Hot Stove Hops: Macha, Free Agents, Jacobs, Nunez

October 30, 2008

The hot stove starts today and with lots of news. Here it is!

  • The Brewers hired Ken Macha as there manager today, a team with 90 wins already has a great team now has a manager who can work with any kind team.  Also did you notice how bad the A’s have been since he left too.
  • Option Declined: Toby Hall, Edgar Renteria, Ken Griffey Jr. and Chad Cordaro all should find homes quick too, this year’s market may fit them well
  • Trade: Marlins get RP Leo Nunez Royals get 1B Mike Jacobs.  Both are getting a good piece.  The Royals now have a good power guy to hit in the 4 or 5 slot and the Marlins have a great long-term young arm but now need a decent First Baseman. Edge: Royals

10-27 MLB World Series 5 Pick’em/MLB Poll of the day

October 27, 2008

Please give me your picks I will respond!  Here we go!

Favorite                                           Underdog

Rays                                                 Phillies

-Won 3 is what you’ll see at the end of the World Series-  -Can’t win at the Trop if a loss here-

MLB Poll of the Day

I think and hope an off-season trade will happen with Jake Peavy and maybe some good deals all-around the MLB

10-26 MLB World Series Game 4 Pick’em/MLB Poll of the day

October 26, 2008

Please give me your picks I will respond!  Here we go!

Favorite                                                       Underdog

Rays                                                             Phillies

-Can win the must win-                            -They won 2 games and that’s all there going to win-

MLB Poll of the Day

I think it’s a toss up between the Tigers and Rays. The Rays did win the division title and also won two more games, but the Tigers had a lot more suffering. Each team did make it to the World Series and the only team to win so far is the Mets who did have one of the best Met teams ever 1969. But I will probably go with the Tigers because they had a all around better team. Manager wise the Rays and Tigers were super at with Joe Maddon and Jim Leyland.

10-25 MLB Pick’em World Series Game 3/MLB Poll of the day

October 25, 2008

Please give me your picks I will respond! Here we go!

Favorite                                                           Underdog

Rays                                                                 Phillies

-Too much fight, for them to lose-           -Have a chance in Game 4-

MLB Poll of the day

I think he should go back to LA. He plays super good there and they have the money for him to come there. He is one great player where ever he goes

MLB Poll of the day

October 24, 2008

I think he might get traded but if the Braves can’t give prospects up or any other team can’t, no trade.

10-23 World Series Game 2 MLB Pick’em

October 23, 2008

Please give me your picks I will respond! This weekend I have some opinions to write on.  Here we go!

Favorite                                                                     Underdog

Rays                                                                            Phillies

-Want revenge and have James Shields on the mound, good chance for a win!-  -They can’t sweep at the Trop-

10-22 World Series Game 1 MLB Pick’em

October 22, 2008

Please give me your picks I will respond!!   It’s the World Series!

Favorite                                                               Underdog

Rays                                                                     Phillies

-Rays will win series in 6, and will play great baseball  -Phillies are a good team with a chance-

P.S. I will start to to more than Pick’em now