Tigers Notes: Purcey DFA’d, Ruffin PTBNL, Dirks Here to Stay

  • The Tigers will replace Purcey with David Pauley, who is so much better.  Purcey is just a bust who was riding a streak of success in Oakland.  He won’t ever do good with the Tigers and is a bust as a top prospect too so he probably won’t do well anyone else.  Purcey could do better than he is now but he will still face the same problems and just doesn’t have the right form to succeed.  GOOD MOVE
  • Chance Ruffin is the other player being sent to the Mariners.  Ruffin is a future closer and will do well in Seattle and succeed and I’m happy he’s there player leaving, Smyly is going to have a great career and looks very special and Castellanos is finally getting it and will be an occansional all-star third baseman who fields, hits and has power, Ruffin is the worst player in that group.  Ruffin will have good numbers for the M’s and is major league ready and will show it.
  • Andy Dirks will stay with Detroit and he should.  He looks like a solid platoon player.  He can hit leadoff for Jackson and do very good and get RBIs and has power.  He can pinch hit and play defense and he’s just a good lefty hitter.  Expect some contributions and a good season and he should do well beyond that too.  He’s a major leaguer.

One Response to Tigers Notes: Purcey DFA’d, Ruffin PTBNL, Dirks Here to Stay

  1. Patrick says:

    Basically gave Sizemore away to Oakland for nothing. I don’t think he was given enough of a chance, personally, but it is what it is. Giving up Casper Wells had to be somewhat difficult because I think he has a lot of potential to be a solid major league outfielder, but the Tigers have a lot of young talent in the outfield with Boesch, Dirks, and Jackson, so Wells was expendable for talent we needed now. I wrote about this in my blog, but one can only hope that the Fister/Pauley trade works out better than the Washburn trade a few years back!

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