Smyly’s First Starts

April 17, 2012

Drew Smyly has always been a good starter and he surprised many too. He breezed through single A and double A last year and did very well in spring, and he continued to do that. He is a good pitcher with nice mechanics and good stuff and even though he will only go 5 or 6 innings and start 25 or so games. He will make a positive impact but now he looks like he could do very well his first few months in the majors and be even more. He may letdown at the end of the year and isn’t a sure thing get but he’s still pretty good, and he’s a lefty which helps the Tigers rotation big time. He may be a great number four his whole career an behind Turner is the Tigers best pitching prospect. He should continue out a good month of April as a start and has impressed in the toughest of situations, like escaping a bases loaded, no out jam against the good offense the Rays have. He should do well against division opponents this year too. I like Smyly’s pitching a lot and think he will be solid at the least this year as an exciting lefty.
NOTE: Adam Wilk looks better you and should do well in replacing Fister during his injury and when Fister comes back, Wilk should go to the bullpen and Schlereth down for a while to work on some mechanics and get his pitching right