The Dodgers

June 20, 2011

I like this team and think they could creep up and maybe kind of get back in the race but the playoffs are still doubtful, here are some notes

  • Clayton Kershaw is in the top five pitchers in the NL, he’s amazing
  • Dee Gordon looks very promising and will live up to everything he’s supposed to be
  • Juan Uribe will play a lot better now and show some pop
  • Dioner Navarro is returning to his old form and is a great hitter.
  • Tony Gwynn Jr.should bring his average up a little
  • Jamey Carroll is a good number two hitter and should play second more often
  • Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier are a deadly 3-4 and best only behind the Brewers and Cardinals 3-4 guys
  • Kemp should produce these types of numbers all year, every year
  • Ethier’s power will come back and he should hit between 20 and 25 bombs
  • Kuroda may get a bit worse but will be right there behind Billingsley and Kershaw
  • Aaron Miles is a fluke
  • James Loney will do better but he may never be as good as people thought but his power should come a little more soon

Here’s what I’d do for a Dodgers regular line-up for now

  1. Dee Gordon SS
  2. Jamey Carroll 2B
  3. Matt Kemp CF
  4. Andre Ethier RF
  5. Juan Uribe 3B
  6. James Loney 1B
  7. Dioner Navarro C
  8. Marcus Thames LF

A Look at The Dodgers

April 25, 2011

HOW GOOD ARE THEY?: I know, they aren’t playing like World Champions but they have been very impressive and clutch and that could stick.  They have the right tools but I think even if they can stick in it, which I won’t guarantee but they have a good shot to win 85 games, I don’t think they can be as good as their potential with teams like the Rockies and Marlins and Brewers.  Their talent could take them far and they have a shot though.  They need a good middle of the order and all the pitching to hold and even improve a little bit.  CHANCE TO MAKE PLAYOFFS: 15%
CAN THEY BEAT THE GIANTS AND ROCKIES?: For now I will still say no.  The Giants pitching is a little bit better and offense and depth are better and the Rockies pitching might not be quite as good but their offense and second half ability will really help them.  The Ddodgers will challenge each team but don’t have a really good chance to beat them in tough times and they just lack a little.
KEMP AND ETHIER: Andre Ethier started off great last year but them fizzled, but that shouldn’t happen this year.  It shouldn’t happen because that is what he’s capable of, he’s got quite a bit of pop and is and RBI guy.  He just has too much talent to do that again and will easily be an all-star like player.  Kemp’s defense has been great and it will continue to be that way.  He’s got a shot at a Gold Glove this season.  Kemp is doing great with a ton of power and is hitting and he should do that all this year and sometimes do it even better than he is right now.  He will be very clutch, not as much as Ethier though, and do everything he can.  He just needs to cut back on bad swings and strikeouts and he has a good chance to do that.  Both together can do huge damage.
LONEY: He’s struggling and he needs to breakout this season if he’s going to be something huge.  He might not but I can see him heating up with the weather and hitting for an okay average and maybe hitting 20 bombs this year, just don’t expect too much
STARTERS: Kershaw has been good and could be even better, Billingsley is improving and it will continue and the veterans like Garland and Kurdoa are going to do their all season long.  Lilly will rebound sometime soon and be a good number three.  A lot will come from these guys.
RELIEVERS: Broxton is an elite closer and he proved it so far and the rest of the guys are doing fine and that’s exactly what they will do, just don’t expect the world from Kuo.  Jansen is still a big breakout candidate
WHAT MIGHT BRING THEM DOWN: Their division.  It should be a good summer and they should win and win close games, just don’t think they will make the playoffs, their team quality isn’t as good as about seven other teams in the NL, but they are still pretty good.

Most Valuable Right Fielders for 2011

February 24, 2011

There is a ton of talent here…

10. Mike Stanton- He will climb a lot higher after this year, he just needs a track record and he could soon be the top outfielder on this list.  He will be a great power hitter and he will be a great hitter a defender right behind that.  He’s will be a great player and has it all going for him  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.2
9. Justin Upton- His tools will take him a long way, he just has to use it more, he may struggle a bit this year or he could start to enter his prime, no matter what happens he will have decent numbers.  Upton is going to be a very good player and he could move up a bit before next year.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.2
8. Jason Heyward- He’s another guy whom is already great and will get better and move up.  His numbers will be great and all five of his tools will get better.  He’s a special talent and it won’t go to waste.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.4
7. Hunter Pence- He’s a really good and toolsy player who could have his best year and he’s by far the Astros best player and he should be for a while.  He will have a ton of good seasons and now he will do a really good job this year.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.4
6. Nelson Cruz- He’s the Rangers power hitter and he;’s a really good outfield.  Cruz will have another great year and he could break 100 RBIs this season.  He’s got a decent arm too and will contribute in tons of ways.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.5
5. Andre Ethier- He will be the Dodgers best position player in 2011 and could finish higher in the MVP voting and he should have one of his better years.  Ethier will likely move up on the list and his hitting will be at it’s best all year-long.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.6
4. Shin-Soo Choo- He’s a great player in so many ways and he will do everything he’s done and more in 2011 and beyond he could go a little bit higher very soon too.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.7
3. Jayson Werth- This si the highest he will ever be but with his numbers he will do a decent job and he will live up to his contracrt in 2011 but he will start to fall after that and he could even decline a bit this year, but nto much and him and Zimmeramn will a good combo.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.7
2. Ichiro Suzuki- He will do an awesome job and he will hit decent and field decent but beyond that he won’t do that much, but he hits so good and he’s the Mariners only really good hitter.  He will be a great right fielder again this year.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.9
1. Carlos Gonzalez-He will be at the top for a while and in Colorado, he will prove he belongs in this spot with his really great stats and tools.  HOW VALUABLE?: 9.9
JUST MISSED: Magglio Ordonez, Nick Swisher, Nick Markakis, Jay Bruce, Michael Cuddyer, Torii Hunter, Carlos Quentin
NEXT WAVE: Stanton, Heyward, Dominic Brown, Travis Snider (Not quite as good as the top three)

Barajas will give you power

May 7, 2010

Barajas should hit a lot of homers over this year and hit a career high.  Even with all the things against him he will always produce.  He should be a leader for the Mets in homers for most of the year.  His defense may also be good.  After that he might not be as productive though.  I think right now he’s producing more than he will all year and when he starts cooling off his average will go down with it and he won’t get on base much.  He should do some other things to be productive occasionally.  Everything is there for him to do really good right now and his swing should lead the way for him, and his swing won’t always be on.  He won’t be very clutch this year.  He should do his job fine and hit around 25 homers.  Barajas isn’t going to hit many off of good pitchers and should be shut down all together a lot, but his ups are worth it.

Home Run leaders -Will they keep it up?

Andre Ethier- Yes, will keep coming
Kelly Johnson- Not at this rate, but should stay hot and do good with this
Rod Barajas- No, will hit a decent amount
Mark Reynolds- Yes, but won’t hit as many as last year
Jason Heyward- Will hit a lot, but cool down every once and a while
Chase Utley- Yes, pretty much at this rate

Do the Dodgers need Manny to do good?

February 8, 2010

I think Manny Ramirez will hit and hit for power and be a big part of the Dodgers but when the time comes I don’t think they will need him.  They will miss him and his numbers will make the offense a bit weaker but André Ethier and Matt Kemp should carry this teams outfield and the team should be budded a bit more and they won’t need his production.  From time to time they will though and it would be smart to keep them around.  Manny is the biggest part of the team now but Kemp, Ethier, Loney, and maybe Martin could be as good, by the end of the year.  Manny wouldn’t do anything terrible to this line-up by leaving but for now they need him.  I think they will have some other prospects who could fill in his position decent.