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July 29, 2013

I’m going to start blogging again but I am starting a new site in the next few days.  Head on over to to check it out!


Power Rankings: 5/5/13

May 6, 2013
  1. Tigers
  2. Cardinals
  3. Rangers
  4. Red Sox
  5. Braves
  6. Giants
  7. Yankees
  8. Royals
  9. Reds
  10. Rockies
  11. Athletics
  12. Nationals
  13. Orioles
  14. Diamondbacks
  15. Pirates
  16. Rays
  17. Dodgers
  18. Mariners
  19. Phillies
  20. Indians
  21. Brewers
  22. Mets
  23. Twins
  24. White Sox
  25. Padres
  26. Cubs
  27. Angels
  28. Blue Jays
  29. Marlins
  30. Astros

MLB Power Rankings: 4/17/13

April 17, 2013
1 Braves
2 Nationals
3 Athletics
4 Tigers
5 Red Sox
6 Giants
7 Rockies
8 Reds
9 Yankees
10 Cardinals
11 Diamondbacks
12 Orioles
13 Rangers
14 Dodgers
15 Blue Jays
16 Mets
17 Phillies
18 White Sox
19 Royals
20 Twins
21 Rays
22 Brewers
23 Indians
24 Angels
25 Pirates
26 Mariners
27 Cubs
28 Padres
29 Marlins
30 Astros

Opening Home Series Preview: Yankees @ Tigers

April 5, 2013

Friday: Yankees 3 Tigers 7
Saturday: Yankees 1 Tigers 10
Sunday: Yankees 4 Tigers 5
FRIDAY- Doug Fister vs Ivan Nova- Nova is good and usually lucky, but a team like the Tigers can get to him.  Fister always looks impressive in big games and his first start should be just that.  he should mow down Yankees hitters PREDICTED LINE: Nova: 4 IP 5 ER 11 H 4 K 2 BB  Fister IP 2 ER 6 H 8K 1 BB
SATURDAY- Max Scherzer vs David Phelps- Phelps shouldn’t even be a match for the Tigers. Scherzer should be pumped and pitch well at Comerica.  Expect him to be in the form he was in during August of last year.  And expect a ton of K’s.  PREDICTED LINE Phelps 3 IP 7 ER 10 H 3 K 4 BB  Scherzer 7 IP 1 ER 4 H 11 K 3 BB
SUNDAY- Justin Verlander vs CC Sabathia- The battle of the aces is going to be a good one, but Verlander should win, because he is the ace after all.  He has everything working for him and should kick off 2013 with a bang, like he did 2011.  Sabathia should do good but I can’t see him winning this one.  PREDICTED LINE Sabathia 6.2 IP 3 ER 7 H 8 K 2 BB Verlander 7 IP 2 ER 5 H 10 K 1 BB
HITTING: It should be a slugfest.  Expect big series from the Tigers big guns and the Yankees should have good series from Hafner, Boesch, and Cano.
ANALYSIS: The Tigers always play the Yankees well and the Tigers also usually play well during their first series of the year.  With the team they have they can handle the Yankees, just like they did last year with the Red Sox.  I expect a lot of guys on the Tigers to come out of this series with impressive stats.
KEYS: Fir the Yankees it’s to hold the offense like the Twins were able too and for the Tigers it’s too heat up and gain momentum
Series Hero: 3B Miguel Cabrera

2013 MLB Predicitions

April 1, 2013
TOR 98 64
TB 94 68
NYY 87 75
BAL 79 83
BOS 77 85
DET 95 67
CLE 82 80
KC 78 84
CHW 74 88
MIN 70 92
LAA 94 68
OAK 88 74
TEX 84 78
SEA 76 86
HOU 54 108
WSH 96 66
ATL 93 69
PHI 82 80
NYM 69 93
MIA 65 97
STL 95 67
CIN 92 70
PIT 83 79
MIL 77 85
CHC 71 91
LAD 97 65
SF 88 74
ARZ 83 79
SD 73 89
COL 67 95
TB over OAK
NLDS ATL over LAD in 5
WSH over STL in 4
ALDS TB over TOR in 5
DET over LAA in 5
NLCS ATL over WSH in 7
ALCS DET over TB in 6
WS DET over ATL in 6
AL MVP Fielder Cabrera
AL CY Verlander Hernandez
AL ROY Myers Bauer
AL MAN Maddon Gibbons
NL MVP Votto Ramirez
NL CY Bumgarner Kershaw
NL ROY Fujikawa Brantly
NL MAN Gonzalez Johnson
AL/NL CP Ellsbury and Votto

MLB Pick’em: Opening Day 2013

April 1, 2013
Yankees Red Sox
Marlins Nationals
Mets Padres
Pirates Cubs
Brewers Rockies
Reds Angels
White Sox Royals
Dodgers Giants
Braves Phillies
Athletics Mariners
Diamondbacks Cardinals
Tigers Twins

2013 MLB Bold Predictions: One for every MLB Team

April 1, 2013

Boston: Jon Lester finishes the Year with an ERA under 3.20
New York: They fail to make the playoffs for the first time since 2008
Tampa Bay: Price, Hellickson, and Moore become three of the top pitchers in the MLB
Baltimore: Manny Machado leads the team in most offensive categories
Toronto:  Lead the league in ERA and Home Runs

Detroit: Fielder and Cabrera combine for over 80 homers and Verlander wins 23
Kansas City: Eric Hosmer breaks out in Freddie Freeman type fashion
Cleveland: Drew Stubbs contends for a 30-30 season
Minnesota: The team finds an ace mid season- Kyle Gibson
Chicago: Addison Reed emerges as an elite closer

Houston: They start off decent, but do what everyone expects after, then call up their prospects and go .500 in September
Oakland: The rookies don’t have sophomore sumps and they stay hot
Texas:  The offense weakens and is one of the worst in the league
LA Angels: Their offensive saves them and they lead the league in walk-off victories
Seattle: Jason Bay is one of their top hitters

Atlanta: The whole outfield has 20-20 seasons
Washington:  Win 100 games
Philadelphia: Ben Revere steals 60 bases
New York: David Wright gets 200 hits, 30 HR, and is second best 3B in baseball
Miami: Jacob Turner becomes their ace

St Louis: They find a way to scrap out another division title despite the injury plague
Chicago: They improve by 10-15 wins
Cincinnati: Zack Cozart becomes a breakout star
Milwaukie: John Axford and Rickie Weeks repeat their 2011 seasons
Pittsburgh: Garrett Jones dries in 100 runs and leads the team to 83 wins

LA Dodgers:  Kershaw and Grienke become top 1-2 pitching punch in baseball quickly
San Francisco: Miss the postseason the year after winning it all, like they did in 2010
Colorado: The offense is top 5 in the NL
Arizona: The starters have a combined ERA under 3.50
San Diego: Andrew Cashner and Yonder Alonso become the starts of the Padres