Verlander will have a bounce back year

February 4, 2009

Justin Verlander will have a bounce back year here’s why.  First of all in 2006 and 2007 he had 17 then 18 wins and in 2007 he challenged 200 strikeouts and he had an ERA of 3.66 and 3.63 it was just a late sophomore slump.  He is an all-star pitcher and will be a CY Young award candidate soon.  I like his stuff and his fastball and he should fare well as an ace.  He hasn’t gone a season without 10 wins even in the minors.  Last year one of his concerning numbers, homers allowed went down two and slowly decreased again but now he doesn’t even give up 20.  His concerns are Hit By Pitch, Earned Runs an hits but they were okay until last year and will go down .Verlander was un-hittable in 2006 and threw a no-no in 2007 in 2009 I’m predicting a CY Young caliber year.


Tigers should go after Orlando Cabrera

February 1, 2009

The Tigers should go after free agent shortstop Orlando Cabrera, here’s why.  They may have already signed Adam Everett and have a nice defensive platoon with Ramon Santiago but Cabrera can do it all.  Cabrera was named the defensive player of the year because he led the league in putouts and assists, Cabrera like Everett has a lot of range and a nice strong arm but he beats him offensively.  Cabrera gets 180 hits, a 290. Average, 85 runs and 75 RBIs on a regular basis and could fit into the number seven slot in Detroit, I think it would be a good pick-up for the Tigers. Cabrera also is a good base runner and a good base stealer he can steal 15-20 any season, he advanced from first to third 10 of 37 times and from second to home 17 of 24 times which aren’t real bad numbers.  He is a good all-around player who just had his career year in 2007 so if the Tigers don’t sign him somebody should he will compete for an all-star spot.

Polanco a Tiger in 2010?

January 26, 2009

Dave Dombroski knows Placido Polanco is a free agent after the 2009 season but he isn’t in negotions with Polanco.  The only prospects the Tigers have are Scott Sizemore who doesn’t hit or defend as well as Polanco, but is a nice hitter and isn’t a bad defender.  Danny Worth is a shortstop who can play second base but I think Sizemore is better than him.  Worth has a problem with average but is a gap hitter who can rack up extra base hits, he’s a better shortstop though.  Will Rhymes is a good player who has a ton of potential in my book, he gets hits, hits for a good average and is speedy.  The only concern is his defensive errors, he had 17,20,21, and 20 so he might let you down on defense more than Sizemore or Worth.  But I want the Tigers to at least give him one more year because he is a clutch player who gets hits and plays awesome defense he is a textbook ballplayer and number two hitter, getting Polanco has helped a lot and the one time he got hurt the Tigers fell into a slump that’s how important he is to this club and it would be a shame to let another AL team get a hold of him because he would kill the Tigers.  Another plus about Polanco is that he strikes out less than anyone in the American League and he goes out their and makes spectacular plays.  Polanco is a true all-star who leads teams.

Tigers analysis: Lyon, Williamson, Rincon

January 23, 2009
  • The Tigers are close to signing pitcher Brandon Lyon who is an outstanding reliever and closer and should have that job.  Lyon closed out a league lead in saves in April 2005 and then went down for the season and never got a shot at the position again.  Coming to Detroit he will be in a pitcher’s park which will help him and he is an upgrade from former closer Todd Jones.  Lyon could close 35-40 games for Detroit in 2009.  I am excited he gong to play for the Tigers.
  • Scott Williamson will be signed to a minor league deal for the Tigers, he has won a championship with Boston and has the ability to put up league average numbers in 2009.  He will be more of a short reliever on this club
  • The Tigers got Juan Rincon to sign a minor league yesterday, he is a great reliever when he pithces at his best.  He is coming off a down year but is a guy who can still put up better numbers than the rest of league, a nice move by the Tigers
  • Jaun Cruz would cost the Tigers a draft pick but could easily become the key of this bullpen if the Tigers sign him, he is a great reliever

Tigers analysis: Treanor a Tiger

December 20, 2008

The Tigers made a move to bring aboard a back-up catcher Matt Treanor a great defensive catcher who has a limited bat.  Gerald Laird and him will make up the catcher’s squad in ’09.  Matt Treanor sort of reminds me of Vance Wilson with better defense a a bigger whole in his stick.  In 2006 Treanor caught 16 out of 18 base stealer’s in there tracks which is an above excellent number.;  His errors are up a little but he is still a great defender and always will be.  Treanor got signed to a one year deal which is smart for the Tigers because they have Dusty Ryan waiting in AAA.  Treanor will put up a projected 4 homers and 27 RBI in 2009, I think the Tigers found a great back-up catcher Treanor.  He will be a good back-up in 2009 and is one of the best back-up catchers.  Good or Bad move?: Great move by the Tigers.

Beimel not interested?:  According to some sources Joe Beimel was interested in being a Tiger, but now some people are saying he’s not.  If Beimel were to sign with Detroit he would take turns with Bobby Seay, another good reliever, with the specialist role and the lefty long man.  Beimel had a 2.02 ERA in 2008 along with 1.44 WHIP and only 11 Earned Runs an amazing number.  This would be a good sign for the Tigers, if Beimel will regain interest it will help him too, by being in a pitcher’s park.

How Good is Porcello?:  Rick Porcello will make a great starter, is he this year’s David Price, though?  I think he will be the only shaky number in his ’08 stats were his strikeouts, 72.  But last year he was working on getting hitters out without his strikeouts, the mission was a complete success and his strikeouts or any other number is not be worried about.  He’s got great stuff and a great pitch selection he will be a hall of fame caliber player.  He only got 11 walks in 125 innings last year, I don’t care if it’s high A that number is absurd!  He kept his ERA and WHIP low, too.  His ERA was 2.66 and his WHIP was 1.19 those are great numbers.  He is one of the best MiLB players and I can’t wait to see him pitch.

Edwin Jackson’s future as a Tiger

December 17, 2008

Edwin Jackson is a good player who’s stats don’t show, here’s why.  Jackson has great stuff and has had tons of great games.  But his ERA is 4.40 plus, just because he had a couple bad starts.  Some people look at stats a lot but they aren’t everything you have to scout a player and I don’t mind Jackson and think he is a good back of the end starter and Bondo, Verlander, Porcello, Galarraga and him should be good in Motown for years to come.  There has also been some speculation that he might be a setup man or even a closer I would say he might be nice out of the bullpen with good stuff and a great pitching ability but he’s better off a starter and still has time to improve before going down as a bust prospect, if he doesn’t and Joyce does average this deal is a steal for the Tigers and they won’t regret it at all.  I can’t wait to see jackson pitch and think a 4.16 ERA, 15 Wins, 123 strikeouts, and a 1.38 WHIP and I also think that those numbers will keep coming down.  Everett and laird are like this too.

BULLPEN:These signings would make the 09 Tigers bullpen one to remember: Juan Cruz, Joe Biemel, Takashi Saito, and Chad Cordaro they are all sign able and they would be great with current Tigers reliever’s especially Joe Biemel

Treanor?: The Tigers want to sign Matt Treanor as a back-up catcher this deal would be better on the defensive side again but Treanor does bring a little bit of a stick with him, this would be a good deal for the Tigers plus Treanor has already hit an a pitcher’s park his whole career.

Arias for Clevlen

December 12, 2008

I was thinking of a good minor trade for the Tigers, but it has to be a fair trade here it is.  The Texas Rangers get outfielder Brent Clevlen and the Tigers get infielder Joaquin Arias.  The Rangers would be taking a chance on a good younger outfielder with power who is a fourth or fifth outfielder plus he got nine outfield assists last year which is a great number to have.  He also hit 22 homers and could help them in quite a few ways including base running and he will steal around five bases.  Arias has had defensive troubles in the past but is getting better and will put up a decent average with a lot of speed he will knock a few out of the park but that’s defiantly not his specialty he is an overall good player.  I’m not sure who would get the edge of this as it is helping both sides in different ways.