Nationals Sign Dan Haren

December 4, 2012

In the latest 2012 Winter Meetings signing, the Nationals signed Dan Haren to a one year, 13 million dollar deal.  Haren will take Edwin Jackson’s place in the rotation.   This move is similar to what the Nats did with Jackson last year.  They’re taking a great starter with  good track record who is coming off of a bad year by their standards and taking him in on a short term, low risk deal.  I think Haren could do even better than Jackson did last year, even though he isn’t as powerful.  Haren will be a great number four starter for the Nationals this year though and I expect a full rebound from him, especially in Washington.  The losers here are the Padres because this was the perfect fit and a potential ace for them, but the Nationals will benefit a ton.  This is more than a great deal for the Nats.  I would predict a year close to 3.30-1.06-180.  Haren can handle the NL East well and his value should skyrocket throughout this year.  He made a great choice by going to Washington as he fits well with the team and he can manhandle the NL at times.  Haren could finally have a very special year at any time too, he may be getting older but he can still hold offenses well and he will itch many great games for the Nats, who made a smart move here.


Top 10 LA Angels Right Now

March 15, 2012

1 1B Albert Pujols
2 SP Jered Weaver
3 SP Dan Haren
4 SP CJ Wilson
5 RF Torii Hunter
6 SS Erick Aybar
7 2B Howard Kendrick
8 3B Mark Trumbo
9 RP Jordan Walden
10 SP Ervin Santana
HM: Morales, Wells, Abreu, Bourjos, Downs

Rangers or Angels in AL West?

September 6, 2011

I think the Rangers are quite a bit better.  If they make the playoffs they will do pretty well too, but the Angels will stick around the rest of the year and they do have a decent shot at winning.  The Rangers have better pitching though and that would be what could pull them away.  The Angels also need to stop starting Vernon Wells so much to keep in it too, because Trout will do better, the Angels young players will also be a key.  Trumbo’s power is almost as good as Morelas’ was so they will stay in it partly because of him.  The Rangers may have a better bullpen but the Angels have Scott Downs and Jordan Walden who have been good, though not as good as Texas and Weaver, Santana and Haren are better than the Rangers top half but the bottom sets them even.  I would still take Texas in a close one though, because they are just better and have more momentum at this point.  If I were to give the Angels a percentage to make the playoffs I would say 20.  The Rangers could beat any teams in the postseason but it’s closely matched.  The Angels are only better than the Yankees for the postseason because of starting pitching.  The Rangers are better and should win and play good the rest of the year.  All of the Rangers offense should come alive too and when they do their one of the best and that will set them apart.

Notes: Awards, Hosmer, Angels and Trumbo

May 5, 2011
    AL MVP: Jose Bautista   Runner-Up: Miguel Cabrera
    NL MVP: Ryan Braun  Runner-Up: Lance Berkman
    AL CY: Jared Weaver  Runner-Up: Michael Pineda
    NL CY: Josh Johnson  Runner-Up: Roy Halladay
    AL ROY: Michael Pineda  Runner-Up: Zach Britton
    NL ROY: Craig Krimbel  Runner-Up: Darwin Barney
    AL MAN: Manny Acta  Runner-Up: Mike Scioscia
    NL MAN: Edwin Rodriguez  Runner-Up: Charlie Manuel
    TEAM: Indians Runner-Up: Phillies
  • Eric Hosmer will have a big impact and will start off doing great right away, especially with his defense.  His power or average may be a bit slow to come but he has a good shot at starting off great right away and he could jump to the top of the ROY leaderboard.  Kila Ka’aihue will hit for power but I see him as a bench guy in the future.  He could do as good as Ryan Braun in 2007.  Hosmer will be a great hitter and will do a great job all year.  He will make a huge impact all year, he’s a future star and will prove it.
  • The Angels could tag along with the Rangers because their offense is good and Haren and Weaver will be a great combo.  Watch out for veterans Abreu and Hunter along with breakouts Bourjos and Trumbo.  Trumbo will get even more power and what you see so far is what you will get. 

Angels Acquire Dan Haren

July 25, 2010

THE ANGELS: This is a good move for Los Angeles, they got an ace who won’t let them down.  I still don’t think the Angels have enough for the playoffs though.  They will do really good having Haren and Weaver, especially if they go back to back.  The Angels rotation is going to be good for a while too, which makes this a great deal for them, plus Haren will be a ton better than Saunders. Haren is going to be a the true ace the rest of the year and will take the Angels as far as possible and he should pitch some really good game while racking a lot of runs.
THE D’BACKS:  They got a really good prospect, Tyler Skaggs.  He will develop into something big and pretty soon.  The D’Backs will love him, he will be a great major leaguer for the Diamondbacks.  Joe Saunders isn’t going to do very much for them but he won’t hurt them starting for the rest of the year.  Patrick Corbin will be decent for the D’Backs and Rafael Rodriguez could be a decent reliever.  The D’Backs won’t be able to replace Haren in the future and with this move they probably won’t compete again until 2012.
THE FINAL ANALYSIS:  The deal will be good in some aspects for the D’Backs but was great all around for the Angles
EDGE: Angels

Dan Haren- Trade is bad idea

June 14, 2010

I don’t think it would be good for either side.  First Haren is just in a slump and he will help Arizona tons later this year and beyond, he will be a Cy contender who doesn’t give up hits.  Haren is going to be the best pitcher they will have for a while and he can’t get any worse, he’s will have struggles more often but he’s worth it.  For Haren a change of team would only make him worse, he will pitch well the rest of the year if he just stays in Arizona if not he has to start all over and that could even hurt him for next year.  If he does get traded he will just do bad for the contender and fall into a big slump.  He will always rebound fast and is the best pitcher to have around.  Haren will be among the best in the second half if Arizona holds on but just average if he’s traded.

Are Halladay and Lincecum deserving?

July 13, 2009

I think they are, but their not the best two in either league.  Zach Grenkie and Dan Haren deserve it more.  Grenkie is just a bit better than Halladay, but Grenkie has amazing stats and a great method he has used.  With Haren and Lincecum it’s more of a toss-up but Haren has been more productive to his team and has been an ace that is unhittable.  Lincecum and Halladay will probably have better second halves and maintain their stats, but Grenkie and Haren will still be good, but they won’t be as good.  Here is ranking of these four players so far in 2009 1. Dan Haren 2. Zack Grenkie 3. Roy Halladay 4. Tim Lincecum.  Here is what I think it will be at the end of the year 1. Roy Halladay 2. Tim Lincecum 3. Dan Haren 4. Zack Grenkie