Ranking Top Starters in The MLB

  1. Justin Verlander- Will keep it going too, should win the CY Young and be dominate
  2. Roy Halladay- Consistent and will have an even lower ERA by the end of the year
  3. Cliff Lee- Right behind Halladay could finish even better and have a career year
  4. Felix Hernandez- He’s the King but has had a few too many bad games.  Will get a lot better and soon
  5. Clayton Kershaw- Is just so great and is getting better almost every start
  6. Tim Lincecum- Will get better in the second half, he is better than his ranking but isn’t so hot right now
  7. Cole Hamels- Is an awesome three and will do awesome for the Phillies all year-long
  8. Jared Weaver- The numbers might get worse but is a true ace who will get really hot
  9. Jair Jurrjens- Is the definition of dominate so far and could keep it that way
  10. Michael Pineda- The next big thing, great stuff and great everything
  11. James Shields- Looks like he will finally have a year where he’s consistent and is an ace, a great pitcher and he will not regain his wildness but will strikeout 200

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