MLB Pick’em: Opening Day 2013

April 1, 2013
Yankees Red Sox
Marlins Nationals
Mets Padres
Pirates Cubs
Brewers Rockies
Reds Angels
White Sox Royals
Dodgers Giants
Braves Phillies
Athletics Mariners
Diamondbacks Cardinals
Tigers Twins

MLB Postseason Pick’em: 10/14/12

October 14, 2012

Tigers over Yankees 7-6
I know I said NYY would win Game 2 and it will be close but I see losing Jeter as a big factor in this game and the Tugers slugging away ln Kuroda
Giants over Cardinals 6-3
The Giants won Game 1 of the NLCS in 2010 and I expecta repeat of that, the home crowd will help while their pitching does what it does and they win a big Game 1

MLB Pick’em 10/13/12 and Updated Predictions

October 13, 2012

Tigers over Yankees 6-4
Fister does grerat and Tigers geta ahold of Pettitte some while Cabrera breaks out

ALCS: Tigers in 7 (maybe in 6)
NLCS: Giants in 7
World Series: Tigers in 6

MLB Pick’em 10/9/12

October 9, 2012

Giants over Reds 5-4
Still think that the Giants will pull out one win
Tigers over Athletics 11-4
Tigers bats get hot is what I think will happen and Anibal is just getting hoter, but the A’s are tough

MLB Playoff Pick’em: 10/7/12

October 7, 2012

Tigers over Athletics 8-1
Cabrera and Fielder wake up, Tigers go up 2-0, FIster keeps up the Ks and good perfromance
Nationals over Cardinals 5-4
Cardinals play hard but Nats use magic to put up a comeback win for first win as a franchise in the postseason
Giants over Reds 6-3
Red put up a fight, but Bumgarner to tough
Orioles over Yankees 10-9
Slugfest in Baltimore is won by the powerful and cinderella team

MLB Pick’em: 10/6/12

October 6, 2012

Tigers Over A’s 7-3
Dirks and Cabera hit HR, JV goes 7 strong

Reds over Giants 2-1
Cueto and Cain match each other and Gaints bullpen blows it to Reds big hitters

MLB Pick’em and Start Or Dart For 4/11/12

April 10, 2012

Start the pitcher in normal font and avoid the bolded starters

Tigers Rays Shields vs Verlander
Indians White Sox Danks vs Masterson
Reds Cardinals Garcia vs Cueto
Blue Jays Red Sox Lester vs Romero
Mets Nationals Strasburg vs Santana
Cubs Brewers Gallardo vs Dempster
Athletics Royals Chen vs McCarthy
Padres D’Backs Saunders vs Luebke
Marlins Phillies Johnson vs Halladay
Yankees Orioles Sabathia vs Arrieta
Braves Astros Delgado vs Rodriguez
Rangers Mariners Millwood vs   Lewis
Angels Twins Weaver vs Pavano
Rockies Giants Lincecum vs Guthrie
Dodgers Pirates Bedard vs Billingsley