Burnett: Best number two starter

May 31, 2009

AJ Burnett is the best number two starter in the MLB.  He gives you solid numbers and give any team a great 1-2 punch.  Burnett strikes out tons with his overpowering stuff and has good stats.  He also has a nice delivery and keeps a team’s momentum going.  He is what the definition of number two starters are.  He will get outs and attack hitters and he has all the right pitches of a good number two guy.  He doesn’t walk a lot of batters either.  Dan Haren is the second best number two guy and Jon Lester is the third.  Burnett is a useful pitcher to have around.


Votto to DL

May 31, 2009

Joey Votto is headed to the DL with stress related issues.  This is a big blow for the Reds he fits into their line-up perfect and gives them tons of production.  Keep him in your fantasy leagues.  Votto will still have good year but will have a a short cut in homers, runs in RBIs.  Istill think 300-25-100 will be his stat line.  He is the best hitter on the Reds and they will have trouble without him and now that Ramon Hernandez will be playing first they have less versatility.  When Votto comes back he should pick up where he left off.  Though Loss?: Yes

White Sox acquire Ramon Castro

May 30, 2009

The Mets have traded catcher Ramon Castro to the White Sox for Lance Broadway.  Ramon Castro is a great back-up catcher with power he should hit at least 10 homers in US Cellular Park.  He will be a nice additionto the catching staff with AJ Pierzynski and should have a great year.  Castro is also good at throwing out base stealers.  The Mets got Lance Broadway who will not do that good and has a future of being an average long reliever.  The Mets made this deal to let Omir Santos be the back-up catcher, he isn’t really good.  I think Ramon Castro is better than Omir Santos.  Edge: White Sox

Myers likely done for year

May 29, 2009

Brett Myers is out for the year.  The Phillies just lost a decent middle of the rotation guy who will strike many hitters out and gives a lot of production to the Phils.  Kyle Kendrick will likely take his spot and that won’t be bad, Kendrick should do decent job but it won’t be as good as Myers.  The Phillies want a starter and I think Erik Berdard is the best fit because he has great stats and would fit perfect in the rotation and I think Citizens Bank shouldn’t give him a big problem.  Myers will be missed in the rotation and Joe Blanton won’t do great behind Cole Hamles.  Though Loss?: Yes

Matt Wieters Debut

May 29, 2009

Projected Line: 1 for 4, 1 2B, 1 for 2 in stolen base opportunities and a good game called
Wieters will give the Orioles tons of production and he will get tons of hits.  He has a great arm and is going to be one of the best play callers in the MLB.  He is a switch hitter that won’t get tons of outs and he has good strike zone judgment.  I would try to get him in fantasy baseball right now.  I think Wieters will have a decent rookie year too.  He will be an all-star year in and year out.  He doesn’t have many flaws besides he isn’t fast and he will give you a lot on offense and defense.  Good Move? (to call him up): Yes

Clint Hurdle Fired

May 29, 2009

Clint Hurdle will be fired as Rockies manager.  This moves makes no sense to me because they have developing talent and he was the perfect manager for the team, the Rockies will be good in the future but Hurdle has great strategies.  Jim Tracy will replace him, Tracy won’t do as good as him but will be better than most people for this job since he knows the NL West teams from when he was the Dodgers manager.  The Rockies will be a good team soon but with Hurdle missing I think they will slump.  Their strategies have gone down a notch now too.  Good Move?: Bad Move

My Take: Brandon Inge

May 28, 2009

Brandon Inge is the best defensive player at third base in the whole MLB.  He’s also the best at “WOW” plays, best arm, and best at grounders.  He can also get to anything from the shortstop position to foul ground and he’s the master at third in foul ground.  He is also very athletic and plays the outfielder well.  He has tons of power and drives in many runs, he is also fast and a smart base runner.  He is also very versatile and can play almost any position good.  Inge will be a decent third baseman and a great player late in the line-up for years to come.  He has a great stance and swing too