Mariners Thoughts

April 25, 2012

Felix Hernandez: He had a rough first inning at the game today but he got better as the game went on and he looked like the Cy Young winner and should do even better than he did in 2010 if he can have his best control like he did after the first inning
Justin Smoak: He’s needs work but looks good, and his swing and power are very good
Jesus Montero: He is going to be big and good in seattle and he doesn’t just hit for power, he is a good well polished hitter when not hitting monster home runs
Ichiro Suzuki: He still is a very good hitter and the same hitter he’s always been, he will have another good year
The Offense: It can have some good streaks but needs work and the mariners need to get on like they did in tonight’s game vs Detroit, their offense will get better and I like their young hitters like Ackley and the amount of power and some depth that they have
Alex Liddi: The power is unreal too, him and Montero could hit 30 homers if they live up to their potential and playing time
Dustin Ackley: Just a great hitter