Moves: Tigers, PIT-NYY, PIT-WSH

June 30, 2009

Here are the latest moves….

  • The Pirates traded Eric Hinske today, this was a good move for the Yankees as Hinske plays good defense and can hit, he is a great player and doesn’t get enough respect, he should help the Yankees win quite a few games.  The Pirates got Eric Fryer who has been inconsistent with the bat and has bad fielding but should get on base a lot and have okay hitting stats, he is a nice utility guy.  The Pirates also got Casey Erickson who is a great swing man and should have a future with the Pirates although they already have a swing man, it’s always good to have a back-up.  Edge: Yankees
  • The Tigers called up Luke French to start versus the Twins this weekend, this was a good move as I don’t think the Twins will solve him easy and it’s always hard to play the Twins, Alfredo Figaro was sent down, He’s got a good make-up but still needs to work on things.  One suggestion for the Tigers is to give Duane Below a chance.  Fu Te Ni was called up for the injury to Nate Robertson, this was a good move it gives the Tigers a pitcher with a different style of play and now they have more bullpen depth.
  • The Piratesgot Lastings Milledge today along with Joel Hanrahan, these guys are both good player with a nice future but they need to developa track record.  Hanrahan and Capps will make a nice end of the game combo.  Milledge needs to work on some things but him and Andrew McCutchen will make a good outfielder combo too.  The Nats got Nyjer Morgan, who I think they really needed and Sean Burnett who will be great in the late innings but he needs to work on giving up less base runners, all in all both teams got some nice tools but the Pirates won the deal.

Sandoval: All-star

June 29, 2009

Pablo Snadoval is an underrated and great player, he is also versatile on the field and in the line-up, he will be a great player for many more years.  he also deserves an all-star spot, he has an average right around David Wright’s plus more homers and he’s in his sophomore season.  Sandoval shouldn’t start on the team but should at least be a back-up.  He should start hitting fourth for the Giants too, he would be good there.  Sandoval is a great third baseman who is the one of the key reasons the Giants keep winning.  Sandoval should play in many all-star games and is going to be great on the Giants.

DeRosa to Cards for future closer Perez

June 28, 2009

This is an okay move for the Cards.  DeRosa can hit around Pujols and give a bit of production but he isn’t a big bat and he’s a bit overrated.  The Cardinals also gave up an electric closer in Chris Perez, no matter what role he’s in, he will be a good reliever to shut down AL Central in final innings.  The Indians might also get Jess Todd, an awesome reliever who will be great in late innings.  DeRosa will be  a bit of a help for the Cards but he won’t help them to the point where they are getting big production from him every game.  The Cards need more to make a serious run espacially an outfielder.  This move isn’t a great one for the Cards, and the Indians get the edge as they now have gotten one key piece and possibly another to a great future bullpen.  The Cards need a big player to hit behind Pujols.

Pirates, Nationals trade Nyjer Morgan for Lastings Milledge

June 27, 2009

The Nationals are disussing trading for Nyjer Morgan with the Pirates.  This move makes no sense for the Nats, they have tons of outfielders and outfielding prospects, they should go after a young pitcher or a great seventh inning guy.  The only thing the Nats need that a Morgan has is a 1 or 2 hitter profile.  I think it would be bad for the Pirates to lose him anyway, he is a unique player who is a big part of their future.  The Nats are not willing to give up enough either, Craig Stammen, a nice middle of the rotation guy is a prospect the Pirates want but the Nats won’t give him up.  The Nats should have to give up two top 10 prospects to get Morgan or give up a lot of talent.  This trade will be bad for both sides unless Lastings Milledge is in it for the Pirates.

UPDATE: The Pirates have acquired Joel Hanrahan and Lastings Milledge for Nyjer Morgan and Sean Burnett, this deal helps the Pirates a lot as Milledge is a five tool player, he just needs to work on getting on base, this also helps the Pirates bullpen a ton.  The Nats got a great number two hitter with rare tools and Sean burnett is a big fantasy sleeper as he could be a great closer.  Edge: Pirates

Geovanny Soto: What’s up with him???

June 25, 2009

I think Soto is just having a bad year, he will snap out of it.  The pitchers have started to figure him out and he needs to practice on improving his weaknesses.  The wind hasn’t started blowing out at Wrigley either.  Soto has also become a better catcher on defense and has focused on making his pitchers work well, that has also taken a big effect on him.  I think he will improve his stats a bit this year but not to the point where he will be a decent offensive catcher this year.  The Cubs won’t be effected much by his offense but need him to kick it up a notch for above average production.  He should bat seventh for the rest of the year.  He will be a fantasy steal next year as I think he will start off big and only cool down a bit.

The Tigers are a playoff team

June 24, 2009

The Tigers will win the AL Central this year, in my opinion they have a 10% chance they won’t.  The thing best about the Tigers is that they can win no matter what and they have built a team with players that each do something good and make up for each others weakness.  The Tigers have a greatline-up now so if they trade for someone they will have a line-up that scores six runs a game.  The Tigers will also get tons of hits and they have great eyes.  Their pitching staff has an amazing threesome that should all win at least 15 games and all have 3.50 ERA.  The Tigers can win in any condition, againstany pitchers or hitters.

Extra: The Tigers have a great catcher combo, Laird plays great defense and Ryan is all pop and will get hits

John Mayberry: Bust or Steal?

June 23, 2009

I think Mayberry can be a good player with his power and run production, Mayberry is also built like a powerful corner outfielder who bats sixth.  His only weakness es are his defense needs some improvement and he needs to get on base.  He looks like a good player but I don’t think he will ever reach his full potential, Istill think he will be a useful part of a team, if he does his best he will be a average starter with tons of power, if not he will be a useful pinch hitter.  The Phillies will have a good power teamfor the next couple years with him on it.  I think Mayberry will be more of a bust than a steal but he will a decent pinch hitter, who succseeds twice every ten times with a homer.