Mets: Ramirez, Rauch, Francisco

December 6, 2011
  • The Giants traded Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez to the Mets for Angel Pagan.  This move makes little sense for the Mets.  Ramirez is a good reliever and will continue to be good but Pagan is a lot better than Torres and younger.  Ramirez will put up good numbers, maybe even some improvements from 2011 but he may also face a few struggles facing some better hitting now.  Torres is getting older and though he can still be a leadoff man and steal some bags, his skills are going down fast and he could have some disappointing years ahead.  The Giants got Angel Pagan coming off of a down year but I think he will rebound and he can play all three outfield positions well.  He will climb back up his stolen base ladder and come close to 40, in fact he will probably steal more bases than Torres and with 15 homer pop and good play all-around he was a good aquastition.  This is a great deal for the Giants and decent for the Mets.  EDGE: Giants, by a little bit
  • The Mets signed Jon Rauch, who I think out of all the relievers they have now should close and is best suited and would be best at it.  Rauch could stick as a Met and have some pretty good seasons and he might have a real good season this year, closer or not and no matter what he will be a good reliever who’s a good fit and a good signing for New York
  • The Mets also got Frank Francisco, coming off of a good second half, but that’s just what he will be a streaky releiver who looks dominant at times but bad at other, sort of like a Fernando Rodney (in his prime).  So it will be a so-so signing and he could keep decent stats and not hurt the Mets as much as he helps, but he wouldn’t be my first choice out of the pen.  He will be a decent reliever in 2o12 who puts in some good innings and is a good fit.
  • I like this Mets bullpen in 2012 and it could be every good and surprise a lot fo people, I think that this bullpen will defiantly improve and I like the mix of veterans and younger guys who can pitch the back-end of a game.

Tigers Rumors: Strieby, Murphy, Polanco, FAs

December 5, 2011
  • Ryan Strieby was outrighted to Triple A and he could till be a low average, power bat with enough pop to stick in the majors at best or Mike Hessman at worst but if he isn’t picked up big another team he could still make it and be good.  he needs to work on a few things though before he can be good and with his age he was the right guy to outright.
  • The Tigers and Mets are discussing a deal that would send Andy Dirks and maybe a prospect to the Mets for Daniel Murphy and though I like dirks a lot, Murphy is better and should have a better career plus I think he’d be a great fit and acquisition nd the Tigers would have the deg in this deal.  If it’s not completed I’ll be very happy with Andy Dirks.  The Mets see Dirks as a potential Angel Pagan replacement and I say that Dirks may be better in New York and might be a great Met.  Murphy would have some great seasons with the Tigers 
  • The Phillies are shopping Placido Polanco and the Tigers should go after him, he’s just what they need and he could be a great second or third baseman for the Tigers and he has one more productive season and probably another with the Tigers.  He will do what he did for them before and he does the small stuff the Tigers need.  Is ay go get him to Detroit.
  • The Tigers aren’t sure about Mark Buehrle or coco Crisp.  Crisp had a low OBP last season and that does have a chance at continuing and even though I like Crisp and he’s probably a good fit, the Tigers should pass.  They should go get Buehrle if they can though but if they miss out it’s no big deal

Marlins Sign Jose Reyes

December 4, 2011

The Marlins have signed shortstop Jose Reyes to a 6 year, 106 million dollar contract.  This will likely br one of the best moves of the offseason and Reyes may be a bit over payed but if he stays healthy he will have a great Marlins tenure and should do much, if any declining while a Marlin.  he will play a great shortstop and his value won;t change at all.  He may even get a bit better as a Marlin and the Marlins now have a very talented and full line-up that should be among the bet.  A position change for Hanley will happen and although he isn’t a bad shortstop he may be better off at third base and Bonifacio is fast and will make for a good center field platoon with Chris Coghlan.  Reyes will steal 60 bases almost every year of this contract and should flash some power and be an all-star.  He will be like the Reyes of 2011 and Reyes shouldn’t hit lower than .290 and be very valuable.  This is a great move and a perfect fit.  Reyes has been in the division so that’s a bonus and this should leapfrog the Marlins over the Mets instantly.  Reyes will continue being top-notch and that’s what Miami got,a  great player.

Hot Stove: Sanchez-Cabrera, Wright, Phillies

November 8, 2011
  • The Royals acquired Jonathan Sanchez and Ryan Verdugo for Melky Cabrera.  I say Cabrera hits no more than 15 homers and no less than 12 homers in San Francisco and is and upgrade over Andres Torres, his speed is good too.  I believe Sanchez will figure it out and stop walking people soon, maybe this season and could turn into the ace of the Royals staff, it’s a win-win and I think that even though the Royals sold high in Melky it could even work in their favor.  Sanchez is no guarantee but I think the Royals are a nice fit where he can succeed and be an all-star.  Cabrera will be a good leadoff man this year and his 2011 numbers should mostly stay.  The only scary thing is his worst season was in the NL.  The Royals now can let Lorenzo Cain play who may be a slight downgrade for Melky this year but Cain has some tools and will start showing some right away and develop into a great player.  The Royals also obtained Verdugo who looks like he could be a useful long reliever and spot starter by 2013, not too great though.  EDGE: Royals, slightly
  • Here’s a trade idea that I came up with, David Wright to the Angels for Peter Bourjos, Kaleb Cowart and Luis Jimenez
  • Here’s a Phillies line-up with Michael Cuddyer
  1. CF Shane Victorino
  2. 3B Placido Polanco
  3. RF Hunter Pence
  4. 2B Chase Utley
  5. LF Michael Cuddyer
  6. 1B Jim Thome
  7. SS Fraddy Glavis
  8. C Carlos Ruiz

Rumors: Cuddyer, Wright, Reyes Fits

November 6, 2011
  • The Phillies are very interested in Michael Cuddyer and that’s good for them, the only concern is what to do with him when Howard comes back and Brown is ready to start, if they sign him he could play multiple positions in Philly this year and then move to third and replace Polanco in 2013.  Cuddyer has some good power and could drive in some runs for the Phillies and could do better than Jayson Werth did for them.  I could see him being a real big success in Philly.  If he doesn’t sign with the Phillies the Rockies and Twins are his other best fits and all three teams make sense for both sides.  I think Cuddyer is a real good player and be a good addition to almost any team.
  • The Mets may try to trade David Wright and it could help his power and keep all his numbers the same.  If they do, the Tigers should make a run at him and so should the Jays, Angels, Reds, Brewers, Diamondbacks (Move Roberts to 2B), Giants and Rockies, and maybe the Pirates.  Wright would do better than he has the past few years and I expect a great 2012 no matter where he plays, he will be an all-star
  • I say Jose Reyes best fit in order are the Giants, Mets, Tigers, Brewers, Braves, Phillies, Pirates, Twins and then Cardinals, he will play his game anywhere and is worth it though.

MLB Power Rankings 8/19/11

August 19, 2011
  1. Phillies- The best, no question
  2. Red Sox- Really Good, easily better than the Yankees
  3. Braves- I can’t find many negatives
  4. Yankees- Starters and Injuries a concern but a good team
  5. Brewers- Hottest in baseball and Weeks isn’t even back yet
  6. Rangers- Ready for another deep postseason run
  7. Diamondbacks- Look better than the Giants but not very established yet
  8. Giants- Lincecum has been a n ace as has Cain and Vogelsong and Sanchez have been a great supporting cast.  No offense though
  9. Tigers- If the starters can come around they are a pretty deep team
  10. Rays- The wrong division, one of the most talented teams in the MLB, bright future
  11. Cardinals- Berkman, Holliday and Pujols won’t make it easy on Brewers but Garcia struggles are big trouble
  12. Indians- Ubaldo will help but just aren’t THAT good
  13. Angels- Wells is killing them but Santana is hot and Trumbo is a very talented player
  14. White Sox- If Dunn comes around, watch out, Humber being out hurts though
  15. Blue Jays- Above average but this isn’t their year to shine
  16. Pirates- A .500 team, finally.  If Alvarez comes around and they stay healthy could be much, much more
  17. Reds- Could climb up the list and come back very strong
  18. Rockies- Another team that had just one bad year and Tulo could light up September
  19. Marlins- Should being doing a lot better but dumb moves like demoting Morrison hurt
  20. Mets- Not a bad team but not a contender, yet
  21. Nationals- Could be next year’s surprise team with Strasburg back, both Zimmerman(n)s and a good year from Werth, don’t forget Harper, at the end of the year, either
  22. Twins- Need to come out the gate better but Nishioka is a bust and an easy out, the double play combo needs work
  23. Athletics- They look very good and I can’t see them not improving a lot next season
  24. Padres- Have some young and promising players but still a few years away
  25. Dodgers- Kemp is an MVP candidate and Ethier should come back strong starting this year
  26. Mariners- The starters look good and Wells and Carp look like future players but after that it’s hazy
  27. Orioles- Not a really good team and still years away from contending
  28. Cubs- With Hendry gone it could get better from here
  29. Royals- Their outfielders all look good and prospects are bright a better record is ahead
  30. Astros- Not much other than Altuve

Brewers Acquire Francisco Rodriguez from Mets

July 13, 2011

The Brew Crew got him for 2 PTBNL, and if I were the Mets I would want Mat Gamel and Eric Arnett or Wily Peralta for a higher tier guy.  For Rodriguez he may have a few struggles all together in Milwaukee, if so mostly at the beginning of his tenure.  Rodriguez could be an okay setup guy and still has a little left, especially with his stuff.  He should be put in once and while to get a save but if Axford has any struggles I would put him in to close for a short period of time and then put Axford back in the role.  Rodriguez still has value and could help them a lot and I think this move puts the Brewers right with the Cardinals as far as the bullpen goes and I feel now they can take at least a small lead.  Rodriguez will get plenty of holds and he should do a pretty good job, but some struggles will come from switching roles that will show up from time to time, but overall the Brewers should win this trade.  Rodriguez will do a lot for the Brewers but next year he should close, he’s better at that.  The Brewers still have some weaknesses in the bullpen, like Loe, but Rodriguez will cancel him out