Most Valuable Catchers for 2012

December 30, 2011

Here you go…
Note: Joe Mauer likely won’t be a catcher this season and he may play first, right or DH, I put him with the DH Rankings, in my personal opinion I’d stick him at first until Morneau is fully healthy than DH him and play hom at catcher twice a week.

10. JP Arenciba- 8.9 (Rating Overall)- He didn’t have the strongest numbers last year but for a rookie, I thought he was pretty good and I like him.  His average won’t ever be .300 but it could climb some as should his OBP.  His power will always be his strength and he won’t kill a team on defense.  Look for him to improve and I don’t think it’d be a stretch for him to be a top 10 catcher most of his career.

9. Carlos Ruiz- 9.1- He had a strong hitting season last year and though most of his numbers should shrink some, they should still be somewhat above average.  His defense and how he catches the Phillies really gets him here.  He is a special player in that extent and can handle almost every pitcher

8. Carlos Santana- 9.1- He can go up this list very easy, but on defense he’s below average and if LaPorta doesn;t work out or moves back to the OF, a move for Santana to first wouldn’t be terrible.  He needs to work on getting on more and having so more discipline but other than that he’s a dangerous hitter

7. Miguel Montero- 9.2- He’s going to get even better and there’s isn’t a lot he can’t do.  He can hit, hit for power, handle pitchers well and throw guys out with ease.  His power numbers will continue to go up and he will be one of the more valuable catchers in the MLB

6. Matt Wieters- 9.3- He’s another guy who broke out and should get better and end up hitting a lot of homers and doing everything a catcher should do but at a nother level.  He will breakout so more in 2012 but his 2011 was very impressing

5. Mike Napoli- 9.5- His defense isn’t really there but his offense is almost at an elite level and he should repeat his 2011 season in 2012

4. Alex Avila- 9.6- He 2011 was amazing and he’s a great defender who could still get better and easily move up in these rankings.  He’s like a machine behind the plate and a truly amazing player.

3. Yadier Molina- 9.7- His offense has some ups and downs but at his season average he’s till one of the better catcher in the NL and his defense cannot be matched by anyone, his 2012 could be very good, plus he is very valuable

2. Buster Posey- 9.8- He looked good and is a special player who should recover from his injury easily and start-up where he left off and pass McCann for #1 soon

1. Brian McCann- 9.9- He’s always there, he is fine defensively and can catch ell and his offense is consistent and all of his numbers will always be at an all-star level, an easy choice, for now


My BBA Hall Of Fame Votes

December 29, 2011

I was recently accepted into the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and my first order of business is to vote for  who I think should be in the Hall Of Fame this year, so here is my ballot

JEFF BAGWELL-YES- He’s the best Astros hitter ever and he was a feared power hitter and one of the best of his time.  All of his sabermetrics are there too and he was a top player most years and I don’t really see how you could make a case against him, besides look at his average stats from 1994 to 1999.

JEREMY BURNITZ-NO- He’s not the worst player on that ballot and he had a decent career but that was a really easy no

VINNY CASTILLA- NO- He had some great seasons but nowhere near enough

JUAN GONZALEZ-NO- He makes a good case with his numbers but I don’t see enough, steroids aside.  The prime of his career has you borderline though because he was one of the best power hitters of the 1990s and a decent hitter but he’s in the Hall Of Very Good for me

BRIAN JORDAN-NO- Probably the worst player on the ballot but he had a few good years

BARRY LARKIN-YES-He is a bit overrated for the fact that none of his numbers jump out at you but then you think about what kind of player he was and him compared to other shortstops and he should get in and deserves it.  He was a great player and his WAR will show it, and his MVP season wasn’t even his best so you know he was a very special player.

JAVY LOPEZ-NO- Javy had two great seasons and the rest were good but nowhere near Hall Of Fame worthy

EDGAR MARTINEZ-Yes-This is where it gets hard, he’s not just a great power hitter but a great hitter but he never did anything to help on defense so he needs to make up for that on offense, which he does.  He did a little of everything but without him some of those Mariners team would be in trouble.  Look at his 1995-2000 average stats too and you’ll agree he was a great offensive force, to great to pass up I think

DON MATTINGLY-NO -If he would have stuck around longer, I’d bet he’d be an easy vote in but since he didn’t ti’s hard to tell.  He was the best hitter of the 1990s when he played and he and power but the stats just aren’t there, he was a great player and maybe he’ll get in but it has to be later on.

FRED MCGRIFF-YES – I feel that he is only a little worse than Bagwell but other than that, he’s the lefty version of Bagwell.  His power should be enough to carry him there behind his solid stats and great play

MARK MCGWIRE-NO- I need time on him, maybe in a few years but fresh off his steroids is a no.  He wasn’t to great of player other than his homers, which is kind of silly statement but he would probably be the most one-dimensional player in the hall.  That being said he had a great career

JACK MORRIS- Yes- Sure, he had a high ERA but it was still really good and he was one of the best, if not the best pitcher of the 1980s and he led three different teams to a World Series.  He was a dominating pitcher, who should easily be in the Hall but it seems as if one stat holds him back

BILL MUELLER-NO- He won a batting title and a World Series and that’s about it, so easy no

TERRY MULHOLLAND- NO- Worst pitcher on the ballot

DALE MURPHY- YES- Was one of the top hitters of the 1980s and he had more than a few amazing years.  His batting average may not be the best but his stats and ability are all there

PHIL NEVIN- NO- Decent career, nowhere near Hall-worthy

RAFEAL PALMERIO-NO- Read what I wrote on McGwire, only was better and more skilled when it comes to tools, I’d put him in before McGwire but he’s still borderline

BRAD RADKE-NO-He was a great pitcher and may get a handful of votes but he shouldn’t get in

TIM RAINES-YES- I’ll give my vote to him he was an amazing and outstanding player with speed.  He just had too good of a career to say no, especially since him and Lou Borck are simliar players

TIM SALMON-NO- Good career but, easy no

RUBEN SIERRA-NO- Good career but, easy no

LEE SMITH- NO- Hall of Very Good, a great reliever and save ‘pioneer’ he deserves some credit but now that Hoffman and Rivera broke his record his case is getting worse, he deserves credit for an outstanding career and being a great closer though

ALAN TRAMMEL- YES- He set the standard along with Cal Ripken for today’s shortstops and Ripken, who was better, is in but Trammell isn’t.  He deserves it.  He was a great hitter for a long time and look at his 1984 nd 198 seasons he was one of the best in the league and he deserved the 1987 MVP.  WIth that he’d have his numbers and intangibles plus his MVP, World Series and amazing tools to show.  He’s one of the best Tigers ever too, and I think he’s the best player not in the Hall right now

LARRY WALKER- YES- He was an offensive force and some of the years he had were incredible.  His was a great player for a long time and deserves his spot in the Hall.

BERNIE WILLIAMS- YES- I don’t think he will get in right away but he should.  He’s on a long list of great Yankee center fielders and ranks pretty high on that list.  he has the World Series and the ability he had was great.  He was very good from 1996 to 2002 and has enough stats to get in

TONY WOMACK-NO- Good career, not even close to being Hall-worthy

ERIC YOUNG-NO-Read Tony Womack

Red Sox Get Andrew Bailey

December 28, 2011

The A’s continue their rebuilding and fall to the bottom of the AL by trading closer Andrew Bailey and Ryan Sweeney to the Red Sox for Josh Reddick, Miles Head and Raul Alcantara.  I see this moving helping all those who go to Boston and hurting all those who go to the A’s.  The A’s could have gotten a lot better return, I think.  Bailey may be overvalued but Reddick is a little bit overrated and he probably will not repeat the hot streak he had in Boston last year and he won’t have as good numbers, that being said he’s the best player the A’s got and could do okay and have a decent career as a starter.  Bailey will save 40 games in Boston and won’t blow many and I think he’s better suited to pitch in Boston than Paplebon.  The Red Sox now have a good back-end with Melancon and Bailey and maybe Jenks will work out or Bard will come back to the bullpen, since he’s better suited there.  Sweeney could start this year if no better replacement is found for JD Drew and he should have a career year and come out strong and be a good hitter, his OBP will never be there but he can bring some power and speed and be an average defender and a nice starter or great fourth outfielder.  Bailey should see a rise in WAR too and have some great seasons in Boston.  The A’s also got two prospects Miles Head, a power hitting first baseman who could do well or terrible as an A.  Alcantara, a pitcher, is an interesting arm but hasn’t proven much beyond rookie ball yet, so I’m not sold.  EDGE: Red Sox

Also, Kalish is NOT a starter option for the Sox, he wouldn’t do so good, especially right away.  Stick with Sweeney or a FA for now

Cardinals Sign Carlos Beltran

December 23, 2011

The Cardinals have signed outfielder Carlos Beltran to a two year-26 million dollar contract a decent deal.  Beltran fits well with the Cardinals and will play more like he did with the Mets in recent years than the Giants last season.  He is sort of a replacement for Albert Pujols, in a way and he will be the great three hitter and player the Cards need to stay in contention and he won’t decline much during the duration of the deal.  He will play a pretty good right field and will be an above average defender in the two years.  I can’t say how much I like this deal for both sides and Beltran should have a very good and strong ending to his career.  He can hit in the NL Central too and at times it could look like he’s hitting back in his prime and he could very well be an all-star and the teams best hitter.  Watch out for a big 2012, especially at home for Beltran and him to be a very good Cardinal.  If the Cards make the postseason watch out too, because with him, they have a ton of great postseason performers, Beltran being the best.  Beltran-Holliday-Berkman is a great 3-4-5.

New Line-up

  1. SS Rafael Furcal
  2. CF Jon Jay
  3. RF Carlos Beltran
  4. LF Matt Holliday
  5. 1B Lance Berkman
  6. 3B David Freese
  7. C Yadier Molina
  8. 2B Skip Schumaker

I like it, looks a lot better with Beltran and though not the best, up there.

Nationals Acquire Gio Gonzalez

December 22, 2011

The NAtionals have acquired Gio Gonzalez.  Although he has had his struggles with walks in the past, he is still a very bright young lefty pitcher and he will continue on with his great career.  The Nationals have made a big addition in getting him and he will help out their rotation a lot.  Gio, Strasburg and Zimmermann will make a great 1-2-3 in their rotation for years and Gio will always walk guys but his strikeouts may go up and I think he will fix his control problems and have a great next few seasons.  He will keep the Nats in a lot of games and moving to the NL helps him and he will do well in the park and the division.  The Nats did have to give up a lot of prospect and that may hurt them a little but not as much as some people are making out to be and this will be a huge loss for the Athletics.  Thee Athletics got Derek Norris, a good offensive catcher who will have a lower average in the MLB but have amazing pop and be a great catcher.  Norris should be up by the end of this year and he will start doing good, he’s better than Kurt Suzuki.  The A’s also got Brad Peacock, who will be a really good two or three starter who constantly puts up great numbers and he should have a good career.  AJ Cole was acquired by the A’s and he has the biggest upside and should have at least some success at the major league level, maybe a lot.  He’s a very good, overpowering starter who will get a lot of strikeouts always.  The A’s also got lefty Tom Millone, who be also be every good but as a five starter.  The Nationals also got Robert Gilliam, who may or may not pan out but could do okay in Oakland’s ballpark, maybe.  EDGE: NATIONALS

Padres Top 20 Prospects- 2012

December 20, 2011
  1. OF Rymer Liriano  GRADE: A
  2. C Yasmani Grandal  A
  3. SP Robbie Erlin  A
  4. 1B Yonder Alonso  A-
  5. 1B Anthony Rizzo  A-
  6. SP Keyvuis Simpson  A-
  7. SP Casey Kelly  A-
  8. 3B Jedd Gyorko  A-
  9. 2B Cody Spandneberg  B+
  10. C Austen Hedges  B+
  11. OF Jaff Decker  B+
  12. SP Joe Wieland  B+
  13. SP Brad Boxberger  B+
  14. SP Joe Ross  B+
  15. 3B Edinson Rincon B
  16. SP Anthony Bass B
  17. SP Simon Castro  B-
  18. SP Juan Oramas  B-
  19. OF Reymond Fuentes  C+
  20. 2B Jonathan Galvez  C+

Moves: Cameron, Kubel, Grabow

December 19, 2011
  • The Dodgers added John Grabow, who will be another good bullpen arm who could be a good LOOGY or just a good reliever and could have a good under the radar season in LA, a good fit and great signing.
  • The Nationals signed Mike Cameron, which I don’t get.  He’s not even that good of a platoon player anymore with his skills diminishing and his defense getting worse.  They should play him too much and he will probably just hover around a .200 average and have some moments but be a bust.  Bernadina will be a lot better.
  • Jason Kubel signed with the Diamondbacks and I see him splitting time with both Parra and Goldschmit but more with Goldschmit this season, and he will be a decent 1B.  He’s a great lefty bat that should help the Diamondbacks a ton and he is a decent fit.  They can expect 2-25 homers per year from him and Kubel being a decent bat and being one of the better hitters and clutch at times, I like this deal for both sides and expect a lot of good to come out of it.  2 Years is a great amount too.