Top 10 Cardinals Right Now

March 18, 2012

1 1B Lance Berkman
2 LF Matt Holliday
3 SP Adam Wainwright
4 CF Carlos Beltran
5 SP Chris Carpenter
6 C Yadier Molina
7 SP Jaime Garcia
8 3B David Freese
9 RP Jason Motte
10 SS Rafael Furcal


Better, Worse or The Same: Cardinals- 2012

February 26, 2012

Yadier Molina- Same
Tony Cruz- Better, in a backup sense
Lance Berkman- Worse, but still good
Skip Schumaker- Better
Rafael Furcal- Better
David Freese- Better
Carlos Beltran- Better
Jon Jay- Same
Matt Holliday- Same
Allen Craig- Better
Daniel Descalso- Same
Tyler Greene- Better
Adron Chambers- Worse, but good fifth outfielder
Pete Kozma- Better
Mark Hamilton- Same

Adam Wainwright- Same, as 2010
Chris Carpenter- Same
Jamie Garcia- Same
Kyle Lohse- Worse
Jake Westbrook- Same
Jason Motte- Better
Fernando Salas- Same
Kyle McClellan- Same
Mitchell Boggs- Same
JC Romero- Worse
Marc Rzepczynski- Same
Lance Lynn- Same
Eduardo Sanchez- Worse, but still great
Maikel Cleto- Better
Adam Ottavino- Better, but still not that good

Cardinals Sign Carlos Beltran

December 23, 2011

The Cardinals have signed outfielder Carlos Beltran to a two year-26 million dollar contract a decent deal.  Beltran fits well with the Cardinals and will play more like he did with the Mets in recent years than the Giants last season.  He is sort of a replacement for Albert Pujols, in a way and he will be the great three hitter and player the Cards need to stay in contention and he won’t decline much during the duration of the deal.  He will play a pretty good right field and will be an above average defender in the two years.  I can’t say how much I like this deal for both sides and Beltran should have a very good and strong ending to his career.  He can hit in the NL Central too and at times it could look like he’s hitting back in his prime and he could very well be an all-star and the teams best hitter.  Watch out for a big 2012, especially at home for Beltran and him to be a very good Cardinal.  If the Cards make the postseason watch out too, because with him, they have a ton of great postseason performers, Beltran being the best.  Beltran-Holliday-Berkman is a great 3-4-5.

New Line-up

  1. SS Rafael Furcal
  2. CF Jon Jay
  3. RF Carlos Beltran
  4. LF Matt Holliday
  5. 1B Lance Berkman
  6. 3B David Freese
  7. C Yadier Molina
  8. 2B Skip Schumaker

I like it, looks a lot better with Beltran and though not the best, up there.

Ranking How The Cardinals Hitter Will Do The Rest Of The Series

October 19, 2011
  1. Albert Pujols
  2. Lance Berkman
  3. David Freese
  4. Matt Holliday
  5. Skip Schumaker
  6. Rafael Furcal
  7. Yadier Molina
  8. Allen Craig
  9. Jon Jay
  10. Ryan Theroit
  11. Daniel Descalso
  12. Nick Punto
  13. Gerald Laird

Players Doing Well: Morton, Berkman, A. Sanchez

May 8, 2011
  • Charlie Morton has had a pretty good year and he’s has copied Roy Halladay’s mechanics but he obviously won’t be as good as him.  I think he could breakout this year but he will never be an elite guy or even as close to as good as Halladay.  He will be a decent three guy who keeps his ERA low and wins more games than he loses by a bit.  He looks solid but I won’t buy into him being a start yet.
  • Lance Berkman has been doing great along with Matt Holliday and when Pujols shows up if Berkman stays doing even half as good as he’s been this year they will be a big pest for the Reds and Brewers.  I think he could stay hot too, he has tons of power and it will stay a higher number and he can hit and he has a good track record so I think he could do very well, not at this pace but he could hit 30 homers and have a great late career surge
  • Anibal Sanchez has been unhittable at times this year and he will do that and I think behind the big guys he will be a great pitcher and have the bests season of his career but he will have some bad games, just a real good starter.

Moves: Werth, Gonzalez, Marcum, Harang, Berkman, Linebrink, Pierzynski, Barajas, Lopez

December 5, 2010
  • The Nationals signed Jayson Werth.  He will do a lot better than Adam Dunn.  He will fit good and him and Zimmerman will be a good core to their hitting for many seasons.  His power should stay the same and should play normal.  The Nationals gain a ton.  Werth will upgrade them all-around.  He shouldn’t have better stats with the Nats but he should do almost as good.  He might start off slow and have a worse first season and get better too, but he won’t quit playing his style of ball.  GOOD MOVE?: The best the Nats have made in a while
  • The Red Sox acquired Adrian Gonzalez for Casey Kelly, Anthony Rizzo, Reymond Fuentes and a PTBNL.  Gonzalez could benefit a ton.  The line-up, the park and the team will make him a ton better.  He will challenge for an MVP.  His stats will get better with the Red Sox.  His defense will help the Sox infield get better too.  This is a win-win for A-Gone and the Sox.  He will do nothing but great things for them.  The Padres got Casey Kelly, one of the games best pitching prospects and he could be better than Latos and do great in San Diego for many years.  Rizzo will still be good but San Diego will impact his game for the worse.  Fuentes fits the Padres and will be the great center fielder they need in a few years.  EDGE: Padres, unless the Sox get a Gonzalez extension in place.
  • The Brewers are set to get Shaun Marcum for prospects.  This deal is huge for them because now they have a good starter to back Gallardo.  They picked the right guy to as his talent is big and he do very well for them.  Marcum should have a strong 2011 with the Brew Crew.  The Jays got Brett Lawrie, whose goning to be a big hitter and will do very good and was worth Marcum but he might end up worse than most expect.  EDGE: Brewers
  • The Padres signed Aaron Harang.  Harang has a good chance to do better here but will never be the same and he has a better chance of blowing up in their face with only a good start or two made.  If he does okay though he will be a good innings eater.  GOOD DEAL?: No
  • The Cards signed Lance Berkman.  He will hurt them on defense and will do a bit better as far as hitting goes.  He will have bright spots and is good behind Holliday and Pujols but he won’t hit well anymore and will have more and more troubles.  He will get better as the season progresses and is an okay signing.
  • The Braves got Scott Linebrink.  He will help their bullpen a little and will be a good guy to turn to in any situation.  He’s a good fit and will have a good year their.  EDGE: Braves
  • AJ Pierzynski re-signed with the White Sox.  He should have similar results and he won’t do a bad job at all.  He will have one of his better years with the White Sox and is the perfect catcher for them.  GOOD DEAL?: Yes
  • The Dodgers re-signed Rod Barajas.  They need offense and he’s their answer at catcher.  His power could help him stay with the leaders for catcher homers and he should do a lot better than Martin.  He won’t get ona lot but that won’t hurt them and his defense should be fine.  It’s a good deal.
  • The Rockies got Jose Lopez.  His offense will get better and he could do a better job as their second baseman but he won’t be anything more than a bit above average at times.