MLB Pick’em 4-17

April 17, 2009

It’s late but I know who I picked

Favorite-Indians-Watch out when this team is hot  Underdog-Yankees-Not as good as advertised
Favorite-Blue Jays-Purcey has talent Underdog-A’s-Outman won’t get these hitters out
Favorite-Orioles-Guthrie has the stuff Underdog-Red Sox-No hitting so far
Favorite-Rays-Will get better Underdog-White Sox-Their not a first-place team, in fact they are playing like a last place team (although they have a winning record)
Favorite-Royals-Pitching beats hitting Underdog-Rangers-NEED pitching
Favorite-Twins-Blackburn is their second best pitcher Underdog-Angels-Their pitching is hurt
Favorite-Tigers-Verlander will find his groove Underdog-Mariners-Will offense show? I don’t think it will
Favorite-Cubs-Soriano for MVP, awesome start Underdog-Cardinals-Pujols and Ludwick need help
Favorite-Marlins-Nolasco is better than Lannan Underdog-Nationals-Don’t mess with the Marlins
Favorite-Braves-Why did the Tigers trade Jurrjens??? Underdog-Pirates-Becoming a better team
Favorite-Padres-Their in a hitter’s park with hot hitters Underdog-Phillies-Hamles needs to make some adjustments
Favorite-Mets-Livan is a clutch pitcher and they need the win  Underdog-Brewers-Bad start for a good team
Favorite-Reds-Cueto is better this year Underdog-Astros-Good battery, but need bats
Favorite-Dodgers-They are a great team Underdog-Rockies-De la Rosa is not a starter
Favorite-Diamondbacks-Need support for Haren, though Underdog-Giants-Sanchez pitches good but they lose 4-3
Beat The Streak Pick: Curtis Granderson-Beats up Hernandez


9-27 MLB Pick-em

September 27, 2008

Here we go!!

Favorite                                  Underdog

Twins                                      Royals

Red Sox                                  Yankees

Athletics                                Mariners

White Sox                               Indians

Tigers                                      Rays

Blue Jays                                Orioles

Rangers                                 Angles

Mets                                      Marlins

Cubs                                     Brewers

Nationals                              Phillies

Astros                                   Braves

Reds                                    Cardinals

D’backs                               Rockies

Giants                                 Dodgers

Padres                                  Pirates

Please send me your picks I will respond.

My Score: 13-26 500. I need some work myself