Willis: Working his way back

I think Dontrelle Willis will slowly become decent again.  He will have good games and flashes of his old self but won’t be his old self again.  He should be back to that around the end of the year.  Willis just needs to keep his mechanics they way they are.  I think he should strike against good teams too.  Willis won’t be more than a fourth starter this year.  His walks need to go down.  I think where he is as far as stats right now should be where he is around the end of the year.  He will be wold a lot too and blow some games because of that.  Willis won’t be good all-around for a while and he won’t be dominant a lot yet.  Willis should do fine off his Thursday performance and should continue to impress for how, but if his walks skyrocket he will be back to step one and might not ever be good.  Willis has some of the tools, but he might not use them.  if he does he should have some good seasons or half seasons ahead of him.


One Response to Willis: Working his way back

  1. H. Hart says:

    All I know for sure is that one of the two players we acquired in that trade (Miguel Cabrera) has been a very positive asset to Detroit. Miguel has definitely impressed me thus far. I’m not so sure about Dontrelle’s performance, but then maybe that’s because I’d heard so much hype about him that I was expecting a pitcher with a number of SO close to Verlander’s. And speaking of Verlander–now there’s one GREAT pitcher!!!

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