Marlins Question 5: The Final and Most Important Question

The Marlins have a playoff worthy team, we’ve seen that so far but are they a team who can make the playoffs in a tough division and make a run in the playoffs if so?  First, they have to stay healthy, which is  obvious but Josh Johnson has to stay healthy and so do the big hitters in the line-up.  If they can they need a performance from Sanchez like last year, which is possible and  Nolasco to improve a little and they have a rotation that could lead them far with usual performances from Buehrle and Johnson.  The Marlins line-up is better than the Phillies and Nationals and possibly better than the Braves so they have that too but pitching wins the World Series and usually beats good hitting.  They need their stars to be stars and Ozzie to handle everyone right.  Not overuse Johnson and if a young hitter gets in a slump make the adjustment that is needed.  If the Marlins can make the playoffs, and there’s a decent chance they do,  they can make a run with their pitching, and anything can happen in the playoff, especially if the Marlins are hot at the end of the year, which is possible since they have an easier schedule and they beat their rivals in their final two months.  I like the Marlins chances and wouldn’t be surprised if they made the World Series.  I’m not going to go out and say they are going to make the playoffs but these questions showed that this team is very capable of doing some big things.


One Response to Marlins Question 5: The Final and Most Important Question

  1. I Enjoy Watchin’ AND Rootin’ For The Marlins…
    …Except When They’re Playin’ MY CARDS.
    In That Instance…
    …I Still Enjoy Watchin’em…
    …But I Sure AIN’T Rootin’ For’em! hehehe
    I’m Just Happy As Can Be That The Season Is TRULY HERE HERE!!!
    Bring It On!!!

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