Marlins Question #4: Will The Young Guys Develop?

The Marlins are loaded with young talent, some guys like Bonifacio and Sanchez broke out last year.  This year for me, it’s three specific players that need to develop to help the Marlins chances at the playoffs get better and those three guys are Logan Morrison, Gaby Sanchez and Giancarlo Stanton.  I will look at each guy separately.

Giancarlo Stanton: You may be thinking, what more does this guy have to do?  Well, 34 homers was certainly good and if he repeats his 2011 he will be in good shape but he is better than that.  He could easily hit 40 or more home runs and have his average go up 15 points.  Stanton is a smart hitter and will start to solve pitchers and an increase is imminent, but his average will be the toughest.  His power will continue to develop and 40-41 HR is good enough for 2012 and around what he’s capable and should do.  His average may take some time, he will likely never be a .300 guy constantly but .280 is a good number and that may be out of reach for him in 2012.  His talent is enormous and he should shoot up in growth and be more than what the Marlins need in 2012.

Gaby Sanchez: You may be saying, he’s a good player as is for Sanchez too, and you would be right.  Sanchez showed he could be an all-star in 2011 but in the second half he fizzled off and the key to winning for the Marlins are the guys behind Stanton and Sanchez is one of them.  He needs to not slip up in the second half this year and if he doesn’t, he could be a tough hitter who hits 25 big flies.  He’s been constantly bad after the break and that isn’t good but the is younger and can change that, only time will tell but he has to do damage and he will and be one of the Marlins better first half hitters for sure and most likely good enough.

Logan Morrison: He’s got power but all the way up from the minors he hit for average too.  LoMo is going to develop more and my gut and his talent say he will be the biggest breakout in the MLB in 2012, yes I said it.  His power will only get better and last year was weird for him being demoted and he had some struggles but fought through them and he’s better than the stats suggest and with the talent he has, Logan and Giancarlo could be one of the best 4-5 combos in the NL and MLB in 2012 and in the many years after.  He should do good enough.


The young guys should all improve and as I answer these important questions, it keeps looking better and better for the Miami Marlins in 2012, but also in the years that follow.


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