Red Sox Closing Options

With Paplebon gone to the Phills, here’s the Sox options

  1. AN IN HOUSE OPTION: The best guy here is Daniel Bard, who had this job written all over him until a bad stretch run.  He is still capable and can rebound and should rebound no matter where he pitches.  He’s a solid option and would do the job and do it well, starting right away.  His heat needs to be there though.  In his career, he could be a good setup man, closer or even starter but closing would be his best role.  He could have a great 2012 as a closer too.  Felix Doubrant is worth a look, but I would only use him once in a while, he’s more of a starter
  2. TOP FREE AGENT- Heath Bell and Ryan Madson, both are decent fits and would do okay.  I like Bell more because I think he’s better and would have better stats and just thrive in Boston.  Madson could do good but he will blow a save here and there and isn’t as good, he is real good still and could also be an all-star in Boston.  Bell wouldn’t likely blow a save in the AL East and could do amazing things and Madson could do close to the same but it may take a few weeks to start doing that, as he hasn’t been great at Fenway.
  3. LOW END FREE AGENT- Kerry Wood maybe but he may just be okay in Boston and will likely go back tot he Cubs, a better fit anyway.  Joe Nathan deserves a look for a one or two-year deal, especially if Bard is still in your plans as a closer.  Nathan has a lot left and still has two more good seasons and I think he could do great and thrive in Boston and do more than anybody would expect, he’s a guy they should sign.
  4. BEST OPTION- All are great but I would say sign Bell or Nathan and give Bard some time, either Bell or Nathan would be good but I’ll go with Bell just because he’s better and younger, but I didn’t pick him by a lot

One Response to Red Sox Closing Options

  1. toosoxy says:

    i say bell. bard gets stage fright.

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