Opening Day Notes

April 6, 2012
  • Don’t freak out, all the closers are finding a groove, even Mariano blew a save.  Valverde is till good, Perez can hold his job and Putz will be more dominant
  • On that note, Justin Verlander should close out his own games for the Tigers, Valverde should close for all the other starters.  Verlander has proven he can do it and he could throw 150 in a game, as long as it’s only once in a while
  • Austin Jackson should have a breakout year and he could have the best of anybody in the MLB, his new stance seems pretty legit for getting his average up and he will K still, but reducing his K’s by 30-35 is possible
  • I still believe in the Marlins and that they have a great chance at the playoffs but if anyone could disappoint big it’s the Marlins, small chance they’re like the 2008 Tigers but I doubt it
  • Melky Cabrera’s 2011 may have not been a fluke
  • This could be Chad Billingsley’s year to become a great number two
  • Verlander is really as good as 2011 suggests and Halladay has to be the favorite for a CY Young this year
  • Johan Santana is ready to comeback strong
  • Both Vernon Wells and Adam Dunn will improve easily on his 2011
  • I wouldn’t be too concerned with Yovani Gallardo yet