Tigers Deadline

July 31, 2009

The Tigers acquired Jarrod Washburn for Luke French and Mauricio Robels.  Washburn is a decent pitcher who is having a great year and will kind of be like a left handed Edwin Jackson, he will pitrch great for the Tigers.   French will put up decent lines a lot but should have his fair share of bad ones, I don’t think he will like the AL West much.  Robels is okay but I don’t think he will ever be a great or good pitcher.  Washburn should improve in Detroit and they picked out a good pitcher.  Washburn has good stats and has a great delivery.  Fantasy: Washburn’s value will inflate but his strikeout and walk numbers won’t change.  Stats Analysis: Washburn  has great stats and French does too, but Washburn’s are better, Robels won’t ever have great stats.  Edge: Tigers
The only player the Tigers should have gotten was Josh Willingham, he covers a big gap they have.


Trades: Garko, Wilson, Hirsh, Balentien, Lee, Sherrill, Grabow, Sanchez, Anderson, Aybar

July 30, 2009

Here you go..

  • The Giants got Ryan Garko.  He will do a decent job at first but his homers will go down in San Fransisco, they had to give up Scott Barnes, who has great stats but will be an end of the rotation starter.  Cleveland has gotten some great prospects over the last couple years and they will be a good team, they are doing a great job in all these trades.  Garko will be a great upgrade over Travis Ishikawa.  Edge: Giants
  • Jack Wilson and Ian Snell were traded to the Mariners, they will do decent and Wilson is an upgrade over Ronny Cedeno.  Wilson will give the Mariners tons of defense which they need and even though their good they won’t win without defense.  Ian Snell will be okay in the rotation, but nobody special.  They got Jeff Clement who will be a great catcher even at PNC Park he has great power and production and will put up great stats.  Ronny Cedeno was also acquired, Cedeno has great defense but won’t help the Pirates at all hitting.  They also got three minor league pitchers who won’t be great but are worth a shot.  Nathan Adcock has the best potential of them all and could be a back end of the rotation starter with decent stats.  Brett Lorin and Aaron Pribanic are similar and could be nice relievers but are going to have to fully develop to be good MLBers.
  • Jason Hirsh was acquired by the Yankees, he is a great reliever that is struggling, he won’t ever be great at Yankee Stadium but he is a decent reliever who could make decent appearances.  Edge: Yankees, they didn’t have to give up basically anything
  • Waldimir Balentien was traded to the Reds, he will be a great outfielder but never the best on the team he will still have great stats and production.  He will be a decent player.  Robert Maunel will be a good person to use in the bullpen once and while but shouldn’t have an important role.  The Reds need outfielders and this was the perfect guy to get.  The Mariners lost a good player and should have gotten more for him, the edge goes to the Reds by far.
  • Cliff Lee got traded to the Phillies he is waring down with his good stats and won’t do great for a long time but he will be good the rest of the year and help the Phils win the division, his stats will worsen a bit but it’s a good asset for the rest of the year.  They also got Ben Fransisco who is a decent right fielder who will do different things to help you win, he was a great add in.  They got Lou Marson who will be an all-star, not MVP, catcher but will do great.  Jason Donald was also acquired, he has great power for a middle infielder and should put up great stats at short, he is improving in some areas of the game and is just having a bad year this year.  Jason Knapp will be a great pitcher from whatever spot he pitches, he could be the next Jon Paplebon or Josh Johnson, he is a great pitcher who will do tons of great things.  They also got Carlos Carrasco , who in my opinion is abust, he still could be okay but I doubt it.  Edge: Phillies, barely
  • George Sherrill was traded to the Dodgers for Josh Bell and Steve Johnson.  Sherrill will be one of the best setup men in the NL and the Dodgers just made their team a whole lot better, with a nice eighth and ninth inning men their team cold win a whole lot more games.  Sherrill will do a decent job.  Josh Bell will be a great third basemen someday and the O’s have a good and padded out line-up now.  Steve Johnson probably won’t make the majors.
  • John Grabow and Tom Gorzellany were acquired by the Cubs.  Grabow is a good reliever and can pitch in tons of situations.  Gorzellany just needs more time in the minors before he comes big.  The Cubs now have a well balenced bullpen but this won’t be big for their division hopes.  Gorzellany will play well for the Cubs and have a great year next year.  Jose Ascanio was acquired by the Pirates, he can clean up messes for the Pirates for the rest of the year.  They also got Kevin Hart who isn’t as good as Gorzelanny but will but will be a nice in the bullpen.  Josh Harrison was the last gut acquired he looks like a hit maker, possibly like Placido Polanco.  Stat Analysis: The guys the Cubs got will put up better stats but watch out for Hart and Harrison  Edge: Cubs
  • Freddy Sanchez was traded to the Giants, which is the player they needed.  He is a lot of what they don’t have, Sanchez will still hit in San Fran.  The Pirates got Tim Alderson who will be a great pitcher someday, close to a Matt Cain, he will have great stats and should do well for the Pirates,  he should anchor their future staff which needs work, Alderson shouldn’t have tons trouble versus though players and will throw a good game.  Edge: Pirates
  • The Royals got Josh Anderson, who has speed and can hit but if he doesn’t start in the next year he will have trouble being an everyday guy.  I think he will do good and is a clutch baserunner.  The Royals didn’t have to give up anything and they will get rewarded.  Anderson is great in different aspects of the game but he doesn’t have a resume.  He will be okay this year too.  Edge: Royals
  • Here is a thought, whatever the Angels do they shouldn’t give up Erick Aybar, he is a great and hard to find shortstop,  he is valuble and will be a shortstop for a good team.  He has decent and will get tons of hits.  He’s way better than Maicer Iztures, they should give up Brandon Wood.

The Tigers need Josh Willingham, The Angels should go for Scott Kazmir, Anderson dealt

July 28, 2009

Here you go…

  • The Tigers need Josh Willingham, if they don’t get him their offense won’t get a lot of a boost.  I would rather have Willingham than anyone on my list of hitters the Tigers should go after.  Willingham does a bit of everything and the tigers need that he would give them a big boost and production.  He even plays multiple positions and hits anywhere in the lineup, he is a perfect fit for Detroit and Willingham is a great player.
  • The Angels could use Scott Kazmir, he could win a CY Young in a few years and could be an ace to this young staff, they need one, especially to try to make the playoffs.  Kazmir could recover from his bad start in Anaheim easy and would win some important games.  Plus he’s young and could help them for awhile.  This would be a great pickup for the Angels.
  • Brian Anderson got traded to the Red Sox for Mark Koatsay.  Koatsay is better than Anderson and will be a great guy to bring off the bench for the rest of the year.  Anderson won’t do much and will still be in the minors, I don’t think he will ever hiy for a high average and he will never reach his full potential.  Edge: White Sox

Prospect Packages to get Halladay

July 28, 2009

1: SP Carlos Carrasco, 3B Jason Donald, OF Micheal Taylor, SP Kyle Drabek and SP Antonio Bastardo
2: OF Micheal Taylor, C Lou Marson, SP Kyle Drabek and RP Jason Knapp
3:OF Dominic Brown,OF Micheal Taylor, and SP Kyle Drabek
1: 1B Justin Smoak, OF Engel Beltre, SP Martin Perez, and SP Micheal Main
2: OF Julio Borbon, SP Derek Holland, and SP Kasey Kiker
3: SP Nefalti Feliz and SP Derek Holland
LA Angels
1: OF Peter Bourjos, 1B Mark Tumbo, C Hank Conger, and 3B Sean Rodriguez
2: IF Brandon Wood, RP Jose Arredado, OF Peter Bourjos, and SP Jordan Walden
3: SS Andrew Romine, OF Peter Bourjos, SP Trevor Reckling, SP Anthony Ortega, and RP Kevin Jepsen
1: SP Casey Kelly, OF Josh Reddick, SP Micheal Bowden, OF Ryan Kalish, and SP Clay Buchholz
2: OF Ryan Westmoreland, SP Junchi Tazawa, SP Casey Kelly, RP Daniel Bard, and SS Yamico Navarro
3: SP Casey Kelly, OF Josh Reddick, SP Clay Buchholz and RP Daniel Bard

Tigers Arm and Bat Trades

July 27, 2009

Arm or Bat?: Bat
GUILLEN IS A BAT- Carlos Guillen is a great bat that will help the Tigers a lot and give them an offensive boost, but he can’t do it on his own and the Tigers need to go out and get a powerful, prodctive stick who can hit six, if they don’t they will have a though time making the playoffs. 
BAT TYPE- Here is a list of bats that I would after and how hard i would go for them
Delmon Young- Half Way
Jeremy Hermida- Half Way
Luke Scott- A lot
Troy Glaus- A lot
Josh Willingham- A lot
Coerey Hart- A lot
Nick Johnson- Almost don’t
Chad Tracy-A Lot
DEAL-  In a deal for a pitcher they would have to give up a package like Jon Kibler, Andy Dirks, and Danny Worth.  For a hitter like Tracy they would have to lose Luis Marte ad Jeff Larish or something like that, I would rather not trade Larish though.
PITCHERS-  Here is list of pitchers…
Ian Sell- Half Way
Aaron Cook- Almost don’t
Fraklin Morales- Half Way
Doug Davis- A lot
Jon Garland- Almost Don’t
Jarrod Washburn- Half Way
Jonathan Sanchez- A Lot
O WOES- A guy like Chad Tracy could DH for the Tigers and help their run production which is poor.  The production should go up but with a boost from guy like Tracy I think it could skyrocket.  Carlos Guillen should help it too and if Maggs come round,which he will, it will go way up, but only withagood power stick, if not it will be around barely above average.  My Personal Favorite hitter: Chad Tracy or Josh Willingham

Trade News: Halladay, Tigers, LAD-CLE rumor

July 26, 2009

Latest on trades…

  • Roy Halladay chances of being traded are “slim” according  to JP Ricciardi.  This isn’t bad for the Jays as he could lead an staff and the Jays should be better next year and I think they could creep into the AL East picture, but without Halladay that might not happen.  Even though they would get great prospects that will be superstars Halladay will have great stats and be an ace.  Halladay should also  keep his value at the Rogers Centre, if he went anywhere else he might lose a lot of value.  He is amazing to dominant in a division like the AL East and he should do that for a few years.
  • The Tigers really need a starter more than a bat, Carlos Guillen will be a bat.  A guy like Jarrod Washburn would do, so would Johnathan Sanchez and Jon Garland could do.  If they do go after a bat I want then to go for Josh Willingham.
  • Their was a rumor that Victor Martinez and Cliff Lee could be traded to the Dodgers.  The Dodgers could give up a young starter which would hurt them.  James Loney would also be included but with V-Mart he wouldn’t be missed a lot.  Here are two packages that could go to the Indians
    Package 1
    LHP Scott Elbert
    RHP James McDonald
    1B James Loney
    SS Ivan DeJesus Jr.
    OF Andrew Lambo
    Package 2
    SP Clayton Kershaw
    3B Pedro Beaz
    1B James Loney
    OF Andrew Lambo
    Edge in both: Dodgers
    Analysis- If trade 1 happens Jason Schmidt would have to be released which won’t be bad.  Martinez will be great at first and give you better production.  Loney will keep his stats around the same with maybe a decrease.  Both prospect groups have potential and the Indians would get at least two future all-stars.  I would rather have package 1.  Kershaw should be kept with the Dodgers but if not he will be okay with the Indians.  Cliff Lee will help the Dodgers a lot and put up average stats.
    Here is a line-up with Martinez, it’s a lot better than the current one…
    SS Furcal
    2B Hudson
    LF Ramirez
    1B Martinez
    CF Kemp
    RF Either
    C Martin
    3B Blake
    1-3: 8.5
    4-6: 8.8
    7-9: 7.5
    Overall: 9.2
    It will be a great line-up with no flaws and it will be feared.  The middle is a dream
    Best hitter: Ramirez
    worst hitter: Either
    Most Power: Either
    Best Speed: Furcal

Trade News: Holliday, Halladay, Tigers

July 25, 2009

Here are the latest moves and opinons

  • The Cardinals acquired Matt Holliday which is great short term but is not smart long term.  Holliday will give Pujols protection for a half year or couple more, while Brett Wallace will give him protection for a long time.  Wallace will be a great hitter with power and him and Chris Cater will be a great 3-4 punch.  Matt Holliday’s stats will not improve much at Busch Stadium.  Shane Peterson, a prospect in the deal, will be a lefty who does everything well, I like his game, he will be a decent player in Oakland.  They also got Clayton Mortensen, a decent player who is more potential than stats right now, he will be an okay major leaguer but nothing special.  Edge: A’s
  • Roy Halladay could get traded for JA Happ, Kyle Drabek and Micheal Taylor/Dominic Brown.  I would ask for Taylor plus Jason Donald a good future shortstop.  Halladay’s numbers wouldn’t change in Philly’s park.  Happ won’t always be this good but he is a decent pitcher.  Drabek and Taylor are future stars and Donald is going to be a great shortstop, but if the Phillie acquire Halladay they will get way better and they will have a championship pitching staff.
  • The Tigers just need to get a decent hitter/slugger to stay good, Carlos Guillen will be like Matt Holliday.  A guy like Josh Wllingham would work.  I would want to get a lefty though.