What Is Wrong With The Tigers?

April 28, 2012

The Tigers find themselves back where they were in 2011, at a 10-10 record 20 games through the season, they have lost 5 straight though.  There is no reason to panic though because Prince Fielder, Alex Avila, and Jhonny Peralta, and Brennan Boesch will soon join Austin Jackson and Miguel Cabrera hitting well.  Verlander’s worst month will always be April and he will warm-up and Porcello is just getting more experienced and he and Scherzer could start doing well at any way.  The major problem so far has been the bullpen, the Tigers need to find another arm that will fit with the 5 good ones they have now, that arm could be a guy like Putkonen or a free agent like Mike Gonzalez.  Still things are at their absolute worse right now and everything should start to change.  The Tigers are a deep team that will win.  Every team goes through a bad stretch in a season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was it for the Tigers and they won’t get this cold again.  Delmon Young also needs to come back and start hitting as soon as he is removed from the restricted list following his arrest.  This team will shape up and be what we thought they would, they have too many talented players not to.  Last year the Tigers lost 5 straight twice and still won 95 games.  There is no reason for panic this early and they can easily still win even 100 games.  Nothing major is wrong, just a cold streak.
TODAY: Drew Smyly is the perfect guy to bring the Tigers out of this losing streak, he has been good and I think he can survive Yankee Stadium have a decent start at least, and the Tigers can hit Garcia really hard and beat him like they did the last time they faced him in Game 2 of the ALDS at Yankee Stadium


Tigers Predictions for 2012

April 11, 2012

MVP: 3B Miguel Cabrera
CY: SP Justin Verlander
Breakout Player: SP Rick Porcello and OF Brennan Boesch
Chance at Dissapointing: Nobody really bad but if I had to pick one guy, Brandon Inge
Rising: OF Austin Jackson
Falling: 2B Brandon Inge
Chance at 100 Wins: 65%
Benoit or Valverde: Valverde
Fielder or Cabrera: Cabrera
Young or Peralta: Young
Avila or Young: Avila
Scherzer or Porcello: Porcello
Boesch or Jackson: Jackson, in a really close one
Home Runs Hit: 209
Verlander K’s: 268
Valverde saves: 42
Benoit Holds: 30
Jackson K’s: 144
Boesch HR: 22
Cabrera AVG: .347
Avila Games Caught: 127
Fielder HR: 45

Note: Inge could still make some contributions this year

The Top 10 Detroit Tigers Right Now- March 2012

March 12, 2012

Top 10 Right Now- March 2012

1 3B Miguel Cabrera
2 SP Justin Verlander
3 1B Prince Fielder
4 RP Jose Valverde
5 C Alex Avila
6 SP Doug Fister
7 SS Jhonny Peralta
8 LF Delmon Young
9 SP Max Scherzer
10 RP Joaquin Benoit
HM: Jackson, Porcello, Boesch, Dotel, Coke, Inge

The guy with the biggest possible jump is either Austin Jackson or Rick Porcello.  Porcello may be the team’s version of Avila only for pitching this year and Scherzer and Jackson could return to their 2010 ways and climb.  Cabrera is the best hitter in the game right now and JV the best pitcher, it’s so hard to decide between them but Cabrera is just a little better.  Avila and Peralta and Young should all be great offensive forces with power.  Valverde and Benoit are both bullpen aces and this team is just stacked.  Boesch could do great, so could Turner or Smyly or Crosby or even Oliver and Below.  Fister should regress a little but not much and he should still be very dominant.  Fielder should be Fielder and make the offense do big, big things.

Fantasy Baseball 2012- Catcher Rankings

February 29, 2012

Here you guys go….       NOTE: Jesus Montero isn’t a catcher in ESPN or Yahoo leagues but if he does end up catching he would rank in between Miguel Montero and JP Arenciba and the round is the ideal spot I would draft them if all fits and W means waiver wire, which means I wouldn’t draft them.  Stock is the direction they’re headed in.

1 Mike Napoli 5 1 21 Same
2 Brian McCann 5 1 19 Up
3 Carlos Santana 5 1 19 Up
4 Buster Posey 7 2 18 Up
5 Joe Mauer 7 2 15 Down
6 Alex Avila 9 2 13 Up
7 Matt Wieters 10 2 12 Up
8 Miguel Montero 10 2 12 Up
9 JP Arenciba 13 3 8 Same
10 Yadier Molina 14 3 7 Same
11 Wilson Ramos 16 3 7 Up
12 Geovany Soto 16 3 6 Down
13 Kurt Suzuki 17 4 4 Down
14 Chris Ianetta 18 4 3 Same
15 Salvador Perez 118 4 3 Up
16 Jonathan Lucroy 20 4 3 Same
17 Russell Martin 20 4 2 Same
18 Ryan Doumit 21 4 2 Same
19 Devin Mesoraco 21 4 2 Up
20 Ramon Hernandez 22 4 2 Same
21 Carlos Ruiz 23 5 1 Same
22 Miguel Olivo 23 5 1 Same
23 Jarrod Saltalamachhia 24 5 1 Up
24 AJ Pierzynski 24 5 1 Same
25 John Buck 25 5 1 Same
26 Nick Hundley 26 5 0 Same
27 Josh Thole 27 5 0 Same
28 Rod Barajas 27 5 0 Same
29 Tyler Flowers 28 5 0 Up
30 Hank Conger 28 5 0 Up
31 Wilin Rosario 29 6 0 Up
32 Jose Molina 29 6 0 Same
33 Ryan Hanigan 30 6 0 Same
34 Kelly Schoppach 30 6 0 Same
35 Jason Castro 30 6 0 Up
36 Matt Treanor 30 6 0 Down
37 Francisco Cervelli 30 6 0 Same
38 AJ Ellis 30 6 0 Up
39 John Jaso W 6 0 Down
40 Yorvit Torrelba W 6 0 Same
41 Bryan Pena W 7 0 Same
42 David Ross W 7 0 Same
43 Lou Marson W 7 0 Same
44 Jesus Flores W 7 0 Same
45 Ryan Lavarnway W 7 0 Up
46 Humberto Quintero W 7 0 Same
47 Henry Blanco W 7 0 Same
48 Derek Norris W 7 0 Up
49 Gerald Laird W 7 0 Same
50 Jose Loabton W 7 0 Same
51 George Kotaras W 7 0 Same
52 Robinson Chrinos W 7 0 Up
53 Brett Hayes W 7 0 Same
54 Tony Cruz W 7 0 Same
55 Chris Snyder W 7 0 Down
56 Michael McHenry W 7 0 Same
57 Ivan Rodriguez W 7 0 Down
58 Eli Whiteside W 7 0 Down

2012: Will These Players Be Better, Worse, or the Same- Tigers

February 12, 2012

What this is is rating on if a player will improve in 2012 on thier 2011, stats and contributions and such.

Alex Avila- Worse, just a little bit
Prince Fielder- Better, by a little
Ramon Santiago- Better
Jhonny Peralta- Same
Miguel Cabrera- Better
Andy Dirks- Better
Austin Jackson- Better
Brennan Boesch- Better
Ryan Raburn- Better
Gerald Laird- Same
Don Kelly- Same
Brandon Inge- Better

Justin Verlander- Worse, will still be best pitcher in the league
Doug Fister- Same
Max Scherzer- Better
Rick Porcello- Better
Jacob Turner- Will be good (Rookie, not MLB stats to rate)
Jose Valverde- worse, but will still be great
Joaquin Benoit- Same
Octavio Dotel- Worse, just a little
Phil Coke- Better
Collin Balester- Better
David Pauley- Better
Al Alberquerque- Better (upon return)
Daniel Schlereth- Better
Duane Below- Same

Most Valuable Catchers for 2012

December 30, 2011

Here you go…
Note: Joe Mauer likely won’t be a catcher this season and he may play first, right or DH, I put him with the DH Rankings, in my personal opinion I’d stick him at first until Morneau is fully healthy than DH him and play hom at catcher twice a week.

10. JP Arenciba- 8.9 (Rating Overall)- He didn’t have the strongest numbers last year but for a rookie, I thought he was pretty good and I like him.  His average won’t ever be .300 but it could climb some as should his OBP.  His power will always be his strength and he won’t kill a team on defense.  Look for him to improve and I don’t think it’d be a stretch for him to be a top 10 catcher most of his career.

9. Carlos Ruiz- 9.1- He had a strong hitting season last year and though most of his numbers should shrink some, they should still be somewhat above average.  His defense and how he catches the Phillies really gets him here.  He is a special player in that extent and can handle almost every pitcher

8. Carlos Santana- 9.1- He can go up this list very easy, but on defense he’s below average and if LaPorta doesn;t work out or moves back to the OF, a move for Santana to first wouldn’t be terrible.  He needs to work on getting on more and having so more discipline but other than that he’s a dangerous hitter

7. Miguel Montero- 9.2- He’s going to get even better and there’s isn’t a lot he can’t do.  He can hit, hit for power, handle pitchers well and throw guys out with ease.  His power numbers will continue to go up and he will be one of the more valuable catchers in the MLB

6. Matt Wieters- 9.3- He’s another guy who broke out and should get better and end up hitting a lot of homers and doing everything a catcher should do but at a nother level.  He will breakout so more in 2012 but his 2011 was very impressing

5. Mike Napoli- 9.5- His defense isn’t really there but his offense is almost at an elite level and he should repeat his 2011 season in 2012

4. Alex Avila- 9.6- He 2011 was amazing and he’s a great defender who could still get better and easily move up in these rankings.  He’s like a machine behind the plate and a truly amazing player.

3. Yadier Molina- 9.7- His offense has some ups and downs but at his season average he’s till one of the better catcher in the NL and his defense cannot be matched by anyone, his 2012 could be very good, plus he is very valuable

2. Buster Posey- 9.8- He looked good and is a special player who should recover from his injury easily and start-up where he left off and pass McCann for #1 soon

1. Brian McCann- 9.9- He’s always there, he is fine defensively and can catch ell and his offense is consistent and all of his numbers will always be at an all-star level, an easy choice, for now

Tigers Sign Gerald Laird

November 17, 2011

He was brought back after playing for the Tigers in 2009-10.  He isn’t known for his offense though he has an occasional good game and flash of power but he can play defense well and he can definatly throw out runners, and do it with ease.  It’s just a one year deal so I like that because they don’t need him too long with Rob Brantly or Bryan Holaday coming up.  Laird should do a little bit better this year and when he does play have his best year as far as production, but he still won’t always be pretty but he will get the job done and he may have not been the best choice but he will get the job done and give Avila a est wihich could make him slightly better during the season but he could do pretty good in the playoffs if the Tigers were to make it.  Laird definatly isn’t the eorst either, expect a .240/3/15 line in 30 starts.  This was an okay signing and a good fit.  Laird will improve in 2011 too andhe will make for a good defensive replacemnt at times, and even if he doesn’t do good it’s only 25-30 starts and it will make Avila better.  The biggest con is that it takes up a roster spot that last year belonged to Dirks, who did good and should stick.  If they don’t re-sign Santiago, which wouldn’t be so good , he could take that spot or he could push Dirks off the roster, who has options and everything wouldn’t be so bad.