Free Agent Profile: Grady Sizemore

January 6, 2013

OVERVIEW: Sizemore became the Indians best and most popular player after coming up in 2004.  He could do it all and was one of the top young players in the AL Central and AL.  He can still help a team out a ton but after getting injured in August 2009 he was unable to stay healthy.  One injury after another ha derailed the past 3 years of his career.  He’s only 30 and he can still play center field well but after being injured all of 2012, he will have to settle for a smaller contract.  For the production he can put up I’m kind of surprised that a team hasn’t taken a flyer on Sizemore yet.  He can still hit and could regain his old form for a couple of years.  Sizemore can help a team out if he can stay healthy and he’s worth a look even if you have a packed outfield.
STATS: In a full season he could hit 25-30 HR and get at least 70 RBI, it all depends on where you put him in the line-up.  Near the top he could be a big run scorer too.  If he stays healthy for a whole year, his numbers could closely resemble his old numbers.  The only thing is his average has dipped and he won’t likely bring it up a ton, but he could still not have an atrocious average and he can get on base well.
Rangers- This is his perfect fit, he could hit well here and help Texas stay competitive since they lost Hamilton and need an OF BEST FIT
Indians- He is one of their better players in the past 10 years
Yankees- Seems like a place he could do some damage but he would be more of a role player
Cardinals- He would be a decent fourth outfielder in St. Louis
Orioles- They missed out on Nick Swisher, but he may be a bargain if they get him
Rays- They just lost J Upton, a sleeper fit for Sizemore
IDEAL CONTRACT: 1 year, 4-6 Million 3-5 Million in incentives
CAN HE STAY HEALTHY?: That’s a matter of luck and how your body is built.  Sizemore can stay healthy for a whole year as he’s played 162 games more than once and if he does, he could put a little bit of fear back into pitchers
BOTTOM LINE: A former All-Star CF, who might just still be one.  Pick him up


Free Agent Profile: Delmon Young

January 1, 2013

OVERVIEW: Young helped the Tigers to the playoffs in 2011 and 2012 with his hot September’s and is a great playoff performer.  On the other hand his defense stinks, putting it best and he can’t hit in the first half leading to bad all-around numbers in everything except the power department.  He’s only going to be 27 though and age 27 seasons can become career years in a hurry.  Despite his lack of patience at the plate, which will probably never change, I can see him very easily helping out a contending team in 2013 and beyond.  He could be a platoon type of guy, who plays more than he doesn’t, with the Yankees and I also see him being able to gain stock
with a team like the Astros and going back onto the market and getting a good deal.  If he can take a few more walks and start off the season hot, he can be one of the team’s top hitters and I like his play to an extent and it’s worth a deal somewhere.
STATS: You’ll most likely get a .260-.300-.420 type of year and around 20 homers and 70-80 RBIs with some playing time in any part of the line-up.  His defensive metrics and stats will not be pretty at all.
Yankees- As a part-time DH, he could smash in that stadium too and this is his best chance of breaking out
Astros- A team that could use some hitters, another place Young could find some success, just might be harder to in Houston
Tigers- Almost no chance he re-signs, but he did some nice things in 2011-12
Braves- They’ve looked at him, decent fit, but doubtful
Rangers- Need a DH with Michael Young gone, Young can thrive better in a hitting environment
IDEAL CONTRACT: 1-year, 5-6 Million
CAN HE REBOUND?: He can rebound off of his poor years, but he really needs to work and focus and keep it up to show why he is a former #1 pick
BOTTOM LINE: Slugger who could help a team with high reward potential, like on a good deal

Tigers Sign Brayan Pena

December 10, 2012

The Tigers have signed Brayan Pena to a one-year deal to replace Gerald Laird as the Tigers back-up catcher,  He will have competition from Bryan Holaday but I’d say that Pena is a heavy favorite to win the job.  The Tigers catching staff looks good and Pena is an experienced back-up, who even though he only has 14 career HR I feel could provide pop and be a god replacement at the bottom of the line-up in the 45 or so games Avila get off this year.  Pena fits well with Detroit and his contract is a no lose situation.  Pena won’t be the best guy of defense but he isn’t a slouch either.  The only thing is I don’t think you’ll be seeing him pinch run for Avila that often, or at least it wouldn’t be smart because Avila wins in that category.  I’ve always like Pena though and even tough it’s not a big move at all this helps fill in the team and I’m thrilled they got a guy like him.  It could be an under the radar pick-up for the Tigers that helps them out a lot.  The fact that he’s a switch hitter too only helps the Tigers.  I expect a good year from Pena and him just to help the Tigers, like Laird did only in a slightly different way.

Angels Sign Ryan Madson

November 27, 2012

The Angels have signed closer Ryan Madson to a one year deal for an undisclosed amount of money probably in the $4-7 million range that he got last year, I would guess.  This creates a bit of competition in Angels camp now since Ernesto Frieri has closing experience and did a good job last year and Madson was a great closer before getting hurt last yea.  It only takes one bad year for a closer to become a permanent middle reliever but Madson is probably the better fit for the closing job to start the year off and Frieri to be a setup man along with Scott Downs.  This makes the Angels better as a whole and this move is adding just another quality player to the Angels for the year.  The Angels bullpen will benefit from this move a lot as Madson should lower their numbers and as a full time closer, I could see 35-40 saves in Madson future very easily.  Madson should have a year like some of the ones he had in Philly.  He’s not out of his prime yet and more teams should have went for him and should go fro players like him even with the risk after surgery.  Teams like the Tigers could’ve also gotten him and had a great closer, but this should just work out for all and be a great signing.

Torii Hunter Visits Detroit, Tigers Leading Bidder

November 13, 2012

Torii Hunter was in Detroit today visiting the Tigers and they are prepared to offer him a multi-year deal.  Hopefully only worth about two years as he is getting older and a decline is due at some point, but or the Tigers to have him in right field and hitting second would be huge for them, and he is a major upgrade over Delmon Young.  Of all the outfielders in this free agent class, Torii may not fit the best with the Tigers and Victorino may be the best fit but Torii has talent and the defense he brings to the Detroit outfield is great.  To have Dirks in left and Jackson in center along with him will be a great outfield and signing him and teaming that up with a Victor return the top of the Tigers line-up could be a machine.  At this point, Torii signing with Detroit seems likely and possibly the best move.  The Angels would hurt from his loss but with all of their players can’t afford to keep hom.  The Rangers are the only competition at this point and he though he fits with them and makes them a ton better too, he looks to be Detroit bound.  This is the player the Tigers need and he can hit well in Comerica.  He is just a good choice,a nd could add 20 homers from the two spot.  Torii will sign soon, as he did when coming to LA in the 2007/08 offseason.  PREDICTION: Tiger for 2 years, 23 Million

Line-Up With Torii

  1. Jackson CF
  2. Hunter RF
  3. Cabrera 3B
  4. Fielder 1B
  5. Martinez DH
  6. Dirks LF
  7. Peralta SS
  8. Avila C
  9. Infante 2B

That looks amazing and Hunter protects Jackson and is protected by Cabrera, a hitter’s dream, even better than in LA with Pujols.  Martinez can handle all the pressure in the five hole too, so this line-up looks great

Top 10 FA That Would Help the Tigers

November 7, 2012
  1. OF Josh Hamilton
  2. OF Shane Victorino
  3. OF Nick Swisher
  4. OF Torii Hunter
  5. OF Melky Cabrera
  6. OF BJ Upton
  7. SP Zack Grienke
  8. RP Ryan Madson
  9. OF Cody Ross
  10. OF Ryan Ludwick

HM: Rafael Soriano, Michael Bourn, and Kelly Johnson

Re-Sign Priority

  1. SP Anibal Sanchez
  2. C Gerald Laird
  3. OF Delmon Young
  4. UT Don Kelly
  5. RP Jose Valverde

I would re-sign the top two for sure and maybe Kelly or and even would try to get Young and leave Valverde alone, even though he was a good closer for the Tigers.

Moves: Maholm, Frasor

January 10, 2012
  • The Cubs have signed Paul Maholm, rounding out a rebuilding rotation that figures to do okay.  He will join Dempeter, Garza, Volsatd, Randy Wells, and Travis Wood.  Garza is likely to be dealt.  Maholm is probably the second best without Garza, behind Dempster and not by much.  He may have better stats this year and should have good stats no matter what.  Maholm isn’t great and never will be but he’s an ideal number four who can be more at times and even though he’s moving to Wrigley, which will hurt a little, he could build on his success last year and even if he does decline he will still do well and be an innings eater.  It’s a good deal for one year and a good one for two.  He should earn his money if not more and could have a pretty good 2012 or at least part of it.  His stats should be good and a WAr of 1.75 isn’t out of reason and maybe a little higher.
  • Jason Frasor was re-acquired by the Blue Jays from the White Sox and he will be a good arm in the bullpen and do what he always has in Toronto, he will be another good, late inning guy and I like him.  He won;t pitch like he did in Chicago but like he did in Toronto.  The Jays gave up Myles Jaye, who is a toss up but has been good so far and has upside and Daniel Webb, who I don;t see going anywhere, both are pitchers.  EDGE: Jays