Power Rankings: 5/5/13

May 6, 2013
  1. Tigers
  2. Cardinals
  3. Rangers
  4. Red Sox
  5. Braves
  6. Giants
  7. Yankees
  8. Royals
  9. Reds
  10. Rockies
  11. Athletics
  12. Nationals
  13. Orioles
  14. Diamondbacks
  15. Pirates
  16. Rays
  17. Dodgers
  18. Mariners
  19. Phillies
  20. Indians
  21. Brewers
  22. Mets
  23. Twins
  24. White Sox
  25. Padres
  26. Cubs
  27. Angels
  28. Blue Jays
  29. Marlins
  30. Astros

Red Sox Sign Mike Napoli

December 4, 2012

The Red Sox and Mike Napoli have a agreed to a three year contract that will pay Napoli 39 million.  Napoli is expected to play mostly at first base in the first year of his contract.  Napoli provides much needed power for the Red Sox and should hit very well at Fenway.  It’s a great fit for both sides and I think the Red Sox will enjoy their three years of Napoli.  His power should go back up to the 30 HR territory he was in during 2011 and his batting average should go way up in Fenway.  He should also do well against teams like the Yankees.  The Red Sox line-up is starting to look a little bit scarier now.  Napoli should be a guy like Beltre who really, really benefits from Fenway an the Red Sox were smart to lock him up for more than one year.  He’s a step in the right direction for the Sox too and though he won’t probably hit as high as .300, he won’t hit lower than .260-ish.  He can still play well enough to stick behind the plate for Boston if they need it at times this year, but I would keep Ross and Salty if I were Boston and go keep Napoli at first, as it’s best for their offense.  Napoli, who will be a below average defender but I don’t think he will hurt them a ton at first on defense.  His numbers in Boston should look impressive in the end at the very least.  Very good and needed signing for the Red Sox.

  1. CF Jacoby Ellsbury
  2. 2B Dustin Pedroia
  3. DH David Ortiz
  4. 1B Mike Napoli
  5. RF Jonny Gomes
  6. 3B Will Middlebrooks
  7. C Jarrod Saltalamachhia
  8. LF Daniel Nava
  9. SS Jose Iglesias


White Sox Get Youkilis From Red Sox

June 25, 2012

The White Sox have acquired Kevin Youkilis from the Red Sox For Zach Stewart and Brent Lillibridge.  From the Boston aspect of the deal, Will Middlebrooks was doing to good to send down and Youk’s time had run out in Boston as Middlebrooks was doing better and a better fit moving forward, Boston got some great years and moments out of Youkilis and he was one of the better Red Sox in their 2000’s history.  They got Zach Stewart, a top pitching prospect with a good arm, who may not be as good as he was once touted to be but he could fill in as a four or five guy or a power bullpen arm one day, he was a nice, decent piece for the Red Sox in the deal.  The Red Sox also got Brent Lillibridge, who can play outfield and infield and should continue to do what he’s done with the White Sox, although in Boston his power could get a bit better.  The teams that didn’t get Youk are the Pirates,w ho I think should have tried hard for him, the Dodgers who he would have helped but didn’t lose out on as much or the Indians, where he could have been a nice piece.  Though the Tigers should still overtake the White Sox, their line-up is good enough to stay in the race with Detroit now and the Tigers need to beat them.  Youkilis needed a change of scenery and the White Sox are a good fit, he;s still in a hitter friendly park and though his numbers have a downward trend, he should make it go upward and even if he doesn;t, he will still be productive and be a huge upgrade over Morel and Hudson at third.  Youkilis should continue being an all-star in Chicago and it was a key and real good acquisition for the White Sox,  Dunn, Konerko, and Youk will be pretty good for them, but I still don;t think it’ll be enough.  I’d hit Youkilis fifth, like he did some of his time in Boston, but second isn;t a bad slot for him either.

MLB Power Rankings: 5-24-12

May 25, 2012
    1. Dodgers
    2. Orioles
    3. Rangers
    4. Nationals
    5. Rays
    6. Reds
    7. Braves
    8. Cardinals
    9. Blue Jays
    10. Marlins
    11. Yankees
    12. Indinas
    13. Tigers
    14. Phillies
    15. Red Sox
    16. Mets
    17. Giants
    18. Angels
    19. Diamondbacks
    20. White Sox
    21. Athletics
    22. Astros
    23. Pirates
    24. Brewers
    25. Mariners
    26. Rockies
    27. Royals
    28. Padres
    29. Twins
    30. Cubs

Boston Red Sox All-Time Team

May 15, 2012

C: Carlton Fisk
1B: Jimmie Foxx
2B: Bobby Doerr
SS: Nomar Garciapara
3B: Wade Boggs
LF: Ted Williams
CF: Tris Speaker
RF: Dwight Evans
DH: David Ortiz

C Jason Varitek
LF Carl Yaztremski
OF Jime RIce
LF Manny Ramirez

SP: Pedro Martinez
SP: Joe Wood
SP: Cy Young
SP: Roger Clemens
SP: Luis Tiant

CL: Jon Paplebon
RP: Babe Ruth
RP: Mel Parnell
RP: Lefty Grove
RP: Dick Radatz
RP: Bob Stanley
RP:Derek Lowe

  1. CF Tris Speaker
  2. RP Dwight Evans
  3. LF Ted Williams
  4. 1B Jimmie Foxx
  5. DH David Ortiz
  6. 3B Wade Boggs
  7. C Carlton Fisk
  8. 2B Bobby Doerr
  9. SS Nomar Garciapara

Weekly MLB Power Rankings: 5/12

May 12, 2012

1 Rangers
2 Cardinals
3 Nationals
4 Dodgers
5 Orioles
6 Rays
7 Braves
8 Yankees
9 Tigers
10 Marlins
11 Blue Jays
12 Reds
13 Mets
14 Phillies
15 Angels
16 Red Sox
17 Indians
18 Giants
19 Diamondbacks
20 Athletics
21 Brewers
22 Rockies
23 White Sox
24 Pirates
25 Astros
26 Cubs
27 Mariners
28 Royals
29 Padres
30 Twins

Marlon Byrd: Return to the AL

May 3, 2012

Marlon Byrd is returning to the AL, getting traded from the Cubs to Red Sox.  The last time Byrd played in the AL, he had his career year in 2009 with the Rangers and he wasn’t that bad in 2007 or 2008 either.  The traded happened almost two weeks ago, but I wanted to sample his first 10 games and so far he has lived up to what he can do in the AL.  He’s hitting .308 and that could be a constant and he will replace Ellsbury well, and when Jacoby comes back he should played right.  He won’t be as good as he was from 2007-09 but he will do well and his extra base hits will rise and he will hit some homers in Fenway.  He will play a good center fielder for the Red Sox too,  He should help and he should do better than Sweeney and be almost as good as Ross.  Byrd should have more good AB’s with the Red Sox and be himself again.  The Cubs were just a bad fit for Byrd and he’s in a good place all around again and I think he will have a strong finish and help the Sox and his market value.  Good move by the Red Sox