2013 Tigers Hitting Projections

March 28, 2013
C Alex Avila 16 70 280 361 65 3
1B Prince Fielder 42 118 310 423 96 1
2B Omar Infante 9 53 285 329 79 10
3B Miguel Cabrera 40 128 337 420 116 5
SS Jhonny Peralta 19 76 279 330 62 1
LF Andy Dirks 14 64 294 349 72 7
CF Austin Jackson 18 70 304 390 102 16
RF Torii Hunter 21 82 287 359 80 5
DH Victor Martinez 17 100 317 378 83 0
C Brayan Pena 3 23 265 301 18 0
UT Don Kelly 7 36 258 298 25 7
IF Ramon Santiago 2 22 247 290 23 2
UT Matt Tuiasosopo 10 34 270 309 20 2
OF Quintin Berry 1 22 247 307 29 13

Torii Hunter Visits Detroit, Tigers Leading Bidder

November 13, 2012

Torii Hunter was in Detroit today visiting the Tigers and they are prepared to offer him a multi-year deal.  Hopefully only worth about two years as he is getting older and a decline is due at some point, but or the Tigers to have him in right field and hitting second would be huge for them, and he is a major upgrade over Delmon Young.  Of all the outfielders in this free agent class, Torii may not fit the best with the Tigers and Victorino may be the best fit but Torii has talent and the defense he brings to the Detroit outfield is great.  To have Dirks in left and Jackson in center along with him will be a great outfield and signing him and teaming that up with a Victor return the top of the Tigers line-up could be a machine.  At this point, Torii signing with Detroit seems likely and possibly the best move.  The Angels would hurt from his loss but with all of their players can’t afford to keep hom.  The Rangers are the only competition at this point and he though he fits with them and makes them a ton better too, he looks to be Detroit bound.  This is the player the Tigers need and he can hit well in Comerica.  He is just a good choice,a nd could add 20 homers from the two spot.  Torii will sign soon, as he did when coming to LA in the 2007/08 offseason.  PREDICTION: Tiger for 2 years, 23 Million

Line-Up With Torii

  1. Jackson CF
  2. Hunter RF
  3. Cabrera 3B
  4. Fielder 1B
  5. Martinez DH
  6. Dirks LF
  7. Peralta SS
  8. Avila C
  9. Infante 2B

That looks amazing and Hunter protects Jackson and is protected by Cabrera, a hitter’s dream, even better than in LA with Pujols.  Martinez can handle all the pressure in the five hole too, so this line-up looks great

Top 10 LA Angels Right Now

March 15, 2012

1 1B Albert Pujols
2 SP Jered Weaver
3 SP Dan Haren
4 SP CJ Wilson
5 RF Torii Hunter
6 SS Erick Aybar
7 2B Howard Kendrick
8 3B Mark Trumbo
9 RP Jordan Walden
10 SP Ervin Santana
HM: Morales, Wells, Abreu, Bourjos, Downs

Trade Deadline Winners and Loseres So Far

August 22, 2011

A look at who won and lost so far and if things can change

TIGERS- Disregard Fister’s two middle starts for the Tigers and he’s been really good.  He will show up even more and be a reliable number three on the Tigers staff.  Pauley looks good and should do around as well as he did with the M’s and be one of the top relievers in the division.  Betemit fits right in with he team and will continue too, awesome at the bottom of the line-up, more average and RBIs with some homers sprinkled in.  Delmon Young was a waiver trade that should do some good too.
MARINERS- Casper Wells could very well reach 20-20 if he gets full playing time and is a good option to hit second in that line-up too and him and Carp might cool off a bit there but there both really good and Wells might even be a smidge better.  Carp wasn’t acquired at the deadline but him and Casper have both been awesome for the M’s.  Furbush could be a good option at the end of the rotation or a really good long reliever or middle reliever and should keep it up.  Ruffin and Martinez will show their talents soon, Ruffin sooner and could he could be a setup man real quick.  Robinson is the best player they got and Chiang shows up under any circumstance and could be very good for them soon too.
PHILLIES- Hunter Pence will do even better and thrive in Philly.  He and Victorino are young and explosive and think in 2012 with Brown being added.  He may have made the Phillies pull away from the pack and will continue to do great things and play great defense and great all-around and he could heat up even more
RANGERS- They got Mike Adams, who has had a few struggles since joining the AL but he will give up a few more runs out of San Diego and even with his struggles he’s still a top setup man and pair him with Uehara, who could do even better with his new and team and you have a team that I can’t see NOT making the ALCS at least along with their whole other team.
BRAVES- Bourn is a true leadoff man and that will help them a ton.  He will propel them a ton and this team was already good almost all-around too.  The best part is they didn’t give up anybody who will be more valuable, pretty much ever!  Bourn’s running game will add to the offense too and those stolen bases were needed.  This makes the Braves maybe the most well-rounded team in the MLB.  Aces- Jurrjens, Hudson, Hanson.  Speed: Heyward, Bourn  Defense: Heyward, Bourn, Gonzalez  Relievers: Kimbrel, Venters, O’Flaherty  Power: McCann, Uggla, Freeman  Hitting: Jones, McCann, Bourn.  Bourn adds a ton
INDIANS: The Fukudome deal was dumb because he won;t do anything for them and will stay around the Mendoza Line.  If Jimenez turns out it was worth it.  He can get beat up from time to time but now he’s in a better park and if he gets his delivery fixed up a bit they have a guy who will keep them going and they might not fall out
BLUE JAYS: Rasmus for what they got was a steal and they got some supporting cast members.  Now that the Jays have a five tool, middle of the order center fielder they might be able to sneak in the AL East race real soon.  Rasmus should do even better and continue to develop in Toronto and reach his prime real soon
METS: Beltran wasn’t coming back, so they got a future ace which is good for them because the only current members of the rotation (Or DL) I can see in a Mets uniform in a couple of years is Niese and Santana, so Wheeler could be the co-ace if he reaches his potential.
ATHLETICS: Ziegler may be good but Allen should be a starter who does well and Norberto could do almost as well as Ziegler down the road, possibly.
DODGERS: They gave up a good and explosive center fielder that could be a big player starting next year for two future relievers, one of which seems to be a hit or miss (Rodriguez and a platoon catcher.  The deal was dumb for the Dodgers and it could hurt them a little more than they think.  The Furcal deal was good for them though.
RED SOX: Aviles si a good utility man for them who can fill in for an injured guy and do well and could get even better with the Sox in Fenway but Bedard probably won’t do much and the rotation of their’s might get beat up in the playoffs.  Beckett and Lester are the only guys who could really do well and Bedard could do something but coming off an injury he may not do much.  In the future he could return to doing well, so maybe they can re-sign him.
CARDINALS: The bullpen hasn’t gotten much better because Dotel is nearing the end of his career and behind him their bullpen just isn’t strong enough.  Salas and Rzepcynski are good but now I think they are out of it and they gave up Rasmus and got back a bad return and though Jay won’t be bad he won’t be able to replace him.  Furcal is only a small upgrade over Schumaker/Theroit too.  Castellanos has potential too.
YANKEES: No moves, still problems.  Not enough pitching for them could mean a playoff exit before the ALCS.  The Rangers and Red Sox are better and the Tigers have a better ace at this point and Scherzer and Fister are starting to show up.  No deal could be a huge loss and even Wandy Rodriguez looks good for them now.
WHITE SOX: They got one good future arm who won;t be an ace but good and a veteran reliever and that’s not enough for them to compete I think.
ASTROS: The really didn’t get back a lot of really good prospects but they aren’t complete losers, they just could have gotten more.  Singleton and Zied look good along with Santana and Cossart.  Oberholtzer also a good pickup.
ANGELS: They didn’t need to really make a move but they could have.  They probably won’t the division and some oft he other hitters will heat up down the strecth anyway, so they are fine.  Their biggest problem is figuring out how to get rid of Wells so next year Trout and play with Hunter and Bourjos in the outfield and Abreu will DH.  Something going to have to happen.
GIANTS: Beltran is hurt but he could give them major production is September and even more in the playoffs and Keppinger is a number two guy they needed but not sure why they got Orlando Cabrera, at this point Tejada is better.  So they are winners if Beltran shows up, which is more likely and losers if he doesn’t 
DIAMNDBACKS: Ziegler is another good arm who will have success ad Marquis was good but they may still have enough to beat the Giants anyway and the Goldschmit call-up, could be, well, gold.