MLB Pick’em for Opening Day pt. 2

March 31, 2011
Phillies Astros 4 to 2
Pirates Cubs 7 to 3
White Sox Indians 3 to 2
Red Sox Rangers 4 to 3
Rockies D-Backs 14 to 4
Blue Jays Twins 2 to 1
Rays Orioles 8 to 2
Marlins Mets 7 to 5
Angels Royals 9 to 5
Athletics Mariners 1 to 0
Giants Dodgers 6 to 4

Top 5 Breakouts in Each League

March 31, 2011


  1. Ryan Raburn
  2. Matt Wieters
  3. Gio Gonzalez
  4. Brett Gardner
  5. Jarrod Saltalamachhia

JUST MIDDED: Kila Ka’aihue


  1. Brandon Belt
  2. Jay Bruce
  3. Madison Bumgarner
  4. Chris Naverson
  5. Freddie Freeman

JUST MISSED: Jason Motte

Predictions for 2011 MLB Leaders

March 31, 2011

Home Runs: Adam Dunn- 44
RBIs: Miguel Cabrera- 144
Runs: Carl Crawford- 120
Stolen Bases: Rajai Davis- 64
Average: Miguel Cabrera- .348
On Base: Joe Mauer- .416
Hits: Ichiro Suzuki- 221
Doubles: Evan Longoria- 53
Triples: Carl Crawford- 14
OPS: Adrian Gonzalez- .929
Walks: Daric Barton- 106
Total Bases: Miguel Cabrera- 356
Slugging: Miguel Cabrera- .578
Home Runs: Prince Fielder- 50
RBIs: Albert Pujols- 131
Runs: Albert Pujols- 116
Stolen Bases: Jose Reyes- 56
Batting Average: Albert Pujols- .342
On Base: Albert Pujols: .422
Hits: Martin Prado- 197
Doubles: Matt Holliday- 46
Triples: Stephen Drew- 11
OPS: Albert Pujols- .977
Walks: Albert Pujols- 111
Total Bases: Albert Pujols- 345
Slugging: Albert Pujols- .603
Wins: Justin Verlander- 20
Strikeouts: Justin Verlander- 249
ERA: Jon Lester- 2.29
WHIP: Felix Hernandez- 1.00
Saves: Joakim Soria- 46
Wins: Roy Halladay- 21
Strikeouts: Tim Lincecum- 233
ERA: Matt Cain- 2.19
WHIP: Cliff Lee- 1.02
Saves: Brian Wilson- 47

Bold Predictions for 2011

March 31, 2011
  1. The Phillies will not win the NL East due to injuries, but get the Wild Card
  2. Jay Bruce hits 35 HRs
  3. The Marlins challenge for a playoff spot
  4. The Brewers starters will be better than the Phillies
  5. Edwin Encarnacion ios this year’s Jose Bautista (With less homers)
  6. Matt Cain is a Top 3 NL starter
  7. Prince Fielder hits 50 homers
  8. The Rays challenge the Yankees for the Wild Card
  9. JJ Putz, Johnathon Broxton, and Joe Nathan become top notch closers again
  10. The Rangers lead the MLB in runs
  11. The Mariners are the worst team in baseball
  12. Justin Verlander win 20 games
  13. Ian Kinsler goes 30-30 again
  14. Evan Longoria’s power finally shows
  15. The Dodgers come close to a playoff spot because of their starters
  16. The A’s have the best pitching in the AL
  17. Miguel Cabrera challenges for the Triple Crown

Opening Day Pick’em

March 30, 2011
Tigers Yankees
Braves Nationals
Reds Brewers
Angels Royals
Dodgers Giants
Padres Cardinals

Tigers at Yankees Preview and Opening Day

March 30, 2011


  1. Brett Gardner- Will do awesome his first series as a leadoff man, he’s made for this role
  2. Derek Jeter- He may do good and he will do good in this role
  3. Mark Tiexeira- He may start off good or bad but he will have a decent season in this spot
  4. Alex Rodriguez- You can expect a few homers and some good play from him
  5. Robinson Cano- Could have a good opening day and another big season
  6. Nick Swisher- He could either do great or terrible against the Tigers
  7. Jorge Posada- He’s declining and will show it, especially in this series
  8. Curtis Granderson- Could also have a big series and he will hit okay even with his oblique
  9. Russell Martin- The Tigers will hold him


  1. Austin Jackson- Should start this season like he did last year
  2. Will Rhymes- He won’t struggle at all, even against Sabathia
  3. Magglio Ordonez- Could start the season off with a bang
  4. Miguel Cabrera- He will have the best series of anyone in it
  5. Victor Martinez- He will have some big hits versus the Yankees
  6. Ryan Raburn- He won’t slump and get some extra base hits
  7. Jhonny Peralta- Good spot for now, some pop at the bottom
  8. Brandon Inge- Could hit a homer or two but not too much more in this series
  9. Alex Avila- He is probably going to start off a bit slow

VERLANDER VS. SABATHIA- I think Verlander can easily outpitch Sabathia but both should be hard to hit and give up a few runs but I really think Verlander could win this one
PENNY VS. BURNETT- They will both give up a few runs but Burnett is a bit too wild.  it will be anybody’s game but I will say advantage Penny
SCHERZER VS. TBA(MOST LIKELY HUGHES): Scherzer is awesome and so is Hughes so I will just call this one a draw, the offense will win it
BOTTOM LINE: Tigers win 2 of 3

Team Preview- Toronto Blue Jays

March 29, 2011


  1. CF Rajai Davis- Will have another decent season
  2. SS Yunel Escobar- He could finally start living up to his potential
  3. RF Jose Bautista-  Will still hit for more power
  4. 1B Adam Lind- Has a shot for another big season
  5. DH Juan Rivera- Starting to decline but will still do okay
  6. 3B Edwin Encarnacion- 30 Homers could happen this year
  7. LF Travis Snider- Starting to get a lot better
  8. C JP Arenciba- Will breakout big this season
  9. 2B Aaron Hill- Hitting?, eh.  Power?, Huge.


  1. RHP Brandon Morrow- My Prediction- 200 K, 15 W, 3.20 ERA, if he returns quick enough…
  2. LHP Ricky Romero- Decent number 2 guy
  3. LHP Brett Cecil- Could follow-up on last year and will do decent
  4. RHP Kyle Drabek- Top ROY contender, big season ahead
  5. LHP Jo-Jo Reyes- Not a big believer in him
  6. RHP Jesse Litcsh- Can do good and bad but will be a good 5 guy

Marc Rzepczynski needs a shot he could capitalize, he isn’t a bullpen guy.

CL: Frank Francisco
SU: Jon Rauch
7: Octavio Dotel
S: Jason Frasor
M: Casey Janseen
L: Shawn Camp
U: Marc Rzepczynski
C Jose Molina
UT Mike McCoy
IF John McDonald
OF Corey Patterson
Line-up: It looks okay but too many of the guys hit for a low average so it could have some outbursts and terrible games.  They will have an okay season with tons of homers but it’s nowhere near good enough to compete
Rotation: Even without Marcum they have plenty of good, young arms which will have their struggles but they will have more good games and they could have one of the best rotations in the league for a while
Bench: McDonald supplies defense, McCoy is a great utility player and Molina will be an awesome back-up but Patterson will struggle and not be worth it even though he has speed.  It’s an okay bench that’s pretty much average
Bullpen: It fits right with in with the rotation and won’t be a concern at all.  They should have a great 2011 and with Dotel-Rauch-Francisco in the seventh through ninth they will succeed not to mention they still have Jason Frasor.
Kyle Drabek- Will be awesome all season for these guys
JP Arenciba- His hitting could slump at times but he will do great at times
Brett Lawrie- He will do just as good as he did in the spring when he gets the call
Anthony Gose- His speed will come around and if gets the call he should do good
Will Jose Bauista Repeat?- He has a great shot to especially with his new swing, that he got before 2010.  He can hit around 40 homers again.  He will have a small decline of course but everything should go good this season and I expect him to get some MVP votes to go along with his numbers.  He will do better in the second half just like last season even though.  Expect a lower batting average.
Can Morrow be an ace?- After he returns he can take a step to being one.  I feel he will breakout big this season and he might not be elite yet but he will show that he can be this season and he could be one of the best pitchers in the MLB for a while after that.
Can Francisco hold down the closer’s job?- For now I think he has just enough stuff and he  will get a lot least 30 saves without blowing a ton.  I think he’s a great option and he will never be elite but he could be a the top of the mid-tier and always do really good.
Can Rajai Davis hit 15 HR? Yes, but I think he will fall a bit short this year.  He will be very productive though and will be a great lead-off hitter.  he will also play some very good defense at the Rogers Centre.
How good can Arenciba do?- If you can deal with some ups and downs throughout the year and a lower batting average for right now but he will seriously have some big power and do an awesome job for most of the season.
MVP: Jose Bautista
CY Young: Brandon Morrow
ROY: Kyle Drabek
WIN RANGE: 73-80