Top 101 Fantasy Baseball Prospects: 2012

March 3, 2012

These are for fantasy baseball, not the actual top 101.  Here you go….

1 SP Matt Moore
2 DH Jesus Montero
3 OF Mike Trout
4 SP Yu Darvish
5 C Devin Mesoraco
6 1B Yonder Alonso
7 SP Drew Pomeranz
8 SP Jacob Turner
9 SP Jarrod Parker
10 OF Bryce Harper
11 RP Addison Reed
12 C Wilin Rosario
13 SP Brad Peacock
14 SP Julio Teheran
15 SP Randall Delgado
16 SP Mike Montgomery
17 SP Tom Milone
18 SP Trevor Bauer
19 SS Zack Cozart
20 OF Yoennis Cespedes
21 1B Anthony Rizzo
22 3B Alex Liddi
23 OF Joe Benson
24 OF Brett Jackson
25 SP Manny Banuelos
26 SP Dellin Betances
27 SP Arodys Vizcanio
28 3B James Darnell
29 3B Matt Dominguez
30 1B Matt Adams
31 OF Leonys Martin
32 SP Alex White
33 OF Brandon Guyer
34 1B David Cooper
35 SP Shelby Miller
36 C Yasmani Grandal
37 SP Martin Perez
38 C Austin Romine
39 C Ryan Lavarnway
40 C Derek Norris
41 3B Jedd Gyorko
42 C Travis D’arnaud
43 SP Matt Harvey
44 SS Nick Franklin
45 SP Jake Odorozzi
46 OF Starling Marte
47 SP Casey Kelly
48 3B Will Middlebrooks
49 SP Andrew Oliver
50 SP Alex Torres
51 SP Alex Colome
52 OF Colin Cogwill
53 SS Tim Beckham
54 SS Hak-Ju Lee
55 OF Grant Green
56 3B Nolan Arrenado
57 SP Chris Archer
58 SP Brad Boxberger
59 3B Zack Cox
60 SP Tyler Skaggs
61 SP Wily Peralta
62 SP Drew Smyly
63 SP James Paxton
64 3B Josh Vitters
65 RP Phillipe Amount
66 OF Wil Myers
67 OF Anthony Gose
68 SP Casey Crosby
69 3B Taylor Green
70 SP Danny Hultzen
71 SP Joe Wieland
72 SP Jared Cozart
73 2B Resse Havens
74 C Tony Sanchez
75 RP Tanner Scheppers
76 SP Neil Ramirez
77 SP Liam Hendricks
78 1B Lars Anderson
79 1B Mark Hamiton
80 OF Michael Choice
81 SP Geritt Cole
82 SS Tyler Pastronicky
83 OF Gary Brown
84 OF Robbie Grossman
85 SP Erik Surkamp
86 SP Nate Eovaldi
87 SP Pat Corbin
88 OF AJ Pollack
89 3B Anthony Rendon
90 1B Chris Marrero
91 SS Christian Colon
92 SP Sonny Gray
93 OF Adam Eaton
94 SP Nick Hagadone
95 SS Jose Iglesias
96 SP Allen Webster
97 2B Steven Lambordozzi
98 SS Brian Doizer
99 SP Deck McGuire
100 SP Simon Castro
101 OF Thomas Neal
102 SP Drew Hutchenson
103 OF Jaff Decker
104 C Wellington Castillo
105 3B Mike Olt
106 SS Jurickson Profar
107 SS Manny Machado

Tom Koehler Interview

January 26, 2012

Tom Koehler is a pitcher in the Miami Marlins organization. He played for Triple-A New Orleans last season. He has been pitching in the Marlins system since 2008, when he was drafted in the 18th round of the MLB Draft. He is from the Bronx, New York. Thanks for the interview Tom. You can follow him on Twitter @TKREFRESH22. I would also like to thank him for his help in getting this interview recovered after it was lost!

Niklas: Hi Tom. To start off, what was your favorite team and player growing up? I imagine this could be hard being from the Bronx in the 1990s!

Tom :Actually, it wasn’t hard for me at all. My father and grandfathers were all Yankees fans so it was an easy choice. Even though they struggled in the early 90s, the latter part of the decade was pretty rewarding. My favorite player was Roger Clemens. His work ethic and ferocity on the mound are unparalleled.

Niklas: Clemens was a great pitcher. So how do you feel now that you are so close to playing for the Marlins? This is it…it’s the next step forward.

Tom: It very exciting. I am very appreciative of the opportunities the Marlins have given me thus far and look forward to helping the team in any way I can for years to come.

Niklas: Yes, the Marlins are a great organization. How did it feel to be drafted? What was that day like for you?

Tom: It was great! It is something that you dream about the first time you lace up your Frank Thomas Big Hurt Reebok cleats as a kid. I was a senior in college and I was just hoping that a team would give me a chance. I am fortunate that the Marlins did just that.

Niklas: Nice cleats! Sounds sweet. Now you have been a starter your whole career. Since the rotation is full, how do you feel about the possibility of moving to the pen in the majors.

Tom: I just want to win. Do not get me wrong, I love starting. You get to set the tone for the game, but, if they want me to come out of the pen, then that’s what I will do. I would play CF if they thought it was the best way to win.

Niklas: So how was New Orleans?

Tom: New Orleans is a very interesting city full of rich history. They are still rebuilding from the flooding a few years back, and it’s very muggy. But it’s a pretty cool place to play. But from what I have heard Miami is just a little bit better.

Niklas: New Orleans sounds very rich in history. What do you think your best pitch is?

Tom: Everyone’s best pitch should be their fastball. But, for me, it’s all about strike one. Things get a lot easier once you get ahead.

Niklas: Speaking of strike one, what’s your mentality out on the mound?

Tom: It’s all about keeping my team in a position to win that game. I want to get the hitter out as fast as I can and get my team in the dugout so they can go hit. You can’t score any runs when your out on the field.

Niklas: What do you think about your pro career so far? You had a very special season in 2010.

Tom: I believe it’s been successful, but, no one has ever been remembered for what they did in the minors, not even Crash Davis. 2010 was great, but, I don’t want to be remembered for 2010. I want to have a respectable big league career to talk about.

Niklas: Yes. Very true. What do you think will happen for you in 2012? Give me a prediction…

Tom: The only thing that I can predict is what I can control, and, that is I will give it my all everyday and compete in all situations.

Niklas: Ok. What do you think about pitching in the NL East. There are some good teams and scary hitters.

Tom: Good, yes. Scary, no. It will be like pitching anywhere else. You have to trust your stuff, trust your catcher and trust your preparation. Then everything else takes care of it self. Respect all and fear no one.

Niklas: You are very focused and sound like you have the attitude you need to be a pitcher. Now on a lighter side. What’s the funniest thing you have seen in the minors, or have done.

Tom: One of the funnier things I’ve done was win the dance off at a Hornets game. However, the most funny things that go on have to stay in the locker room. Let’s just say there has been some good victory dances and bus trips.

Niklas: I know. I have heard some stories of riding the bus. What did you think of the Marlins offseason?

Tom: It’s been very exciting. They have gone out and made some serious moves. Hopefully it draws in more fans and puts a great product on the field.

Niklas: I think it should. So do you think the new ballpark will be a pitchers park? Do you like it?

Tom: I actually have not seen the park, but, it looks very colorful and very nice and from what reports are its unlike another park. It was the perfect way to end a long season.

Niklas: Did you ever pay much attention to scouts or even a GM who might want you as part of a deal?

Tom: No it’s a business, that’s not something we as ball players can worry about. If something were to happen then you have to deal with it.

Niklas: Ok, now did you know you shared a birthday with a baseball great??? If not, take one guess.

Tom: Hammerin Harmon(Harmon Killebrew), no I had no clue but I just looked it up when you asked me that question, that’s pretty cool.

Niklas: Ok. Cheater…(Laughter). Rapid fire time.

Niklas: Favorite MLB Stadium

Tom: Old Yankee Stadium

Niklas: Best team that you ever saw

Tom: 1998 Yankees 114-48

Niklas: Best hitter and best pitcher in the MLB

Tom: Albert Pujols and Roy Halladay

Niklas: Best MLB Game you ever saw?

Tom: Game 6 of this years world series.

Niklas: Favorite food?

Tom: My moms baked Ziti.

Niklas: Ok… Super Bowl pick

Tom: The New York Football Giants

2012 Top 30 Marlins Prospects

January 20, 2012


  1. OF Christian Yelich  A-
  2. OF Marcell Ozuna B+
  3. 3B Matt Dominguez B
  4. SP Jose Fernandez B
  5. SP Rob Rasmussen B
  6. SP Chad James B-
  7. C JT Realmuto B-
  8. OF Kyle Jensen B-
  9. SP Adam Conley B-
  10. OF Kevin Mattison C+
  11. 2B Noah Penio C+
  12. 1B Mark Canha C+
  13. OF Scott Cousins C+
  14. SP Mason Hope C+
  15. RP Jose Ceda C+
  16. RP Grant Dayton C+
  17. SP Charlie Lowell C+
  18. SP Austin Brice C+
  19. RP Michael Brady C+
  20. OF Jesus Solorzano C+
  21. SP Jose Rodriguez C +
  22. 1B Jobduan Morales C+
  23. 1B Ryan Rieger C+
  24. C Austin Barnes C+
  25. OF Isaac Galloway C+
  26. RP Scott Lyman C+
  27. RP Jake Esch C+
  28. RP Juan Urena C+
  29. 3B Jake Smolinski C+
  30. C Kyle Skipworth C+



This system was one of the top systems as far as prospects go a few years ago, but with the likes of future star Morrison and Stanton graduating, and a few busts like Volstad and Skipworth, this system has seen it’s better days, but it’s not the worst in the MLB and should have a couple future major leaguers and the top five guys could make a bigger impact on the team.

YELICH has all the tools and should be a good starting outfielder one season in a few years. He looks like he will be a 20-20 guy and a good starter ETA: End of 2012

OZUNA could be another guy very similar to Yelich, only with less refined tools, should still be good. ETA: 2014

DOMINGUEZ is a great defender at third base and he should be an average to above average hitter ETA: 2012

FERNANDEZ is the best arm in this system by far and should show it in 2012 in the minors ETA: 2014

RASMUSSEN is a live arm, who I really like and I see him being a pretty good starting pitcher pretty soon and I like him ETA: 2014

JAMES was highly regarded but had a bad year in 2010 and rebounded in 2011 and with his stuff and talent, there is hope for him. ETA: 2013

REALMUTO he looks like a decent hitting catcher who has a good shot at making a good impact on the Marlins ETA: 2014

JENSEN looks like he could be a power hitting outfielder with sneaky speed and could carve out a decent career ETA: 2013

CONLEY is a tough pitcher and has the tools for success, he could be a very good closer, I think EAT: late 2013

MATTISON might see time later this year and though he won’t ever have a high average, I see him as a good OBP and role player ETA 2012

Padres Top 20 Prospects- 2012

December 20, 2011
  1. OF Rymer Liriano  GRADE: A
  2. C Yasmani Grandal  A
  3. SP Robbie Erlin  A
  4. 1B Yonder Alonso  A-
  5. 1B Anthony Rizzo  A-
  6. SP Keyvuis Simpson  A-
  7. SP Casey Kelly  A-
  8. 3B Jedd Gyorko  A-
  9. 2B Cody Spandneberg  B+
  10. C Austen Hedges  B+
  11. OF Jaff Decker  B+
  12. SP Joe Wieland  B+
  13. SP Brad Boxberger  B+
  14. SP Joe Ross  B+
  15. 3B Edinson Rincon B
  16. SP Anthony Bass B
  17. SP Simon Castro  B-
  18. SP Juan Oramas  B-
  19. OF Reymond Fuentes  C+
  20. 2B Jonathan Galvez  C+

Tigers 2012 Top 80 Prospects

November 12, 2011
    1. SP Jacob Turner A
    2. 3B Nick Castellanos A
    3. SP Drew Smyly B+
    4. OF Tyler Collins B
    5. SP Casey Crosby   B
    6. OF Tyler Gibson  B-
    7. 1B Aaron Westlake  B-
    8. SP Andy Oliver C-
    9. C James McCann C+
    10. SP Brian Flynn C+
    11. OF Avisail Garcia C+
    12. RP Bruce Rondon C+
    13. SP Alex Burgos C+
    14. OF Danry Vazquez C+
    15. SP Daune Below  C+
    16. SP Kyle Ryan C
    17. OF Daniel Fields C
    18. C Rob Brantly C
    19. SP Brenny Paulino C
    20. SP Jay Voss C-
    21. SS Gustavo Nunez C-
    22. 2B Brandon Douglas C-
    23. SS Brandon Loy C-
    24. RP Matt Hoffman C-
    25. RP Luis Marte C-
    26. RP Jose Ortega C-
    27. 1B Tony Plagman C-
    28. 1B Dean Green C-
    29. 1B Ryan Strieby C-
    30. SS Euigeno Suarez C-
    31. SS Dixon Machado C-
    32. 1B Jordan Lennerton C-
    33. 3B Wade Gaynor C-
    34. RP Adam Wilk C-
    35. OF Jamie Johnson C-
    36. RP Ramon LeBron C-
    37. C Brayan Haladay C-
    38. 2B Hernan Perez C-
    39. 3B Jason King C-
    40. 1B James Robbins C-
    41. RP Tyler Stohr C-
    42. RP Dan Bennett C-
    43. SP Kevin Eichhorn C-
    44. RP Kenny Faulk C-
    45. OF Justin Henry C-
    46. OF Chad Wright C-
    47. OF Jason Krizan C-
    48. OF Ben Guez C-
    49. 2B Corey Jones C-
    50. 3B Audy Ciriaco C-
    51. SS Cale Iorg C-
    52. RP Austin Wood C-
    53. RP Michael Torrelba C-
    54. RP Ryan Roboski C-
    55. RP Dan Genztler C-
    56. SP Victor Larez C-
    57. RP Jade Todd C-
    58. RP Eric Heckaman C-
    59. OF Luis Castillo C-
    60. C Curt Casali
    61. OF Steven Moya C-
    62. 1B Rawley Bishop C-
    63. SS Javier Azcona C-
    64. SP Shaun Tueful C-
    65. SP Michael Morrison C-
    66. RP Ryan Wooley  C-
    67. 3B Adlien Santa C-
    68. RP Josue Carreno C-
    69. RP Matt Course C-
    70. OF Brett Wyatt C-
    71. 1B Jeff Holm C-
    72. 1B Clay Jones C-
    73. RP Jordan Gayhart C-
    74. SP Trevor Freeny C-
    75. RP Rob Waite C-
    76. RP Scott Green C-
    77. OF Brandon Eckerle C-
    78. C Luis Sanz C-
    79. 2B Josh Ashbernner C-
    80. RP Nate Newmann C-

IF RESIGNED WOULD RANK: OF Ryan Hamme, RP Brendan Wise

Tigers All-MiLB Team- 2012

November 5, 2011

C: Rob Brantly: FUTURE: Tigers back-up C, could be a low end starter guy on a different team
1B: Jordan Lennerton: FUTURE: Tigers back-up 1B, platoon guy on another team
2B: Brandon Douglas: FUTURE: Tigers platoon or starting 2B, same on another team
3B: Nick Castellanos: FUTURE: Tigers All-Star 3B, Same on another team
SS: Dixon Machado: FUTURE: Tigers Utility Infielder, Same on another team
OF: Justin Henry: FUTURE: Tigers Utility Players, Same on another team
OF: Jamie Johnson: FUTURE: Tigers platoon OF, Same on another team
OF: Ben Guez: FUTURE: Tigers platoon OF, Same on another team
DH: Tony Plagman: FUTURE: Could be useful around field and maybe if Martinez leaves after his four year deal starting DH, Starting 1B on another team
SP: Drew Smyly: FUTURE: Tigers #4 Starter, #3 on another team
SP: Jacob Turner: FUTURE: Tigers #3 Starter, #2 on another team
SP: Alex Burgos: FUTURE: Tigers #5 Starter, #4 on another team
SP: Jay Voss: FUTURE: Tigers Middle Reliever, Same on another team
RP: Kenny Faulk: Tigers Setup Man, Same on another team
CL: Bruce Rondon: Tigers Setup Man, Same on another team
JUST MISSED: 1B Ryan Strieby, 1B Dean Green, SP Casey Crosby, SP Duane Below, SP Kyle Eichhorn, SP Brian Flynn, SP Brennan Smith

Podcast 3: Prospect Podcast

July 27, 2011

Back to podcasting, hope you like it!  Here’s the link…