Thome: A Tigers Option?

October 30, 2010

I think it would be good for one year and he would carry his success from 2010 and even more power.  He would do awesome as a middle of the order DH with Comerica’s right field. He won’t be the best player of completely good if in Detroit but his production and power is what they need.  He won’t get tons of RBIs but while have spats where he gets a lot of them.  I don’t think he should be an everyday guy if he comes to Detroit though he would be a good platoon.  He should be considered but it won’t be bad if they don’t sign him.  Thome would have a nice year in Detroit and be very big in some games for them and no matter where he ends up he should do well.  Thome just fits real well in Detroit line-up and will help them win.  He’s one of the Tigers better options as far as a middle of the order guy and he won’t let you down.


Should Red Sox Re-Sign Ortiz and/or Martinez?

October 28, 2010
  • I think they would be the best team if they re-signed them both and it would be great all-around.
  • I think they should re-sign Ortiz because he still has some gas left.  He will still hit for power and RBIs and do well in nFebway but be probably won’t be as good as he used to be.  He’s valuable though and they need a middle of the order guy like him.  It would bad not to pick up his option.  He might have a bigger year next year and could still hit some high numbers.  Ortiz will be good in Boston for a few more years.
  • Martinez  will do awesome if he stays in Boston and have his best year there.  His defense will stink all-around but his offense will fly high and he will have high year as far as homers and will just keep hitting for them.  Martinez will still do great in the middle of the order and without him the Red Sox offense won’t be as good.
  • If they don’t re-sign one of those two the will be in trouble and they will be in more trouble without Martinez.

World Series: Big Bats and Prediction

October 27, 2010

JOSH HAMILTON- Will do fine in the first two games but should tear it up after that and do it with tons of power.  He will also get a lot of RBIs and lead this offense.  He might do better than he did in the ALCS.  Hamilton is going to get a lot of extra base hits all together and will be awesome this series
BUSTER POSEY- Should get a homer or two but should really just hit tons of singles and get a lot of RBIs.  Posey should lead this offense and do well every game and knock around any pitcher.  Posey will have a fantastic series.
PAT BURRELL- Will be the big power guy with a few good games.  He should have some big base hits too and 0-fors too.  Burrell is going to hit homers in any situation too and will start hitting a lot better.
ELVIS ANDRUS- Will keep his hitting streak going and probably get the most hits of anyone.  He will play like Derek Jeter does in the postseason and will do everything the Rangers need and more.
FREDDY SANCHEZ- Should continue to be a good table setter and get a lot of hits after a great Game 1.
PREDICTION: Giants in seven, could change quickly

Red Sox Shortstop in 2011

October 26, 2010

SCUTARO- I would start him at first.  Next year he will hit teams in the AL East and be more clutch and do a decent job on defense and will do all the small things. He’s going to have a good year and find more ways to get on base and will be a big contributor to the offense.  Scutaro is going to even hit for more power.  He should start everyday at shortstop all year because even if he starts bad he will do good very quickly.  
LOWRIE- He should partly live up to his original potential.  He will still have slumps but should be more of a utility guy and hit pretty good.  He should start next year out pretty good.  He should get a bit better this year but all his stats and production won’t be this best.  He will just be a decent bench guy and could amount to more.
EDGE: Scutaro, but Lowrie  should have a good season next year and keep getting better.  Scutaro should have a lot better year though.

How the Rangers and Giants Top 3 Stack-up

October 25, 2010

Tim Lincecum- He will pitch very good, he might give up a few runs but he will be very successful and dominant, everything is on his side to do well and he might win every game he starts.  The Rangers could get to him but it’s very unlikely.  Lincecum should get many outs and last long in most games.  He  will be the best pitcher in the series.
Matt Cain- he won’t give up many runs, hits, or walks and should be very dominant, he will win at least one game and he should be an x-factor for the Giants, of he pitches good, the Giants win and he will, most likely.  Cain could be almost as good as Lincecum or Lee in the series and will bring his best game and stuff.
Jonathan Sanchez- He will either pitch some strong inning or be wild.  He will most likely be wild and the Rangers should easily go to him but when he’s on he will not be touched.  Should have a bad ratio and will have worst World Series out of starters.
Cliff Lee- Will be great all-around and could throw lots of great innings.  He might even win a big game.  It will be very hard for the Giants to get to him and he won’t be touched at all.
CJ Wilson- Should have a good series but could have a bad start and could ruin for the Rangers.  Wilson will have some very good innings regardless and could be hard to hit at times.
Colby Lewis- Will be great and could be very hard to touch.  He will pitch his best ball of the year and continue to dominate in the playoffs.  He will gather tons of strikeouts for what he usually does and will just have some spectacular games. 
Lee VS Lincecum: Lincecum, barely
Wilson vs Cain: Cain
Lewis vs Sanchez: Lewis
Hunter vs Bumgarner: Bumgarner
EDGE: Giants

Who will win the World Series?

October 24, 2010

I think it could go either way easy but if picking before the series I’m going with the Giants.  I think Cain and Lincecum should win at least three games combined and the offense should do it’s best all postseason.  The Rangers hitting will keep going and they should stay in every game and even have a comeback win or two and if CJ Wilson pitches good they have a real good shot.  Lee should pitch exactly like he did in last years World Series, he should be dominating.  The Rangers have a big edge at home and if they pick up a few games on the road they are an easy favorite.  I think Sanchez and Wilson might blow up in the Series and Lewis and Bumgarner could give really good starts.  What I think it all comes down too is the Rangers offense or Giants pitching better and I don’t think Cain and Lincecum will let up one bit, but don’t underestimate the Rangers offense or team.

Inge Signs Two-year Extension

October 21, 2010

This is a great move.  Inge might not be the best guy hitting but his power and RBIs will go up and I expect his average to stay around .250 and his defense is irreplaceable.  Inge will slot great in the bottom of the order and just play his normal game.  He will have two solid years in Detroit.  Adrian Beltre wouldn’t be the best for Detroit either and I would rather have them sign Adam Dunn.  Keeping Inge is good because the Tigers need him to have a good team and they need him due to his defense.  Inge should be more clutch and everything this upcoming year and keeping him will be one of the Tigers best offseason moves.  He will provide what they need  but will still fall into slumps but there is no one that they should have on third except him next year and he will show that in the first half, definatly.