Ranking Week 4’s Two Start Pitchers

April 22, 2012
  1. Matt Cain at CIN (Latos), SD (Richard)
  2. Madison Bumgarner at NYM (Santana), SD (Bass)
  3. Gio Gonzalez at SD (Richard), at LAD (TBD)
  4. David Price LAA (Santana), at TEX (Holland)
  5. Jon Lester at MIN (Marquis), at CWS (Peavy)
  6. Zack Grienke HOU (Harrell), at STL (Garcia)
  7. Jordan Zimmermann at SD (Richard), at LAD (Capuano)
  8. Bartolo Colon CWS (Peavy), at BAL (Hunter)
  9. Matt Garza STL (Garcia), at PHI (Kendrick)
  10. Jaime Garcia at CHC (Garza), MIL (Greinke)
  11. Johan Santana SF (Bumgarner), at COL (Guthrie)
  12. Derek Holland NYY (Kuroda), TB (Price)
  13. Mark Buehrle at NYM (Dickey), ARI (TBD)
  14. Mat Latos SF (Cain), HOU (Harrell)
  15. Brandon Morrow at KC (Chen), SEA (Millwood)
  16. Max Scherzer SEA (Vargas), at NYY (Kuroda)
  17. Jake Peavy at OAK (Colon), BOS (Lester)
  18. Ervin Santana at TB (Price), at CLE (Lowe)
  19. Jair Jurrjens at LAD (Capuano), PIT (McDonald)
  20. Josh Beckett at MIN (Swarzark), at CWS (Floyd)
  21. Jason Vargas at DET (Scherzer), at TOR (Alvarez)
  22. Chris Capuano ATL (Jurrjens), WAS (Zimmermann)
  23. Henderson Alvarez at BAL (Hunter), SEA (Vargas)
  24. Gavin Floyd at OAK (Milone), BOS (Beckett)
  25. Hiroki Kuroda at TEX (Holland), DET (Scherzer)
  26. Kyle Kendrick at ARI (Miley), CHC (Garza)
  27. RA Dickey MIA (Buehrle), at COL (Moyer)
  28. Jonathan Sanchez at CLE (Lowe), at MIN (Marquis)
  29. Bruce Chen TOR (Morrow), at MIN (Liriano)
  30. Clayton Richard WAS (Zimmermann), at SF (Cain)
  31. James McDonald COL (Moyer), at ATL (Jurrjens)
  32. Jason Marquis BOS (Lester), KC (Sanchez)
  33. Tommy Hunter TOR (Alvarez), OAK (Colon)
  34. Jamie Moyer at PIT (McDonald), NYM (Dickey)
  35. Derek Lowe KC (Sanchez), LAA (Santana)
  36. Lucas Harell at MIL (Greinke), at CIN (Latos)

Numbers 1-14 are go’s for sure, numbers 15-24 are okay bets, and 25-30 only if you need it, rest are no goes.

Thanks to Yahoo Sports for the list and matchups

MLB Power Rankings: 4/21/12

April 22, 2012
  1. Rangers
  2. Dodgers
  3. Nationals
  4. Cardinals
  5. Tigers
  6. Yankees
  7. Braves
  8. Phillies
  9. Rays
  10. Blue Jays
  11. Indinas
  12. Brewers
  13. Mets
  14. Angels
  15. Diamondbacks
  16. Giants
  17. Orioles
  18. Marlins
  19. Reds
  20. Rockies
  21. White Sox
  22. Red Sox
  23. Athletics
  24. Twins
  25. Pirates
  26. Astros
  27. Mariners
  28. Royals
  29. Cubs
  30. Padres


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