Do The Rangers Have The Edge?

October 25, 2011

I would say yes, their offense and ability to win trumps the fact that they’re on the road, but the Cardinals still have a decent shot, fi I were to put a percentage on it, I would say 33%.  If the Rangers win i think Adrian Beltre, Mike Napoli and Josh Hamilton will be the big offensive leaders but Albert Pujols should really help his team out here, along with Freese, Holliday and Berkman.  Right now I would say that this is the Rangers series to lose.  They can hit Garcia, though it won’t be real easy, they can get a couple runs off of him.  The Rangers have Colby Lewis going and he;’s clutch and if the Cards beat him, they will have an easier time beating Harrison, but beating Harrison won’t be easy.  Lohse or Jackson would get the nod for the Cards and the Rangers can score more off of either of them, Lohse especially and could help Harrison out a lot.  It will be hard for the Cards to pull off two wins, but they are the right team to do this.  The Rangers are a really good team and will be tough to beat, especially on the road.  The Rangers have an equal chance to win wither game, and their chance is, of course, a bit better than the Cardinals chance.


  1. Colby Lewis
  2. Jamie Garcia
  3. Edwin Jackson
  4. Matt Harrison
  5. Kyle Lohse

World Series Team Comparsion

October 16, 2011

C: Napoli vs Molina- Molina
1B: Moreland vs Pujols- Pujols
2B: Kinsler vs Schumaker- Kinsler
SS: Andrus vs Furcal- Andrus
3B: Beltre vs Freese- Beltre
LF: Murphy vs Holliday- Holliday
CF: Hamilton vs Jay- Hamilton
RF: Cruz vs Berkman- Cruz
DH: Young vs Theroit: Young
SP1: Wilson vs Carpenter- Wash
SP2: Holland vs Garcia- Garcia
SP3: Lewis vs Jackson- Jackson
SP4: Harrison vs Lohse- Harriosn
BULLPEN- Rangers
CL- Feliz vs Motte- Feliz
Manager- Washington vs La Russa- La Russa
TEX 10 STL 7

Do the Brewers or Cards have the edge?

October 14, 2011

I’d have to say the Brewers because they play so well at home and should win it with their offense but if they make more than two errors again they will lose.  The Cardinals won’t make it easy either,either offense and pitching will be their, especially with Carpenter but Carpenter can be hit off of.  Don’t expect this series to be over without a bang for Braun and Fielder and surprise hero Jerry Hairston.  Marcum needs to get over his bad starts and he can easily and I think he will for this start.  Gallardo is a good guy to go here to, especially with his postseason dominance.  The Brewers are just such a good team a have to stick with them especially at home and when they only have to win two straight games which is easy for them.  They should slug and so should the Cards, just not enough.  Don’t be surprised one bit of the Cardinals win this series but their best chance is to win it in Game 6.  The Cardinals can beat the Rangers if they make it but it will be hard and if the Tigers comeback it’ll be even harder same withthe Brewers except they’ll play botht eams better.

Can The Tigers Win The ALCS?

October 13, 2011

Yes, Game 6 will be harder than Game 7 and the Rangers are still favorites but just slightly.  Max Scherzer will give up a few runs in Game 6 but that should be it and he should keep the Tigers in the game.  The offense is now rolling and it needs to stay that way, and I expect it too.  Leave everybody where there at too Jim Leyland.  Young could come up big again and so should the whole order but the middle of it mostly.  If the Tigers force a Game 7 I trust Fister, first he won another deciding game against the Yankees, second he’s been lights out since August and third he pitched well in Game 3.  If he goes seven you can turn it over to Verlander for an inning or two.  Benoit and Valverde should come up big.  If I were to make a prediction I would say the Tigers win both games.  They can win two straight and on the road and they have played very well against the Rangers all year and even or the road.  One thing is for sure, the Tigers won’t go down easy at all and the Rangers won’t easier but in an elimination game I’ll take the Tigers no matter what.  Look for Miguel Cabrera to shine the brightest along with he whole Tigers bullpen, in Coke, Benoit and Valverde.  The Tigers can hit Holland easy they just need to keep the lead when they have it and score at least five runs, which they can do easily.  They can hit Colby Lewis too, he’s probably the worst pitcher currently in the rotation besides Harrison.

A Look At The Tigers Game 1 Line-Up

October 8, 2011
  1. Austin Jackson CF- If he can get on than he can stay here and he found ways to get on even when he wasn’t hitting very well in the ALDS
  2. Ryan Raburn 2B- A Ranger killer who does good in Rangers Ballpark and is doing well right now should stay here
  3. Miguel Cabrera 1B- As long as he hits a few homers, gets on and gets RBIs he can hit third or fourth, third might be the better choice because he could get ane extra at-bat along the way but it doesn’t really matter a lot
  4. Victor Martinez DH- I like him hitting fourth and should do a lot better this series and I have a feeling he will flash his power
  5. Magglio Orodnez RF- He’s been hot and is a great postseason hitter, he should shit here or second but no lower
  6. Alex Avila C- He needs to regain his swing and then he can hit a couple of homers and he can hit here with ease
  7. Jhonny Peralta SS- A great number seven hitter who will contribute a lot
  8. Ramon Santiago SS- When he gets a start he has some pop and can geta few hits here and on another note his defense is great
  9. Brandon Inge 3B- He does well and will hit a few homers in the playoffs

Losing Delmon hurts but this line-up can still get a lot of runs and do well.  Betemit should hit a homer and get a few hits here and there if he stops swinging at everything.  Kelly can do some nice things for the Tigers with a few starts too

CS Previews

October 8, 2011

PRECITION: Tigers in 6

PREDICTION: Brewers in 7

Ranking Remaining Teams

  1. Tigers
  2. Brewers
  3. Rangers
  4. Cardinals

TIGERS: These guys have JV and can beat the Rangers on the road.  Scherzer and Fister should do pretty good too. I like the offense at Rangers Ballpark too.
RANGERS: Not a team to be taken lightly what they’ve done is good and that’s what they are and will be. I think they just lack some starting pitching to win this series.
BREWERS: They can be beat but it’ll be hard. Braun, Fielder, Axford, Greinke will come up huge and if they win the NL Crown, they’ll do it as a team.
CARDINALS: A surprise team who can do really good and will play the Brewers tough. They have everything to be successful in the NLCS but the Brewers are better and it will be tough for them to win but they easily could and even if they don’t they will make it a long series

Versus: CS Version

October 8, 2011

C: Avila vs Napoli: Napoli
1B: Cabrera vs Moreland: Cabrera
2B: Santiago vs Kinsler: Kinsler
3B: Inge vs Beltre: Beltre
SS: Peralta vs Andrus: Peralta
LF: Raburn vs Gentry: Raburn
CF: Jackson vs Hamilton: Hamilton
RF: Ordonez vs Cruz: Ordonez
DH: Martinez vs Young: Wash
BN: Worth, Kelly and Betemit vs Murphy, Chavez and Torrelba: Detroit
SP1: Verlander vs Wilson: Verlander
SP2: Scherzer vs Holland: Scherzer
SP3: Fister vs Lewis: Fister
SP4: Porcello vs Harrison: Harrsion
RP: Coke vs Ogando: Ogando
7th: Alberquerque vs Uehara: Alberquerue
SU: Benoit vs Adams: Benoit
CL: Valverde vs Feliz: Valverde
Manager: Leyland vs Washington: Leyland
DET 13  TEX 7

C: Molina vs Lucroy: Molina
1B: Pujols vs Fielder: Pujols
2B: Schumaker vs Weeks: Weeks
SS: Furcal vs Bentancourt: Furcal
3B: Freese vs Hariston: Freese
LF: Holliday vs Braun: Braun
CF: Jay vs Morgan: Morgan
RF: Berkman vs Hart: Berkman
BN: Gomez, Kotsay and Kottaras vs Craig, Theroit and Punto: Brewers
SP1: Garcia vs Greinke: Greinke
SP2: Jackson vs Marcum: Marcum
SP3: Carpenter vs Gallardo: Carpenter
SP4: Lohse vs Wolf: Wolf
RP: Rzepcynski vs Hawkins: Rzepcynski
7th: Dotel vs Saito: Dotel
SU: Salas vs Rodriguez: Rodriguez
CL: Motte vs Axford: Axford
Manager: La Russa vs Roenicke: La Russa