Contending Team Needs

July 31, 2012

-They shouldn’t trade James Shields or BJ Upton and could use another bat or reliever and they could contend with the team they have now pretty much, so no deal could be a possibility
Red Sox
-They should trade another outfielder after trading Lillibridge and I’d be a bonus to get rid of Beckett, who I think is still pretty good if he could change teams, I wouldn’t make a huge trade since the Red Sox are a long shot for the playoffs
-They are set on hitters other than if they get Chase Headley for A-Rod at third and pitching will be fine
Blue Jays
-They should try to get a starter to replace their other injured guys and maybe a hitter
-They need another outfielder, but they’re fin other than that
Another bat that’s a great hitter who can hit lefties, but they’re set other than that
White Sox
-They’ve made moves and are set
-Could use another pitching arm and maybe one hitter
-Need a shortstop or at least a hitter but nothing to big if they do fall out
– They are set with them getting Greinke
– Maybe another hitter at the top of the order, but they have a good team
-A starter is top priority if they make another trade and a hitter wouldn’t hurt
-An outfielder or shortstop that can hit, without giving up Starling Marte or Cole/Taillon
-Another outfielder or left side of the infield guy would do some good
-Another starting pitcher could do some good
-Get Dempster
-They got a bat, but may need another and a reliever


Trade Deadline Ideas

July 31, 2012

CIN Gets: OF Juan Pierre  PHI Gets: OF Ryan LaMarre
DET Gets: OF Josh Willingham MIN Gets: OF Tyler Gibson, SP Andrew Oliver, 1B Aaron Westlake
SF Gets: OF Hunter Pence PHI: Gets: SS Joe Panik, C Tommy Joesph, 3B Connor Gillaspie
TEX Gets: RP Rafael Betancourt  COL Gets: RP Tanner Scheppers
ARZ Gets: SP Josh Johnson  MIA Gets: SP David Holmberg, SP Patrick Corbin, SP Archie Bradley
TEX Gets: SP Matt Garza CHC: C Jorge Alfaro, SP Neil Ramirez
PIT Gets: OF Shin-Soo Choo CLE Gets: SP Jeff Locke, OF Gorkys Hernandez, SP Kyle McPherson, SP Clay Holmes
OAK Gets: 1B Justin Morneau  MIN Gets: 3B Renato Nunez, C Max Stassi
LAD Gets: SP Ryan Dempster  CHC Gets: SP Allan Webster, OF Alfredo Silverio
WSH Gets: OF Denard Span MIN Gets: OF Roger Bernadina, 1B Chris Marrero, OF Michael Taylor
BAL Gets: OF Jeff Francouer KC Gets: SP Ian Krol
DET Gets: OF Scott Hairston  NYM Gets: RP Jose Ortega
BAL Gets: 1B Carlos Lee  MIA Gets: 3B Nick Delmonico
STL: SP Justin Masterson CLE Gets: SP Treor Roesnthal, 3B Zack Cox, SP John Gast

MLB Power Rankings: 7/29/12

July 28, 2012
  1. Yankees
  2. Reds
  3. Nationals
  4. Rangers
  5. Angels
  6. Giants
  7. Pirates
  8. Dodgers
  9. White Sox
  10. Tigers
  11. Athletics
  12. Braves
  13. Rays
  14. Orioles
  15. Cardinals
  16. Blue Jays
  17. Mets
  18. Diamondbacks
  19. Indians
  20. Red Sox
  21. Marlins
  22. Brewers
  23. Phillies
  24. Mariners
  25. Padres
  26. Cubs
  27. Royals
  28. Rockies
  29. Twins
  30. Astros

Looking At The Players The Marlins Got for Sanchez, Infante

July 28, 2012

JACOB TURNER- The big piece that made this whole deal possible, he’s going to be a great pitcher but he may not be the ace he was once supposed to be, still at worst the Marlins got a great number three starter, with great stuff and who just a great pitcher.  He’s been hit around in his spot starts with the Tigers in the past two years but now he can take time to settle in, but don;t expect him to be good right away, but this will be worth it in a few years.  He will not turn out like Andrew Miller, like I have heard people say and he really is the centerpiece who should replace Anibal very well
ROB BRANTLY- A very underrated catching prospect who can do it all for a catcher.  He’s a great natural hitter who can hit for some power and he throws guys out.  I’d give him a bit more time to develop but when John Buck leaves, Brantly can take over and probably do better.  I think he could become a top catcher and be better than Turner in an overall rate, I believe in this guy and love to watch him play, Miami will too and he will be an impact player in year one and get even better after.
BRIAN FLYNN: He’s got a shot to be a pretty good five guy and even though the two other pieces are way better Flynn has a good chance to develop well into a good MLB player whether as a five starter or a good bullpen arm that helps.  I like him and though he probably won;’t debut until late next year he should be a decent southpaw

This is a great haul for the Marlins and though they won’t make the postseason this year you fans need to stick with them, they have a core group in the MLB and are building a winner that should work unlike a collection of stars like they had this year, these three prospects are talented and a great start, and the deal is a win-win because Sanchez and Infante should do well in Detroit.

Revised MLB Standings Predictions

July 22, 2012

Not being a homer, sticking with my Tigers pick, they hvae finally came together and they might not stop, anything is possible but I think these right here are going to be right!

Yankees 97-65
Rays 90-72
Orioles 88-74
Blue Jays 84-78
Red Sox 80-82
Tigers 94-68
White Sox 85-77
Indinas 76-86
Royals 73-89
Twins 69-93
Rangers 94-68
Angels 92-70
Athletics 86-76
Mariners 71-91
Nationals 95-67
Braves 93-69
Marlins 85-77
Mets 81-81
Philies 70-92
Pirates 94-68
Reds 90-72
Cardinals 88-74
Brewers 75-87
Cubs 67-95
Astros 64-98
Giants 96-66
Dodgers 91-71
D’Backs 82-80
Padres 70-92
Rockies 68-94
Wild Card-AL Rays over Angels 9 to 6
Wild Card-NL Dodgers over Braves 4 to 3
ALDS Rays over Rangers in 5
Tigers over Yankees in 5
NLDS Nationals over Dodgers in 4
Giants over Pirates in 4
ALCS Tigers over Rays in 6
NLCS Nationals over Giants in 7
WS Tigers over Nationals in 6

MLB Power Rankings: July 20, 2012

July 21, 2012

1 Yankees
2 Rangers
3 Nationals
4 Giants
5 Reds
6 Tigers
7 Angels
8 Pirates
9 Braves
10 White Sox
11 Rays
12 Dodgers
13 Orioles
14 Red Sox
15 Mets
16 Cardinals
17 Athletics
18 Blue Jays
19 Indians
20 Marlins
21 Diamondbacks
22 Brewers
23 Phillies
24 Padres
25 Mariners
26 Royals
27 Cubs
28 Astros
29 Twins
30 Rockies

Marlins Midseason Grades

July 16, 2012

Omar Infante: B+ (The team’s top offensive player to this point, besides Giancalro)
Justin Ruggiano: A (Has broken out but needs to keep it up)
Jose Reyes: C- (Decent leadoff guy, who has improved since slump in the first month, should continue to get better)
Logan Morrison: D (I like him as a player but the power and average have to come more)
Giancarlo Stanton: A (Having a breakout season, special player and has great pop)
Hanley Ramirez: D+ (Having same struggles as last year, look for second half improvement)
John Buck: F (He’s payed mostly to hit and that hasn’t happened)
Gaby Sanchez: D- (He is a good player but he can;t put it together right now)
Emilio Bonifacio: C (Has been hurt but average when he plays, more consistent playing time will hep a lot)
Greg Dobbs: A- (Go to reserve player and pinch hitter, very impressive in his roles)
Chris Coghlan: F (Fromer NL ROY looking to be a bust)
Brett Hayes: C- (Has done his job, but really needs to hit better)
Austin Kearns: C- (Has had a good year considering lack of playing time)
Donovan Solano: B+ (Has been an impressive surprise since call-up)
Carlos Lee: INC (Look for him to be a top hitter for the Marlins down the stretch)

Carlos Zambrano: B (Hasn’t been great but has been good in the five-spot)
Ricky Nolasco: D+ (season started well but struggles have haunted him)
Anibal Sacnhez: B (A decent number three but his ERA needs to go down some)
Mark Buehrle: A (Typical Buehrle season, an ace)
Josh Johnson: B- (Needs to lower his ERA, been doing okay since early season struggles)
Heath Bell: F (Biggest disappointment in the MLB this season)
Steve Cishek: A ( Has saved Marlins bullpen this year)
Ryan Webb: D (Hving a down season)
Edward Mujica: C (Been average so far, but could improve some)
Randy Choate: A (A great lefty to have in the bullpen)
Chad Gaudin: C- (He has been okay but not good so far)
Mike Dunn: D ( Has had a down season too, but I still believe in him)
Wade LaBlanc: A (Been great in limited action)
Dan Jennings: A (Could be a good bullpen arm real soon)

Top Marlins

  1. RF Giancarlo Stanton
  2. SP Mark Buehrle
  3. RP Steve Cishek
  4. 2B Omar Infante
  5. SS Jose Reyes
  6. SP Anibal Sanchez
  7. SP Josh Johnson
  8. SP Carlos Zambrano
  9. LF Logan Morrison
  10. 3B Hanley Ramirez