Matt Joyce – Scouting Report

February 12, 2009

Info: Pos: LF-RF-DH  Team: Tampa Bay Rays  Batting Slot: 5-8   Hits: Left Throws: Right  2009 role: Platoon Player Future Role Starting LF hitting 6th

BASERUNNING:  Joyce is very fast and is a great athlete but is an aggressive baserunner which never hurt him in 2008 but could 2009. Is a player who can steal up to twenty bags but don’t expect much more from him.  Last year he went from 1st to 3rd one third of the time, which is a good number.  Joyce has above average baserunning skills.

DEFENSE:  Joyce is great at defense he will make dazzling plays all the time and will get lots of assists, he got 20 in 2007, but his real problem is that he makes simple plays go wrong at times, once he cost the Tigers the game.  But he does make up for those mistakes and fields the ball well a lot of the time.  Joyce is above average in this category.

HITTING:  He doesn’t hit .300, but Joyce is a great hitter, he will hit 30 homers get 100 RBIs and hit 40 doubles in a full season.  Hitting is the best part of Joyce’s game.  He has lot’s of power and that will also have him get many extra base hits.  He will get his fair share of hits, too.  He is a fun hitter to watch.

Hitter Type: Spray Hitter

Consistency: Streaky Hitter

Joyce will go on a tear sometimes and a slump in others but he can hit it to any field which helps him a lot.

STRENGTH: Hitting, Power, Amazing Fielding PLAYS

WEAKNESS: Lefty Pitchers, Simple Plays

OVERALL: Joyce will become an average to above average player and left fielder and he’s certainly a guy to keep your eye on.

PLAYER RATING: 5.9 out of 10