Hot Stove: Willingham, Saito

December 13, 2011
  • The Twins are about to sign Josh Willingham, who is above age 30 but still in his prime and we should expect one around 30 homer season from him as a twin.  He will also get some RBI and help the Twins get a few wins.  he’s an average fit and his defense is average too, which isn;t bad because the Twins line-up looks a whole lot nicer with him.. He’s the expect five hitter for them and will constantly show off his pop.  It’s a solid signing but the best will defiantly come this year but probably with a decent follow-up signing.  He should do well in a lot of key factors such as clutch, within the division and hitting a Target Field well.  This deal is undetermined in amount of years yet, but would be perfect and 4 is okay.
  • The Diamondbacks signed Takashi Saito, and even though he’s older I still see him begin what he was for the Brewers, a great setup man a nd reliever with a low ERA.  He can do all this through 2013.  It’s a one year deal and a great fit.  Awesome and very smart move by the D’Backs, I expect the Diamondbacks bullpen to improve a ton and great stats and success from Saito, even though his ERa could rise a little in Arizona, not above 2.55.  adding Saito and Breslow to Putz will make for an easy 7-8-9

MLB Power Rankings 8/19/11

August 19, 2011
  1. Phillies- The best, no question
  2. Red Sox- Really Good, easily better than the Yankees
  3. Braves- I can’t find many negatives
  4. Yankees- Starters and Injuries a concern but a good team
  5. Brewers- Hottest in baseball and Weeks isn’t even back yet
  6. Rangers- Ready for another deep postseason run
  7. Diamondbacks- Look better than the Giants but not very established yet
  8. Giants- Lincecum has been a n ace as has Cain and Vogelsong and Sanchez have been a great supporting cast.  No offense though
  9. Tigers- If the starters can come around they are a pretty deep team
  10. Rays- The wrong division, one of the most talented teams in the MLB, bright future
  11. Cardinals- Berkman, Holliday and Pujols won’t make it easy on Brewers but Garcia struggles are big trouble
  12. Indians- Ubaldo will help but just aren’t THAT good
  13. Angels- Wells is killing them but Santana is hot and Trumbo is a very talented player
  14. White Sox- If Dunn comes around, watch out, Humber being out hurts though
  15. Blue Jays- Above average but this isn’t their year to shine
  16. Pirates- A .500 team, finally.  If Alvarez comes around and they stay healthy could be much, much more
  17. Reds- Could climb up the list and come back very strong
  18. Rockies- Another team that had just one bad year and Tulo could light up September
  19. Marlins- Should being doing a lot better but dumb moves like demoting Morrison hurt
  20. Mets- Not a bad team but not a contender, yet
  21. Nationals- Could be next year’s surprise team with Strasburg back, both Zimmerman(n)s and a good year from Werth, don’t forget Harper, at the end of the year, either
  22. Twins- Need to come out the gate better but Nishioka is a bust and an easy out, the double play combo needs work
  23. Athletics- They look very good and I can’t see them not improving a lot next season
  24. Padres- Have some young and promising players but still a few years away
  25. Dodgers- Kemp is an MVP candidate and Ethier should come back strong starting this year
  26. Mariners- The starters look good and Wells and Carp look like future players but after that it’s hazy
  27. Orioles- Not a really good team and still years away from contending
  28. Cubs- With Hendry gone it could get better from here
  29. Royals- Their outfielders all look good and prospects are bright a better record is ahead
  30. Astros- Not much other than Altuve

Power Rankings- 5/30/11

May 30, 2011
  1. Phillies
  2. Red Sox
  3. Indinas
  4. Yankees
  5. Rays
  6. Cardinals
  7. Marlins
  8. Giants
  9. Rangers
  10. Diamondbacks
  11. Braves
  12. Brewers
  13. Reds
  14. Tigers
  15. Angels
  16. Rockies
  17. Mariners
  18. Athletics
  19. Blue Jays
  20. Pirates
  21. Dodgers
  22. Mets
  23. Orioles
  24. Royals
  25. White Sox
  26. Cubs
  27. Nationals
  28. Padres
  29. Astors
  30. Twins


Power Rankings

May 23, 2011
  1. Indinas
  2. Phillies
  3. Rays
  4. Yankees
  5. Giants
  6. Cardinals
  7. Marlins
  8. Reds
  9. Rangers
  10. Red Sox
  11. Braves
  12. Rockies
  13. Tigers
  14. Brewers
  15. Blue Jays
  16. Angels
  17. Atheltics
  18. Royals
  19. White Sox
  20. Pirates
  21. Diamondbacks
  22. Mets
  23. Nationals
  24. Dodgers
  25. Orioles
  26. Marienrs
  27. Cubs
  28. Padres
  29. Astros
  30. Twins

Fake or Real?: Teams

April 17, 2011

INDAINS(11-4): FAKE- They are taking a step forward but every team goes through big win streaks and this is their’s for the year.  After this streak is over there should be a lot of loses for the Indians and this streak will only give them a few more wins than most expected.  They have a decent future but they need their pitching to develop some more and other than Chris Perez it won’t there this year.  Their offense should win them some games though and I believe Choo and Asdrubal Cabrera will have their best season yet and Sozemore could come back strong with Santana but it just won’t all come together and at best they are a 70 win ball club.
MARLINS(8-6): REAL- They will be wild card contenders but ti will be tough and their offense might not be good enough.  They need Mike Stanton to do really good though and with their young players they can stick in it.  Morrison’s start is for is legit as is his power.  Hanley and Johnson will be top players and the rest of the team will do very good.  Javier Vazquez could be one of the best under the radar moves and their bullpen will be awesome.  A lot to like and they will be consistent and win 85-90 games.
ROYALS(10-5): FAKE- There is a very tiny  chance they could surprise and I like how this team is built to do okay now and ompete in a couple of seasons.  The streak could last as long as month and they are better than the Indians and will have a longer streak.  Their starters will bring them down because they won’t do that well after a while.  They could get 75 wins at most still and could take a large step towards competing next year.
ROCKIES: REAL- They are good but the question is how good.  They are good enough to win the NL West, I think.  They just need to keep their pitching up and their offense needs to do great when the pitching falters and they have done that so far and there is no reason they won’t for most of the season.  With Tulo playing like this they can’t have a bad game on offense and Tulo will could be the MVP and Cargo could too he just needs to start.  They will have a tough road but with their second half success and this start it will be hard to fail.  Just need Fowler and De La Rosa all season and they could never look back.
ANGELS: REAL- I can see them finishing second and being a few games over .500 with their team, especially will Scioscia at the helm.m  Their starters could be awesome as long as Haren and Santana show up because I know Kazmir won’t at all.  Their hitting will keep them there and I think they can stay.  There key is that they need to play the A’s and Rangers to at least a .500 record to stay in contention, which I don’t see them doing but their record is real. 
RED SOX(4-10)- FAKE- Duh, but I think it shows they don’t have enough pitching they need to be champions, Lackey could turn around or Beckett but no guarantees.
TWINS(5-10)- FAKE- They will surge back at some point, they have a great team and everything looks ok except they could have some more pitching issues and the injuries hurt which should keep them in third but they will get out of this hole and still have a winning record.
RAYS(6-9): FAKE- They should still finish in third they just need some more time to mesh together and when they do I think they will be a very tough team.  Their depth and pitching is very good.
BREWERS(7-8): FAKE- Just give them time they are going to be in the playoffs or close.  They are 7-4 since their bad start and their 1-6 hitters are some of the best in baseball to go with their starters and everything else.
BRAVES(7-9): FAKE- Same case as the Brewers exactly.  Except they have a better shot at the playoffs, they may rebound just a tiny bit slow though.

MLB Pick’em 4-2-11

April 2, 2011
Braves Nationals 5 to 1
White Sox Indians 7 to 4
Cubs Pirates 5 to 3
Blue Jays Twins 6 to 5
Tigers Yankees 9 to 3
Padres Cardinals 4 to 3
Giants Dodgers 5 to 2
Angels Royals 6 to 3
Phillies Astors 2 to 1
Rays Orioles 6 to 0
Brewers Reds 5 to 4
Rangers Red Sox 6 to 5
Marlins Mets 4 to 3
Athletics Mariners 9 to 1
D’Backs Rockies 5 to 3

Prospect Showdown: Kyle Gibson vs. Jacob Turner

January 29, 2011

GIBSON: He’s going to be a great pitcher and he has a chance to become a power pitching ace.  He’s going to be a big strikeout pitcher with good stuff, but not the best.  He could be good with Liriano in the future but he might have some struggles in the majors at first and probably won’t have an ERA under 3.00.  He will have many good games and he has a very bright future.  He could be a great on the mound.  He might need some time to develop in the majors.  ETA: late 2011 or early 2012
TURNER: He could be better than Rick Porcello with some more seasoning.  He has great stuff and looks very promising.  He’s an ace in the making.  He has great mechanics to and will put up some great stats in the majors.  He’s tall and that will help him too, there isn’t much not to like.  ETA: sometime in 2012
COMPARISON: Both could be very good and have a good chance to be good but Turner is juts better all-around he gets the edge here.  Gibson will still be good just not quite as good.  Turner will have better numbers and better mechanics, they are really close in stuff though.  They both have legit shots to become aces and should both have good career’s but Turner’s is just going to be flat-out better.