 Kyle Farnsworth 5 21 4 Same
24 Brett Myers 5 22 4 Same
25 Grant Balfour 5 23 3 Same
26 Matt Thronton 5 23 3 Same
27 Johny Venters 5 24 3 Up
28 Javy Guerra 5 24 2 Same
29 Kanley Jansen 5 25 2 Up
30 Frank Francisco 6 26 2 Same
31 Matt Capps 6 26 1 Down
32 Addison Reed 6 26 1 Up
33 Tyler Clippard 6 27 1 Same
34 Jim Johnson 6 28 1 Same
35 Sean Marshall 6 28 1 Same
36 Joaquin Benoit 6 28 1 Same
37 Fernando Salas 6 29 1 Up
38 Sergio Romo 6 29 1 Same
39 David Hernandez 6 30 1 Same
40 Mark Melancon 6 30 1 Same
41 David Robertson 6 30 1 Same
42 Phil Hughes 6 28 1 Same
43 Antonio Bastardo 6 W 0 Same
44 Vinnie Pestano 6 W 0 Up
45 Mike Adams 6 W 0 Same
46 Scott Downs 6 W 0 Same
47 Eric O’Flarthey 6 W 0 Same
48 Octavio Dotel 6 W 0 Same
49 Francisco Cordero 6 W 0 Same
50 Rafael Soriano 6 W 0 Down
51 Jonathan Broxton 6 W 0 Same
52 Greg Holland 6 W 0 Up
53 Aaron Crow 6 W 0 Up
54 Jesse Crain 6 W 0 Same
55 Brian Fuentes 6 W 0 Same
56 Luke Gregerson 6 W 0 Same
57 Joel Peralta 6 W 0 Same
58 Koji Uehara 6 W 0 Same
59 Francisco Rodriguez 6 W 0 Same
60 Tony Sipp 6 W 0 Same


The Closer Rankings and Job Security Chart

1 Mariano Rivera Nailed
2 John Axford Nailed
3 Craig Kimbrel Nailed
4 Drew Storen Nailed
5 Jon Paplebon Nailed
6 Ryan Madson Nailed
7 Jose Valverde Nailed
8 Joel Hanrahan Nailed
9 Brian Wilson Nailed
10 JJ Putz Nailed
11 Andrew Bailey Nailed
12 Heath Bell Nailed
13 Joakim Soria Good
14 Jason Motte Good
15 Chris Perez Nailed
16 Jordan Walden Good
17 Sergio Santos Good
18 Carlos Marmol Decent
19 Rafael Bentancourt Decent
20 Joe Nathan Decent
21 Brandon League Nailed
22 Huston Street Decent
23 Kyle Farnsworth Decent
24 Brett Myers Shaky
25 Grant Balfour Shaky
26 Matt Thronton Hot Seat
27 Javy Guerra Shaky
28 Frank Francisco Hot Seat
29 Matt Capps Hot Seat
30 Jim Johnson Hot Seat

2012: Will These Players Be Better, Worse, or the Same- Tigers

February 12, 2012

What this is is rating on if a player will improve in 2012 on thier 2011, stats and contributions and such.

Alex Avila- Worse, just a little bit
Prince Fielder- Better, by a little
Ramon Santiago- Better
Jhonny Peralta- Same
Miguel Cabrera- Better
Andy Dirks- Better
Austin Jackson- Better
Brennan Boesch- Better
Ryan Raburn- Better
Gerald Laird- Same
Don Kelly- Same
Brandon Inge- Better

Justin Verlander- Worse, will still be best pitcher in the league
Doug Fister- Same
Max Scherzer- Better
Rick Porcello- Better
Jacob Turner- Will be good (Rookie, not MLB stats to rate)
Jose Valverde- worse, but will still be great
Joaquin Benoit- Same
Octavio Dotel- Worse, just a little
Phil Coke- Better
Collin Balester- Better
David Pauley- Better
Al Alberquerque- Better (upon return)
Daniel Schlereth- Better
Duane Below- Same