Miami Marlins April Recap

April 29, 2012

Who’s Hot?:
Omar Infante: He has not only been a top performer and been a huge power hitter and just been the Marlins best hitter and he’s been able to hit in multiple spots in the order.  He’s been what they need and saved the team.  He’s the April Team MVP.
Anibal Sanchez: His stuff has been great and he picked up where he left off in 2011, which is a good thing.  He may really breakout this year and be huge for the Marlins all season long.  He’s a been a great starter.
Mark Buehrle: He’s done more than kept the Marlins in the game and been the ace while Johnson has been trying to recover from his injury.  He will do his job for the Marlins and more so far and he can continue that
Who’s Cold? and will they recover?
Hanley Ramirez- Yes (Most of his hits have big though)
Josh Johnson- Yes, can be the ace he is still
Heath Bell- Yes, He will get better
Edward Mujica- Yes, for the most part
John Buck- No
Emilio Bonifaco- Yes
Jose Reyes- Yes

  • Ricky Nolasco might have finally figured it out
  • Logan Morrison should have a similar season to what his April has shown
  • Gaby Sanchez has to step up and it’s 50-50 that he can
  • I wouldn’t worry too much about Heath Bell yet

Recap: The month of April was disappointing but it’s just one month and the Marlins at least finished it in a shape where they can bounce back with a good May.  They need to get it going soon though.  The pitching has been great and maybe the won’t be as good in May, but they will still be a top-notch rotation and bullpen.  The offense needs to step up more than anything and it can.  I wouldn’t worry if I was a Marlins fan, just be concerned.  They played some good teams, and won some good games too, but they lost some games they shouldn’t have.  I’d expect May to be a lot better