Should the Marlins Be Worried?

April 15, 2012

I will say no. Even though they might not be a 90 win team and have a small chance at disappointing. They should survive and do well though. First, they took 2 of 3 from an Astros team that was hot. Also, it’s only the first 10 games of the year and things will change. Johnson is a little concerning but he will get better. The Marlins will flash more power and their hitters will return to their normal form. Now the Marlins are looking more and more like an 87 or 88 win team. Reyes, Bonifacio and Hanley have struck me as exciting and guys who could halve some big seasons and be the big players for the Marlins. It’s a little concerning whenever a team starts bad but they can switch for the best really quick, especially a talented team like the Marlins.  They have as much talent as the Nationals and should start to see the same results soon and I beleieve it will be a fun, solid year in Miami and they should pick up real good in the summer and end the month of April on a pretty good note.


iOOTP12 Review

April 15, 2012

This is another review about a product from the same company, in fact it’s the same game, but it’s for the iPhone. It’s the most in depth baseball sim you can get for the iPhone and it’s like a dream to be able to play this in depth of a game on your phone. It only costs $4.99 and you are able to play 2012 with any team or three other past MLB seasons as a historical replay and all other seasons are available at a low cost or can be bought in bundles. You can also just make up your own league and play. All of this on your phone! It’s a must for a baseball fan with an iPhone or iPad I absolutely live this game This is not a sponsored post, this is review.